Instant Fraser World Diamond status for Citi Prestige, UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal Card

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World Elite Mastercard members can receive instant Fraser World Diamond status for benefits at Fraser Hospitality properties.

From now till 30 June 2020, Fraser Hospitality is currently offering instant Fraser World Diamond status (its highest tier) to World Elite Mastercard members. This offer has actually been available since 2019, so naturally I’m only hearing about it now. 

Both the Citi Prestige and UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal Card belong to the World Elite tier. The OCBC Premier Debit Card technically has the World Elite tier too, but probably won’t be eligible for this offer given it’s a debit card. 

How to get instant Fraser World Diamond status

Fraser Nankai Osaka
Fraser Nankai Osaka

Citi Prestige cardholders can contact the Citibank concierge to process their upgrade. UOB Lady’s Solitaire cardholders should contact the Mastercard concierge number at the back of their card (I don’t think UOB operates a dedicated concierge for this product). 

You’ll need to provide your Fraser World membership number, and the upgrade should reflect within four weeks. 

Alternatively, you can sign up online with the referral code MASTERELITE. Instructions and further details can be found here

Status granted under this offer is valid for 1 year, after which you’ll need to requalify as per normal. At least 40 nights are required for requalification- probably impossible given all that’s going on right now, but you’ll at least get to enjoy the benefits for a year. 

What benefits does Fraser World Diamond status give?

Fraser World Benefits Chart

Diamond members can look forward to a 10-20% discount off the best flexible rate, a 20% discount on F&B and laundry, early check-in from 8 a.m and late check-out up till 6 p.m. Apartment upgrades are available for short-term stays as well.

Frasers World members earn 1 point for every US$1 spent on short stays of 1-29 consecutive nights, or 0.5 points for every US$1 spent on long stays of 30 or more consecutive nights. There is no bonus for elite members. 

Points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards (2,000 points= US$50) or room redemptions. Fraser has 9 different categories (oddly, its lowest category is 2), with award nights ranging from 2,000-9,5000 points. 

Category Points
2 2,000
3 2,750
4 3,500
5 4,500
6 5,250
7 6,000
8 7,000
9 7,750
10 9,500

Fraser has ~150 properties across 80 cities worldwide, but not all properties participate in the Fraser World loyalty program. A full list of participating properties can be found here


Fraser World isn’t a particularly well-known loyalty scheme, but free status is free status. There’s no harm in signing up in the off chance you end up at one of their serviced residences in the next 12 months. 

(HT: Kanishk)

Aaron Wong
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UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card (free first year annual fee) is a World MasterCard while UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal Card ($588 annual fee) is a World Elite MasterCard. You may wish to correct your post accordingly.

OCBC Premier Debit Cardholder

I’ve tried signing up for this using OCBC Premier Debit, the computer system for MasterCard passed verification, and was brought to a page with instructions to e-mail frasers loyalty centre for free upgrade. I guess will update you in 4 weeks whether OCBC Premier Debit holders are eligible!


It is eligible. Just got the free upgrade to Diamond based on the OCBC Premier World Elite mastercard


hi, any DP if this offer maybe extended post 30Jun? given current situation, am hoping to sign up a few mths later only.


Nobody has an accurate crystal ball if that’s what you’re asking. In any case, the status is free, whether you get 9 months of free status or 6 months of free status it’s still a good deal.


Hi Aaron, i am signing up the “”, there’s a column for “Referral code” , would you have one, if yes, i can insert.



I went through the process and got signed up on 26 June. Unfortunately, still haven’t gotten my status upgrade, wondering if others had luck signing up towards the end of the promotion.


Shoot them a support email and they should upgrade you.


Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t actually send the email, but noticed today that my account has been upgraded :). Cheers.



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