World of Hyatt offering 3X points on dining at Andaz and Grand Hyatt Singapore


A simple way to earn bonus World of Hyatt points on dining- and no registration is needed.

From now till 28 February 2021, World of Hyatt is offering 3X points for dine-in, delivery or takeout at participating hotels worldwide, including the Andaz and Grand Hyatt Singapore. 

No registration is required, and there’s no need to be an in-house guest (in fact, you won’t earn the bonus if you’re staying in-house and charge it to your bill- but you’ll still earn 3X via Bonus Journeys). 

Earn 3X World of Hyatt points for dining


Under this promotion, food and beverage charges at participating outlets in Hyatt hotels and resorts will earn 3X the usual points. 

This only applies if the bill is paid directly at the restaurant; if you charge it to your room, you won’t earn the bonus (as I discovered during my recent stay at the Andaz Singapore). 

My base rate wasn’t eligible to earn WOH points, so all the spending here is from F&B

However, it’s a moot point now that World of Hyatt has started its Bonus Journeys promotion that awards 3X points on all stays from the very first stay (until 28 February 2021). Therefore, if you charge the bill to your room, you’ll end up the same. Do note that registration is required for Bonus Journeys, and can be done here

Here’s how many points you’ll earn with this 3X promotion: 

  • Base members: 15 points per US$1
  • Discoverist: 15.5 points per US$1
  • Explorists: 16 points per US$1
  • Globalists: 16.5 points per US$1

A maximum of 100,000 bonus points can be earned, and bonus points will post within 2-3 weeks after payment. 

What dining options are available in Singapore?

Bar Square, Andaz Hotel
Bar Square, Andaz Singapore

Since it’s unlikely we’ll be heading overseas this year, your only realistic options are the Andaz Singapore and Grand Hyatt Singapore (The Barracks and Outpost Hotel are under SLH, which is not participating in this promotion).

The following restaurants are currently open:


  • 665°F
  • Alley on 25
  • Bar Square
  • Mr. Stork

Grand Hyatt

  • 10 SCOTTS
  • mezza9
  • Oasis Restaurant
  • Pete’s Place
  • StraitsKitchen


If you’re intending to visit any of these restaurants, don’t forget to give the server your World of Hyatt number. I value Hyatt points at about 1.5 US cents each, so even if you’re a base member you’re earning slightly over a 20% rebate in terms of points. 

For those of you doing staycations, it’s fine to charge the bill to your room. Just remember to register for the Bonus Journeys promotion before you check-in. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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