Singapore Airlines extending all KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club status for 12 months

Singapore Airlines is extending all KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club status by a year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Here's what you need to know.

It’s hardly the most important thing in the world right now, but the Covid-19 outbreak means that many elite members will have difficulty requalifying for status this year.

As such, we’ve seen various airlines and hotels lowering the requalification thresholds across the board, or extending status outright for all members (like what Hilton did recently).

Others have been a bit more selective, like Singapore Airlines. In February, I wrote about how they were extending elite status for selected members on a goodwill basis, although this seemed to be only for those with membership years about to end. 

Well, they’ve now decided to extend status for everyone, as per an email from the CEO that went out today.

Singapore Airlines is extending all KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club status by 12 months

Photo Credit: Febrita Suwardy

All KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club memberships expiring from March 2020 to February 2021 will be extended for a further 12 months. No action is required from you, as this will be automatically handled on the SQ back end.

For PPS Club/Solitaire PPS Club Members

Any shortfall in PPS Value at the end of one’s membership year will be credited in the form of Reserve Value so that requalification can be achieved.

Singapore Airlines provides the following example:

PPS Member A has 10,000 PPS Value and 14,000 Reserve Value and is eligible for PPS Club membership renewal. Singapore Airlines will credit 15,000 Reserve Value for this member.

During requalification for PPS Club which requires 25,000 PPS Value, the following will happen:

  • 15,000 Reserve Value will first be deducted, followed by 10,000 from the existing 14,000 Reserve Value.
  • The 10,000 PPS Value which Member A accrued during the current membership year will be deposited as a new Reserve Value with 3-year expiry.

Here’s when you can expect the shortfall to be credited to your account:

Current membership
expiry month:
Shortfall in PPS Value as of:Shortfall credited to
Reserve Value by:
New membership cycle reflected by:
March 202018 March 20207 April 20208 April 2020
April 202017 April 202030 April 20208 May 2020
May 202015 May 202029 May 20208 June 2020
June 202017 June 202030 June 20208 July 2020
July 202017 July 202030 July 20208 August 2020
August 202018 August 202028 August 20208 September 2020
September 202017 September 202030 September 20208 October 2020
October 202016 October 202030 October 20208 November 2020
November 202017 November 202027 November 20208 December 2020
December 202018 Decemeber 202030 December 20208 January 2021
January 202118 January 202129 January 20218 February 2021
February 202115 February 202126 February 20218 March 2021

To be clear, the amount of PPS Value that Singapore Airlines will credit depends on how far you are from requalifying. Someone with 24,000 PPS Value would get an additional 1,000; someone with 1,000 PPS Value would get an additional 24,000.

Likewise, if you have already accrued sufficient PPS Value to renew your membership, you will not receive an additional year of membership. 

I can see how some members might be displeased with this, and it may have been more fair to award all members with an additional 25,000 PPS Value, regardless of activity. Similarly, if a member had already requalified on his/her own merit, it would be nice if Singapore Airlines took a leaf from Hilton’s book and granted him/her an additional year on top of that.

Illustration of members lining up at ION Orchard service centre to complain | Painting credit: Rembrandt

Then again, I’m reminded of the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard, wherein the landowner tells the grumbling workers not to begrudge his generosity.

Extension of expiring PPS Rewards

Any PPS Rewards that expire between July and December 2020 will be extended, with a revised validity until 31 March 2021. This covers:

  • Double KrisFlyer Miles Reward
  • 50,000 KrisFlyer Miles Redemption Discount
  • Advance Upgrade

Standby Upgrade Rewards will not be extended.

If you have already applied these rewards towards an existing booking that you now need to convert to a flight credit, KrisFlyer membership services will be able to assist.

For KrisFlyer Elite members

It’s a bit simpler for KrisFlyer Elite Silver/Gold members. Instead of any crediting of the shortfall in elite miles, membership will simply be automatically renewed upon expiry.

Here’s when you can expect your renewal to come through:

Current membership expiry month:Renewal of your membership will take place on:New membership cycle reflected by:
March 202031 March 20201 April 2020
April 202030 April 20201 May 2020
May 202029 May 20201 June 2020
June 202030 June 20201 July 2020
July 202030 July 20201 August 2020
August 202028 August 20201 September 2020
September 202030 September 20201 October 2020
October 202030 October 20201 November 2020
November 202027 November 20201 December 2020
December 202030 December 20201 January 2020
January 202129 January 20211 February 2021
February 202126 February 20211 March 2021

My KrisFlyer Elite Silver status was due to expire in March 2020, and I can already see my new membership year reflected in my online account. Now I just need to earn 25,000 elite miles by 31 March 2021 to continue enjoying all the opulent benefits of KrisFlyer Elite Silver…

KrisFlyer Elite members who have already accrued sufficient elite miles to requalify on their own merit will not get an additional year of membership. 

Extension of expiring Elite Gold Rewards

Any Elite Gold rewards that expire between July and December 2020 will be extended, with a revised validity until 31 March 2021. This covers:

  • Double KrisFlyer Miles Reward
  • Short-haul Advance Upgrade
  • Premium Economy Advance Upgrade

If you have already applied these rewards towards an existing booking that you now need to convert to a flight credit, KrisFlyer membership services will be able to assist.

Still no word on extending expiring miles

Singapore Airlines has not given any indication as to whether they will be extending the validity of KrisFlyer miles. This isn’t a concern for PPS Club/Solitaire PPS Club members (whose miles don’t expire), but it may be a very real problem for everyone else.

I’m hopeful they announce something regarding this soon, but until then, here are your options for expiring miles. 


It’s good to see Singapore Airlines extending elite status across the board for all members, as I doubt any of us will be flying anytime soon.

I suspect there may be some unhappiness among certain members about the way in which this has been done, but you know what they say about looking a gift horse in the mouth…

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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My KFEG expired last Oct, was renewed as well.


Bummer when your status expires in March 2021.

Ian Lee

Hi Aaron, I do not see anything specified that customers who have more than 25,000 PPS value will not get the 25,000 credited back. Did I miss something? The statement reads 5. I have successfully accrued sufficient PPS Value to renew my current membership tier on my own. Will I now get an extra year of membership in my current tier? As you have already successfully accrued the required PPS Value to renew your membership in your current tier, you will automatically requalify for another year of membership on your own merit. There will not be an extra year of… Read more »


My PPS renewal is 28 Feb and I just crawled back for this year so the previous news was kinda of disappointment for me but this new update does help my scenario not to mentioned it’s right at the tail of the period. Don’t see any travels for at least 6 – 9 months later so would have have needed to sunk into my $26k pps reserve which I kinda originally felt unfair to use my pps$ saving due to c19 as I doubt my pps status for this year would be beneficial at all I’m one of those who… Read more »


perhaps SQ can think about KF Spontaneous Miles Sales since SE is not feasible at the current climate.


Has anyone heard anything about a further extension of status for individuals with member years expiring in the March-June ’21 window? My year runs May-April and I requalified for PPS this year without any need for a top-up. However I haven’t flown in my membership year to date and I don’t expect to do so until Q4 at the earliest. Is there any expectation of a further review of timelines? Also has anyone seen any guidance on what to do about expiring PPS vouchers? I was sure I’ve seen something about a COVID extension in small print somewhere but I… Read more »



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