Banyan Tree offering up to 78% off prepaid stay certificates, stay by December 2021

From now till 6 May, buy 3 day 2 night Banyan Tree stay certificates at steep discounts.

The Covid-19 outbreak has left hotels hard up for cash, and we’re seeing more and more of them roll out discounts for prepaid stay certificates.

Banyan Tree has just launched a gift certificate sale, offering 3 day 2 night packages for up to 78% off. This sale lasts until 6 May 2020. 

Here’s the details:

  • All certificates are valid for two people for a 3D 2N stay, and include all applicable taxes and service charges
  • Certificates are non-refundable
  • Daily breakfast for 2 is included
  • Stays are redeemable until 20 December 2021

It’s the last part that gives me some reassurance- 2020 is still iffy for me in terms of travel, but if we can’t have a vacation by December 2021, well, we have bigger problems to worry about.

The following properties are on sale:

Prices for 3D 2N stay, inclusive of all taxes
Banyan Tree Phuket9,900 THB
Afternoon tea for 2
Angsana Laguna Phuket4,999 THB
Afternoon tea for 2
Cassia Phuket2,499 THB
Mookata set dinner for 2
Banyan Tree Bangkok7,650 THB
Upgrade to Serenity Club room
Banyan Tree BintanS$48060-minute massage for 2
Angsana BintanS$24060-minute massage for 2
Cassia BintanS$140Afternoon tea for 2
Banyan Tree Lang CoUS$380
60-minute massage for 2
Angsana Lang CoUS$180
60-minute massage for 2
Banyan Tree VabbinfaruUS$750
Complimentary return speed boat
Angsana IhuruUS$500
Complimentary return speed boat
Angsana VelavaruUS$600
Night fishing for 2

I see nothing in the T&C prohibiting back to back stays with two certificates purchased, but if you’re intending to do that I’d drop customer service an email to check first.

Now, it goes without saying that the actual savings depend on when you intend to use the certificate. For example, this 2-night package at the Banyan Tree Lang Co costs US$380 and is valued “up to” US$1,160…

…but you can find nightly rates as low as US$329++. To be fair, the dates I’m looking at in the screenshot below happen to be during the rainy season, which explains the off-peak prices. Two nights for US$380 nett is still a good deal, but obviously not as good as if you picked a peak period.

Moral of the story: check the cash rates on the dates you intend to stay to determine how much of a deal you’re getting.

What could go wrong?

The way I see it, there are two things that could potentially go wrong here:

  1. Travel restrictions to your selected destination remain in place for an extended period
  2. Banyan Tree becomes insolvent

I’m not so much concerned about (1), given that you have until December 2021 to use your certificate. As for (2), well, you can never rule it out given the current travel downturn, but Banyan Tree is listed on the SGX so sharper minds can do some digging into and assess the risk for themselves.

For what it’s worth, I’m going to be taking a punt on one of these.


It’s a buyer’s market for travel now, and you can no doubt expect to see similar deals popping up for hotels around the world.

Just know what you’re getting into, especially if the rate is non-refundable. Some (but not all) travel insurance policies cover insolvency of accommodation providers, so be sure to get proper protection.

(HT: Alex)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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When will we be free to travel? Just day dreaming…..


Hi Aaron – would u recommend buying travel insurance the moment u purchase these certificates?


Does this allow you to earn Accor status nights or points? I read the clause, don’t seem to mention any of this. Able to advise?


Nope. I emailed them and they clarified that these are under a promotional program and will hence not be eligible for any ALL status nights/points.


FYI – the Ubud Alila deal that you link to at the end is a bit misleading. When I contacted them they said that “flexible cancellation” actually only means that they will allow you to move the booking until June 2021. They will not refund any cash.


Hi Milelion, might want to caution the buyers. Just briefly went through banyan tree finances. doesn’t look good at all. they just issued 700 mil debt. currently almost half a billion debt. steep decline in cash flow even before covid. got a feeling this promotion is to bolster their cash / balance sheets. something like cal fitness. unless u can secure the flight tickets and then quickly buy travel insurance, think buying the promo is foolhardy


Banyan Tree has a 700mil debt facility (i.e. bonds) (from 2007), which gives it the option to issue up to 700mil in bonds. Of this facility, 100mil remains outstanding, due in Jun 2020. After which Banyan Tree will have 0 outstanding. What is challenging about bonds vs bank debt is that with tightening capital markets, Banyan Tree can’t re-finance these cheaply. Hence they are now tapping customers for cash via pre-sales (they can’t issue points why Hilton / Marriott as they don’t own the Accor programme). The rest of the bank debt would no doubt be rolled over. They do… Read more »


Hey Aaron, I contacted FWD about the travel insurance at the end of the article. They said in this situation the gift certificates are not covered by their policy 🙁


Banyan Tree emailed me to inform my gift certificate expiring in December 2021 is extended to October 2022. I am so happy. Don’t know how to tell them!

Joyce H

Has anyone been able to claim these certificates? I bought angsana bintan and the dates are blocked out till 2023!!! No one is replying emails and calls from banyan tree



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