Welcome to the Milelion’s Milecast, with 15,000 miles to be won!

I'm not quite sure which part of the headline got your attention.

Given the meteoric rise of The Milelion across both the print and broadcast medium, it was only a matter of time before we launched our own podcast. At this rate I fully anticipate The Milelion will enter the VR realm shortly, followed closely by the Singumilelionty where every form of media is Milelionized in some way, shape or form. I digress.

I’m very, very excited to announce the debut episode of The Milelion’s Milecast, the show where we discuss credit cards, frequent flyer programs, hotel loyalty schemes, rental car tips, little-known discounts and everything you need to know to travel better for less.

On this first episode, join me as we…

  • Discuss the launch of SQ’s new cabin products with David Flynn, editor at Australian Business Traveler
  • Get an exclusive insider angle on SQ’s new A380 business class seats with John Tighe, design director at James Park Associates
  • Give you the lowdown and answer your questions on key developments in the miles and points game this week
  • Hold a very special giveaway with 15,000 miles up for grabs for lucky listeners!


The purpose of The Milecast is to continue building the community of miles fanatics in Singapore, while providing a platform for engagement with banks, airlines, hotels and and other travel-related industries. How can you take part in future Milecasts?

  • Send me your questions on anything miles and points related! Each week we’ll answer two questions, with mystery gifts for whoever gets his or her question featured
  • We love to hear things from the other side of the table, too. If you’re a bank, airline, hotel, travel app or in any way involved with travelling better for less, reach out to us!

All inquiries can be send through the contact us option on the homepage. There’s a ton I don’t know about podcasting from production best practices to getting published, so if anyone has experience I’d also love to hear from you.

If there’s one thing I learned through making the Milecast, it’s that podcasting is a lot of work. As fun as it is, I don’t have the bandwidth (yet) to do this on weekly basis. That said, we’re busy signing up sponsors and securing exciting interviews, so keep an eye out for the next episode coming up soon. Remember- our ability to secure great interviews and sponsored giveaways depends on the ability to demonstrate listenership and engagement, so if you like what you hear, subscribe to The Milecast and show your support!

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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We should have a private Telegram channel / group for miles lovers.




great podcast – keep them coming! 🙂



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