Registration for Hilton’s Points Unlimited now open

2,000 bonus points per stay, 10,000 additional points every 10 nights. Register now, stay between 6 Jan-3 May 20.

Hilton’s current Power Up promotion will be ending in about a month’s time and Hilton has just announced details of its new bonus points promotion “Points Unlimited“.

Source: Hilton Honors

2,000 bonus points per stay, 10,000 extra bonus points every 10 nights

In this promotion, Hilton Honors members who register prior to their stay will receive 2,000 bonus Hilton Honors per stay and an additional bonus of 10,000 Hilton Honors points for every 10 nights completed at Hilton hotels.

This promotion will start on 6 January 2020 and will run until 3 May 2020.  There’s an FAQ page for this promotion (although it isn’t live yet), and no cap to the number of bonus Hilton Honors points that you can earn.

Source: Hilton Honors

You can already register your Hilton Honors account for this promotion and you’ll be greeted with this message after registration:

Source: Hilton Honors

Do note that as per the Hilton Honors T&Cs, making two separate reservations for two nights at the same property will only count as one stay and not two. 

2,000 bonus Hilton Honors points are worth ~US$10 which is a decent rebate you’re getting for a night at a Hilton property, especially if you’re making cheap stays.

Earn bonus points during a status challenge

If you are going for the Hilton Fast Track to Gold challenge on offer to Visa Signature/Infinite cardholders (register by 31 Dec 19), you’ll need 2 stays/4 nights to attain Hilton Honors Gold status.  This promotion is a great way to rack up Hilton Honors points and also to reduce the cost of a status run.

If you perform 2 separate stays to clock your Hilton Honors Gold status, you will earn a bonus of 4,000 Hilton Honors points compared to staying at the same hotel for 4 nights, which only earns you 2,000 bonus Hilton Honors points (it only counts as one stay). Hence, making two separate stays will give you more bang for your buck.

Concluding Thoughts

Points Unlimited is a good way to rack up those Hilton Honors bonus points but less generous than last year, where the 10,000 bonus points could also be earned every 5 stays (instead of 10 nights). Remember to sign up for this promotion before it goes live on 6 January 2020 to earn additional points for your stay.


Matthew Chong
Matthew Chong
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If award stay counts, time to stay in HGI Bali. 3000 points per night. And 2000 points if can stay up to 10 night.


Of course. It has always been the case for Hilton. Award stays are counted.


What’s the best way to renew a gold status if it going to expire in March 2020. No way I can fulfill the 40 nights a year 🙂



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