KrisFlyer Spree offering 100% bonus miles on Apple, Amazon, Guardian and other merchants

Earn up to an incremental 11 mpd on purchases made through KrisFlyer Spree, from now till 19 August 2020.

From now till 19 August 2020, KrisFlyer Spree is offering 100% bonus miles on purchases made at select merchants including Apple, Book Depository, Guardian, and iHerb. 

For the uninitiated, KrisFlyer Spree is basically like Shopback, but with miles instead of cash. KrisFlyer members earn bonus miles when they make purchases at online merchants through the links on the KrisFlyer Spree site, on top of the miles from their credit cards. 

KrisFlyer Spree’s Double Miles promotion

There are a total of 30 participating brands in this campaign, including:

  • Adidas
  • Aliexpress
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • ASOS
  • Charles & Keith
  • EAMart
  • Farfetch
  • Guardian
  • HipVan
  • HP
  • iHerb
  • Microsoft
  • Mytheresa
  • Nike
  • Sephora
  • Book Depository
  • Under Armor

All participating merchants are offering double miles, or a 100% bonus.

What’s confusing about KrisFlyer Spree is the way it codes these bonus miles. Apple Singapore is on the list of participating merchants, and shows an earn rate of 11 miles/ US$10. However, it also mentions a regular rate of 5 miles/ US$10- that’s not exactly double.

Likewise, click on iHerb and you’ll see a rate of 19 miles/ US$10…and no indication of any bonus. 

So what are we to make of this? My guess is that Apple now becomes 22 miles/ US$10, while iHerb becomes 38 miles/US$10. It’s so silly that they can’t get the website to display it in black and white though, and I’m sure this will make a lot of people nervous. 

Assuming I’m correct, there are some attractive deals here, like:

  • 152 miles/ US$10 for HP Singapore
  • 72 miles/ US$10 for Amazon Singapore
  • 72 miles/ US$10 for Charles & Keith
  • 60 miles/ US$10 for EAMart
  • 46 miles/ US$10 for Adidas
  • 38 miles/ US$10 for Asos

Based on the current exchange rates, you’re looking an an incremental earn rate of up to 11 mpd, on top of whatever you earn from your credit card. 

60,000 miles giveaway

KrisFlyer Spree is also giving away a total of 60,000 miles, in the form of 10 prizes of 6,000 miles each. This will be awarded to the 10 members who earn the highest number of KrisFlyer miles during the double miles campaign period (not the ones who spend the most, interestingly). 

Prizes will be awarded by 31 December 2020. The full T&C of this promotion can be found here


Double miles are nice to have, but it’s important to comparison shop your cashback/milesback portal. Do check the rates that KrisFlyer Spree is offering against sites like ShopBack and RebateMango to ensure you’re getting the best value (to compare cashback to milesback, you’ll need to have your valuation of a mile figure at the back of your hand- I use 1.8 cents/mile). 

In my experience, KrisFlyer Spree can either credit miles really quickly, or at a snail’s pace. It comes down to the merchant and how quickly they confirm the transaction, suffice to say you shouldn’t be relying on it as a quick source of miles. 

There is no “right card” to use with KrisFlyer Spree, because it all depends on what merchant you’re dealing with. You typically won’t go wrong with the DBS Woman’s World Card or Citi Rewards Card, but as always, refer to the What Card guide for details. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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If the merchant pay different commission to SQ and SQ awards miles proportionately to the commission payment it receives from each merchant, then it makes a lot of sense to award the prizes by highest miles earners


nice pun on the What Card guide.


Good for reference only. Some suggestion on which card to use is false. Not accurate sometime.

Last edited 3 years ago by KKK

Is there any confirmation on whether the bonus miles work as assumed in the article? Seriously considering a MacBook Pro, so it’d really be great to know if I will indeed get the 22 miles/USD10


Confirmed but the current normal rate is 5miles/USD10 even with bonus it’s only 10miles/USD10.



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