2019 Edition: A guide to credit card airport limo benefits

Which cards offer complimentary airport limo transfers, and how do they measure up?

Complimentary airport transfers used to be a common perk of most travel/rewards cards. However, as time went by these perks were enhanced away, and today there’s only a limited selection of cards offering this benefit.

I’ve just updated our evergreen post on credit card airport limo benefits to reflect the latest changes for 2019:

Card Qualifying Spend (QS)Rides per QSMax Uses
UOB PRVI Miles AMEXS$1K FCY spend per quarter (excludes online)22 per quarter, 8 per year
Citi PrestigeS$12K spend per quarter22 per quarter, 8 per year
HSBC Visa Infinite S$2K spend per month1 (2 free per year, 4 free for HSBC Premier customers)24 per year (includes free trips)
Maybank Visa Infinite S$3K spend per month28 per year
OCBC VOYAGES$3K spend per month (S$5K from 1 Jun 20)12 per month

Here’s a few things to consider when choosing a credit card for airport limo benefits.

How much and what type of spending is needed to unlock the benefit?

With the exception of the HSBC Visa Infinite, which offers the first two limo rides each year for free, every bank requires you to spend a certain amount before unlocking a complimentary transfer.

HSBC Visa Infinite limo benefit

It’s not just the quantum of spending you need to be aware of- it’s the type too. Some cards require the qualifying spending to be entirely in foreign currency, others allow for either foreign or local spending.

Where FCY spending is concerned, do note that the UOB PRVI Miles AMEX card does not count FCY denominated card-not-present transactions such as buying attraction tickets and transportation online. The Citi Prestige, on the other hand, does.

Finally, take note of the cadence of spending. Some banks count the qualifying spend by month, others by quarter.

Does the benefit cover both airport pickups and dropoffs?

Generally speaking, dropoffs are less costly to provide because they entail less “dead” time- the driver waits 10-15 minutes and if you’re a no-show, that’s it. Airport pickups, on the other hand, need a bigger time buffer to account for delays, immigration and baggage collection.

Put it another way: if your inbound flight is delayed by 2 hours, you can be sure that your driver will still be waiting at arrival for you. But if you’re late for your ride to the airport by 2 hours, your driver will most likely be gone.

How many times can I use the benefit per year?

All banks cap the number of complimentary transfers you can enjoy in a year. Some cards cap your allowance by calendar year, others by quarter, still others by month.


These limo services are outsourced to third party providers, and you should be aware of other T&Cs like midnight surcharges, charges for additional waiting time and cancellation deadlines.

In addition to the cards mentioned above, certain private banking relationships like Citigold Private Client, SCB Priority Private or DBS Treasures Private Client provide complimentary airport transfers. That’s beyond the scope of this article, but you typically need upwards of $1.5M AUM to qualify.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hi Aaron,

Is OCBC not 1x transfer per 3k ( max 2x per month)?

Happy Camper

Would you happen to know and able to add.. which cards allow for supp card holders to use the airport limo service (without principal cardholder present)?

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Camper

You’re not wrong, of course.. maybe I’m just ‘honest’ and don’t like being called-out for doing something that I’m not supposed to.. haha..

A bit like the Business and First Class lanes at KLIA.. I’ve seen people jump from ‘cattle class’ lanes.. and immigration counter officers don’t bother.. but I still stuck to my cattle lane.. 😬


I can confirm Citi Prestige does — I made it clear while booking through concierge that only my wife / supplementary ch would be taking the ride.

Not sure if supplementary ch themselves can use concierge…

Happy Camper

Thanks, colink, I knew that (both the wife and I are Principal and Supp cardholders of Citi PMC).. and if I remember correctly (and/or not changed), HSBC VI spells out that the benefit is only for Principal cardholders.. hence wondered if the above table could have this info inserted.. 😊


Missed out the UOB KF Debit card that come with ‘free’ Grab..

Happy Camper

It’s not a Credit Card.. not limos.. not free..


Have been using the limo pickup and dropoff with Citi Prestige for about a year..there were some quarters that I forgot about the FCY spend(though at least 1-2k in SGD a month) but I realised that the rides were not charged to my card even if I did not meet the FCY spend for the quarter..

Anyone experienced this as well?


We do not question a windfall like this. #Don’talwayscalltheCSO. Haha!

Barry Allen

But if you’re late for your ride to the airport by 2 hours, your flight* will most likely be gone.