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KrisFlyer Spree closing down on 1 September

Singapore Airlines will close its online shopping portal KrisFlyer Spree from 1 September, but I'd be surprised if this is truly the end.

KrisFlyer Spree 7th Birthday: Earn 70% bonus miles (up to 5 mpd)

Shop online with KrisFlyer Spree and earn an additional 5 mpd (plus Elite miles and PPS Value), on top of your credit card miles.

KrisFlyer Spree Year-End Campaign: Win your share of 100,000 KrisFlyer miles

Be among the top 4 KrisFlyer Spree spenders each week from now till 31 December 2020 and win 2,888 miles.

KrisFlyer Spree offering 100% bonus miles on Apple, Amazon, Guardian and other merchants

Earn up to an incremental 11 mpd on purchases made through KrisFlyer Spree, from now till 19 August 2020.

Get 40% bonus miles when shopping on KrisFlyer Spree

KrisFlyer Spree is offering 40% bonus miles on the regular earn rate from now until 9 September 2018.

Earn 20% extra with KrisFlyer Spree purchases in May 2018

Receive 20% bonus miles on KrisFlyer Spree by subscribing to their newsletter.


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