Important information for SingSaver credit card applicants

Here's how to submit your details manually to SingSaver

The Milelion recently ran a credit card sign up campaign with SingSaver where users were offered cash gifts for successful card applications.

Here’s how the process flow normally works:

After the application is complete, the bank lets SingSaver know which applications were approved. SingSaver takes those reference numbers, compares them with the details collected in (3) and (5) and credits the gifts accordingly.

From 26 July, SingSaver’s gift details form started being intermittently unavailable. Sometimes it would work and collect information, other times it would not. When the form was unavailable, customers were transferred directly from (2) to (4), with no opportunity to fill out the gift details form (3) or receive the confirmation email (5).

If you applied for cards through Singsaver from 26 July onwards, here’s what you need to know:

If you applied for Citibank cards

No need to worry. SingSaver’s systems are directly integrated with Citibank’s, so they know exactly who was approved and who is due what gift. There’s no further action needed from your side.

If you applied for UOB, Maybank, AMEX, HSBC or Standard Chartered cards

If you saw this form during your application process, it means your details were captured successfully and there’s no need for further action on your side.

If you did not see the form above, you need to send your information manually to SingSaver at Here’s a suggested format:

Subject title: Registration of SingSaver Rewards
Body: Dear SingSaver Team, I would like to register for my vouchers. Please find below my details.
Product applied for:
Application ref number: (look here if you need to find your application ref number)
Application date:
Gift you are claiming: (SingSaver should know what gift you’re eligible for based on the card you applied for, but this is just to double confirm that everyone is on the same page)
Where did you see the promotion from?: Milelion

SingSaver will be in touch within 14 days to update you on your application status. I realise that’s a long time, and I’ve emphasized to the team that this needs to be brought down. I believe SingSaver has started reaching out to some customers and I will be regularly checking in with them on this. SingSaver has hired extra personnel to clear the backlog of support tickets.

If you’re eligible for a gift, you will receive it within 2 months. Do note that the timing of the gift is contingent on when the bank pays out on successful applications. When I work with other affiliate networks, this is roughly the time I need to wait for payouts too.

What’s next?

If you’ve done the above, then everything else is being taken care of. Be a bit patient, and if you haven’t received any word from SingSaver after 2 weeks of emailing them please reach out on the Telegram Group to me with a screenshot of your email and sent date and I’ll personally look into it.

Technical glitches happen. I think most people can accept that. But what’s less acceptable is taking this long to issue an official statement, and I’ve made my feelings on that clear to SingSaver. As it was, some of you have waited more than a week without news, and that’s really not ok. It’s understandable- you apply for a card, the card gets approved, but you still have no idea how to provide your details to get your gifts. You get anxious. You email customer service and get no reply, you get even more anxious.

tl;dr: if you’re entitled to a gift, you’ll get one. SingSaver has promised to make good on that. So I’m sorry this has happened, and rest assured it will get fixed.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Thanks for the update. I was wondering why i saw the “green forms” during my application but somehow, became non-existent when my wife did hers.


Thanks for the update Aaron. What was supposed to be a 15min process of applying for Amex CC turned into a 1 hour process (call to Amex, emails to sing saver via different platforms, and calls to Singsaver’s hotline). Was really frustrated. I’m not sure if I’ll ever apply anything from Singsaver again.


I with you too.. Free money should given out a lot easier.. just way too many things to fill up and too time consuming.. and the fact that so many people wanted this free money, that caused systems to crash, is simply unacceptable.. I mean, the people who planned on giving out free money should have catered for this and not just give out free money but should’ve seen that this would happen and also should’ve spent money to ensure that their systems were more robust and could handle the hoards that would show up, right?? So what if their… Read more »


Indeed, at this day and age it’s completely unacceptable for consumers to fill in forms and making calls just to get free money. Don’t they realize people nowadays want only effortless instant gratification?? I mean, anything other dropping the money immediately into our laps after clicking OK is just blasphemous. Singsaver needs to go to a corner and do some self reflection.

punished pixels

I get your sarcasm, but is it really free money though. They are going to monetize your data for other things, more loans, credit cards, insurance etc and get commissions from the credit card companies. Just because they offer a cash payout in the beginning doesn’t excuse the fact that their process is not well implemented and is painful for some to use. And as you rightly pointed out this leads to loss of conversion because some find it too onerous to complete.


Sarcasm? What sarcasm?

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I completed the “Apply now” form asking for name and email address, but was not directed to any redemption form to fill in bank account details. Does that mean I have to email them my details?

[…] gathered. If you applied last month through SingSaver for non-Citibank cards after 26 July, do have a read of this article and see if further action is needed from your […]