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Review: Banyan Tree Lang Co

While the setting might not be very memorable, the Banyan Tree Lang Co makes vacations fun with its spacious villas, champagne breakfast and excellent service

Review: Banyan Tree Samui

The Banyan Tree Samui's picturesque location and excellent spa facilities make it a wellness retreat unlike any other- albeit slightly rough around the edges.

Banyan Tree Habitat Pass: Hotels (including Maldives) for US$250 a night or less

Could the Banyan Tree Habitat Pass be the deal of the decade for the Maldives? Possibly- if you're willing to do 7 nights.

Banyan Tree Ultimate Getaways 2: Up to 80% off prepaid stay certificates

Banyan Tree's prepaid hotel voucher sale is back, but the prices are higher than last time, and the expiry date is still December 2021.

Banyan Tree offering up to 78% off prepaid stay certificates, stay by December 2021

From now till 6 May, buy 3 day 2 night Banyan Tree stay certificates at steep discounts.

Review: Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali

The Banyan Tree Ungasan has spectacular villas and views, but it's a pity that the F&B experience can't live up to the billing.

How to book your AMEX Platinum Charge’s complimentary two night hotel stay

Your AMEX Platinum Charge comes with a complimentary two night stay at selected Mandarin Oriental and Banyan Tree properties. Which one should you choose, and how do you book it?


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