OCBC Titanium Rewards offering 6 mpd on Mileslife till 30 June 2018

This makes it the new go-to card for all Mileslife spend.

OCBC has gone on something of a rampage with its OCBC Titanium Rewards card recently. There has been a spate of epic publicly-available promotions (such as the recent 12 mpd at IKEA) and targeted promotions (earn 1,000 miles for charging 3 transactions, earn 4 mpd on Grab rides, earn 6 mpd on overseas shopping) for cardholders.

Add this to the ongoing 4 mpd on mobile payments promotion that runs till 31 December 2018, and you’ll see why I can’t recommend the Titanium Rewards highly enough. It has fast become the best “non-miles” miles card in the market.

A new promotion popped up this morning on the Mileslife app alerting users that they can earn 6 mpd when they use their OCBC Titanium Rewards card with Mileslife from now till 30 June 2018. There is no cap on this, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the cap on 10X for mobile payments. You can find the full T&C here.

You’ll note that the publicity materials say up to 11 mpd- this presumably includes the miles you earn through the Mileslife app. In other words, you get 6 mpd from the bank, and anywhere from 1-5 additional mpd from the Mileslife app.

Although The Milelion earns a referral bonus that supports the site when you sign up for a Titanium Rewards card through our link, it’s only fair that I mention there’s also a sign up offer of $15/50 Mileslife credits when you sign up for the OCBC Titanium Rewards card via the Mileslife app. $15 will be issued to existing OCBC cardholders, $50 to new cardholders.


At 6 mpd the OCBC Titanium Rewards card should become your new default card for Mileslife, as it outearns the 4 mpd offered by the UOB PPV. It also should help you conserve the annual cap on your UOB PPA if you have it.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hi which mileslife promotion give 5 miles/$ ? and use OCBC 6 miles can also stacked with miles from top up miles credit ?


Hmm, I wouldn’t call it a “promotion”. I think what you’re referring to is whether there’s something on Mileslife right now that earns you 5 miles per dollar? I haven’t found a product or service on Mileslife that earns 5 miles per dollar but I’ve found one that earns 4.72. So I think it’s quite possible there is one that hits 5 miles per dollar.

[Paragraph deleted]


Hi Roy, what i mean with stack is you can top up mileslife credit and you get additional miles for example top up 2000$ credit you will get 3000 additional miles, my question is will i get

2000*6 + 3000 for top up 2000$ mileslife credit use OCBC Titanium ?


Oops! Apologies, totally misread that! I’ve deleted my erroneous paragraph to avoid any confusion. I wondered that too myself and haven’t seen any wording about that. Poked around the terms and conditions but found nothing. I think Troy lurks around here (or maybe his minions do) so if he sees this maybe he can clarify and then update the app.


I wrote in to Mileslife to clarify and they’ve confirmed that this OCBC Titanium Rewards promotion extends to the topping up of credits on Mileslife!


Hi! Do you know if one will still earn miles when they spend on merchants using ML credit?

For example, a TOP up $2000 will earn u 2000*6mpd+3000 bonus miles=15k miles. When you start spending this ML credit, will you still earn miles frm merchant?


The below paragraph is copied from OCBC webpage… “Please note that the merchant’s registered MCC may not always correspond with its nature of business. For example, KrisFlyer Shop is registered as a Duty Free Store (MCC 5309) and Financial Institution (MCC 6012) even though it sells a variety of retail products, including electronics and gadgets and personal care.” So if Kris Shop doesn’t qualify as a department store or electronics & gadgets or personal care, even though they sell all of these… How do we know who qualifies? I’m guess that asking the cashiers at various stores would yield answers… Read more »



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