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Is Accor’s Missed Celebrations the most convoluted dining promotion ever?

Accor is offering up to 50% cashback on dining, but man, the hoops they make you jump through to use it...

Banyan Tree Habitat Pass: Hotels (including Maldives) for US$250 a night or less

Could the Banyan Tree Habitat Pass be the deal of the decade for the Maldives? Possibly- if you're willing to do 7 nights.

Fairmont Hotel from $122++ and other deals: Finding cheap staycation rates with Accor Plus

Accor Plus is more than just 50% off dining and a free hotel night- it also gives you access to some great staycation rates.

Accor Plus offering 20% off Raffles Hotel dining & takeaways until end 2020

Accor Plus has historically excluded Raffles Hotel, but for a limited time, members can get a 20% discount on dine-in and takeaways.

Accor Live Limitless offering up to 6,000 bonus points (worth €120) for three stays- staycations included

Register and make three stays of at least two nights each to earn 6,000 bonus ALL points. Book by 9 October, stay by 15 December 2020.

Banyan Tree Ultimate Getaways 2: Up to 80% off prepaid stay certificates

Banyan Tree's prepaid hotel voucher sale is back, but the prices are higher than last time, and the expiry date is still December 2021.

Review: Raffles Hotel Singapore Staycation

What will you get at a Raffles Hotel staycation? Excellent service, good food, immersive history and some naughty magazines. While it's not flawless, it's still a very special experience.

Banyan Tree offering up to 78% off prepaid stay certificates, stay by December 2021

From now till 6 May, buy 3 day 2 night Banyan Tree stay certificates at steep discounts.


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