Cruise to Nowhere: A guide to Royal Caribbean’s dining, beverage, internet packages, and more

Royal Caribbean offers a bewildering assortment of food, drinks and internet packages to cruise passengers. Here's what you need to know.

In less than a week, I’ll be setting sail on a four-night Royal Caribbean cruise to nowhere. 

As a first-timer passenger, there’s an awful lot to learn in a short period of time, and believe me, they don’t make things simple for noobs. I’ve already written a detailed post about booking a cruise, so let’s now look at the planning decisions you’ll need to make before boarding. 

🚢 Cruise to Nowhere: Royal Caribbean

The Cruise Planner

Once your Royal Caribbean booking is confirmed, a six-digit reservation ID will be generated. You’ll need this to login to the Cruise Planner, the centralized hub for all your onboard reservations. 

For the unprepared, the Cruise Planner can be a minefield, full of upsell opportunities designed to lighten your wallet. It’s helpful to remember some of the basics:

  • Most meals onboard are free (see dining section for more details)
  • Some drinks onboard are free (water, basic drinks at breakfast)
  • Most entertainment and activities onboard are free

In other words, you could still have a smashing good time on a cruise without spending an additional cent. 

But for those of you who want a little something extra, here’s where you book it. Scroll down on the Cruise Planner homepage, and you’ll see seven different categories:

Shore excursions don’t apply since this is a cruise to nowhere, and spa & fitness is pretty self-explanatory. I’ll focus on the other five categories below.

A few general points before we begin :

  • The cut-off time for bookings via Cruise Planner is 11.59 p.m Eastern Standard Time, 2 days before your departure (e.g if you sail on 28 January 2021, you must book by 25 January 2021 11:59 p.m EST). Any later than that, and you’ll need to make reservations onboard
  • All purchases require payment upfront, but can be refunded to your credit card up to 2-4 days before you sail (it depends on what you purchased; read the fine print). Beyond that, you may be able to get a refund in onboard credit (again, read the fine print)

Dining Reservations

Chops Grille
Chops Grille

Let’s start with the big draw of cruising: the food. Dining venues on Royal Caribbean ships are split into two categories:

  • Complimentary
  • Specialty 

As the name suggests, all complimentary dining venues are included with the cost of your ticket (although their menus may contain items which require an additional supplement, e.g lobster), and all specialty dining venues will require an upcharge. 

Here’s the list of dining venues on Quantum of the Seas.

🆓 Complimentary💰 Specialty
  • American Icon Grill
  • Cafe Promenade^
  • Chic
  • Costal Kitchen (suites guests only)
  • Dog House^
  • Silk
  • Solarium Bistro^
  • Sorrento’s^
  • The Grande
  • Two70 Cafe^
  • Windjammer Cafe^
  • Chef’s Table
  • Chops Grille
  • Jamie’s Italian
  • Harp & Horn^
  • Izumi
  • La Patisserie
  • Noodle Shop^
  • Vintages Wine Bar
  • Wonderland
^Does not take reservations

Reserving Complimentary Dining

MDR on Quantum of the Seas

You may have heard of the Main Dining Room (MDR), the primary complimentary dining location. On Quantum of the Seas, American Icon Grill, Chic, Silk and The Grande all make up the MDR. Even though they’re different venues, they all offer the same menu (I’m assuming they have different names because once upon a time they served different cuisines). 

But how do you go about making an MDR reservation? I didn’t see any listing for American Icon Grill, Chic, Silk, or The Grande in the Cruise Planner, which confused me to no end. 

I later figured out that “My Time Dining” meant MDR, and I’d have to select this to make a reservation. 

🍴 Traditional or My Time Dining?

Royal Caribbean offers two choices for MDR dining: Traditional or My Time. Traditional means you dine at a fixed time- either the early seating (5.30 p.m) or late seating (8 p.m). You’ll have the same table and wait staff each evening, so in theory they’ll get to know you and your preferences. 5.30 p.m sounds really early for dinner, but remember this lets you catch an early show (and perhaps a second dinner after that!)

My Time Dining, as the name suggests, lets you choose your dining slot (or you can show up as and when, but expect to wait). You can choose dining slots anytime from 6 p.m to 9.30 p.m.

Larger groups will generally find traditional dining to be better, because they can guarantee the same table assignment each evening. 

If you pick Traditional dining, you’ll be seated in Chic or The Grande on deck 3. If you pick My Time dining, you’ll be seated in Silk or American Icon Grill on deck 4. 

If you’re a suites passenger, you’ll have access to Coastal Kitchen, a “better than MDR” dining experience. This cannot be booked in advance, however, and you’ll need to make reservations once onboard. 

Reserving Specialty Dining

In addition to the complimentary dining options, guests can choose to pay an upcharge for meals at specialty dining venues. This only covers food; drinks will be charged at a la carte prices (unless you have a beverage package)

Cost per paxLunchDinner
Jamie’s ItalianS$31.27S$58.47
Chops GrilleS$31.27S$67.99
Chef’s TableN/AS$129.19
Prices are for my 28 January 2021 4-night cruise and are subject to change

You’ll be asked to select a specific time and date, and you can get a full refund to your credit card if you cancel at least four days prior to boarding. Within four days of boarding, cancellations must be made onboard after departure and will be credited to your shipboard account. Cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice will be charged a minimum of US$10- although this didn’t seem to be strictly enforced (I didn’t get charged, but don’t blame me if you do). 

Buying Dining Packages

If you intend to mostly stick to the MDR and just want to try the odd specialty restaurant, don’t bother with packages.

However, if the food’s a highlight and you really want to sample all there is, consider a dining package, which can save you money compared to making individual specialty dining reservations. 

These are the packages currently offered:

Taste of RoyalS$47.59Four course lunch featuring dishes from various specialty restaurants
Sushi & SakeS$54.39Four course lunch at Izumi with sake cocktails
Chops + 1S$102Dinner at Chops plus one other specialty restaurant of your choice
3-Night Dining PackageS$134.64Unlimited specialty dining for 3 nights^
Unlimited Dining Package
S$134.64Unlimited specialty dining for full cruise^
Prices are for my 28 January 2021 4-night cruise and are subject to change
^Excludes Chef’s Table

Don’t ask me why the 3-Night dining package is priced exactly the same as the UDP (maybe it’s the decoy effect), but in any case I booked the latter. This includes all dinners plus lunch on sea days (days the boat is out of port, which for cruises to nowhere means every day except the day of boarding). You’ll also save 40% off bottles of wine under US$100 and 20% off bottles above US$100. 

I reasoned that all I had to do was eat one dinner at Wonderland and one at Chops to break even, and those were restaurants I wanted to try anyway. I’ve heard mixed reviews of Jamie’s Italian (their outlet at Forum Mall is dire), but I’ll probably grab lunch there too, and I’m fairly confident I’ll more than recoup my cost. 

You might think the next step after buying a UDP is to go on a specialty restaurant booking spree, but nope. The UDP gives you one complimentary specialty dining reservation upfront, for the first night of the cruise. You can choose the time, but you won’t know which restaurant it is until you board the ship (and can change it once onboard, subject to availabilty).

Otherwise, you’ll need to wait until you board to make the rest of your reservations. If you want a guaranteed seat at a guaranteed time at a guaranteed restaurant, you’ll need to make an a la carte specialty restaurant booking (and pay accordingly). 

For example, I could pay S$74.79 per person to guarantee a seat at Wonderland on 29 January 2021 at 6.30 p.m, or I could wait until boarding and try to make the same reservation with my UDP. That slot may or may not be available; that’s the chance you take. 

The UDP sounds like a gamble, but the good news is that just like a la carte specialty dining, you can get a full refund to your credit card up to four days before boarding (or in shipboard credit after that). Dining packages which are completely unused can be refunded up till the end of the first day of the voyage. I suppose this would come in useful if you boarded the ship and found that you couldn’t get any reservations at your desired restaurants. 

By the way, the same applies to the Chops + 1 package. You’ll get a guaranteed reservation at Chops Grille for dinner, and can reserve a further specialty dining restaurant for free once onboard (you can’t book Chops Grille again). 

Taste of Royal and Sushi & Sake are basically set lunches. For both, you’ll receive a letter in the stateroom the day before your reservation, confirming the time and location of your lunch. 

Beverage Packages

Deluxe Beverage Package inclusions
Deluxe Beverage Package inclusions

First things first. The tap water on a cruise ship is drinkable. You can boil it if you want, but the stuff’s safe to drink out of the tap. Other free drinks on offer include milk, tea, coffee (not the premium stuff, that requires an upcharge), lemonade, iced tea, juice (at breakfast, not fresh squeezed) and hot chocolate (instant). 

For those who want more, the following packages are available. All prices shown below (except the Cafe Select Coffee Card) are per day, and you must buy the package for the entire duration of the cruise. The prices here reflect a 40% discount off the usual price; watch for Royal’s sales emails:

Classic Soda PackageS$10.87Unlimited soft drinks
Classic Soda + VOOMS$23.12Unlimited soft drinks + 1x Surf + Stream
Refreshment PackageS$27.20Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks 
Cafe Select Coffee CardS$42.16*
Includes 15x specialty coffees and 50% off individually purchased ones
Deluxe Beverage PackageS$54.40All drinks included
Deluxe Beverage + VOOMS$65.28All drinks included + 1x Surf + Stream
*No discount. This is one of the things that doesn’t get discounted
Prices are for my 28 January 2021 4-night cruise and are subject to change

With the exception of the deluxe beverage package (which must be purchased for all guests of legal drinking age in the same stateroom), beverage packages can be purchased by individual guests. For example, my roommate can buy a classic soda package without the need for me to buy one (sharing is not allowed, obviously).

Here’s the full details of what exactly each package contains. 

 Classic SodaRefreshmentDeluxe
Soft drinks
Bottled still and sparkling water 
Premium coffee and teas 
Fresh squeezed juices 
Cocktails, spirits, liquor  
Beer, wine by the glass  

Royal Caribbean allows guests to bring onboard a maximum of 2x 750 ml bottles of wine or champagne per stateroom (beer and spirits are not allowed). You can enjoy these drinks in your stateroom, or pay a US$15 corkage fee to enjoy them in the restaurant.

Non-alcoholic drinks can also be brought on board, with a maximum limit of 12 cans, bottles or cartons. 

Important point: No one should be paying full price for the Deluxe Beverage or Refreshment package. Royal Caribbean runs frequent sales on these packages, and you’ll receive notification by email. 

Given that all packages are refundable, there’s no harm in making a pre-emptive booking to lock in the price, and rebooking if you see a lower price later on. 

Also note that if you’re booked in a Star Class suite, you already receive a Deluxe Beverage Package. If you’re booked in a Sky Class suite, you will have access to the Concierge Club which serves free alcohol during the evening happy hour (5 to 8 p.m). Since I’m in this category (Grand Suite), I decided not to buy any beverage package. 

  • Sky Loft Suite
  • Owner’s Suite
  • Grand Suite
  • Grand Suite with Large Balcony 
  • Grand Suite (2BR)
  • Royal Loft Suite
  • Owner’s Loft Suite
  • Grand Loft Suite

Internet Packages

Cruise ship Wi-Fi has improved by leaps and bounds, and Royal Caribbean likes to boast it has the fastest internet at sea with its VOOM service (six times faster than other ships, apparently).

Royal Caribbean offers two types of Wi-Fi packages:

  • Surf
  • Surf + Stream

As the names suggest, Surf is for basic internet tasks like emails and chat, while Surf + Stream is for more heavy-duty uses like video streaming and video chat. I’ve heard that Netflix works without any issues, but it does depend on weather conditions and where you’re located. 

If you’re booked in a Sky or Star Class suite, you will receive 2x Surf + Stream logins, valid for the whole length of your cruise.

Everyone else will have to purchase access. All prices shown below are per day, and you must buy the package for the entire duration of the cruise. I saw these prices during one of Royal’s 40% off sales, so keep a lookout for when they come back. 

(Per device)
Surf + Stream
(Per device)
1 deviceS$12.91S$15.63
2 devicesS$21.75
3 devicesS$25.83
4 devicesS$27.19

Just like drinks packages, Wi-Fi packages frequently go on sale, so don’t pay full price. 

💡 Protip: Sharing Internet via Hotspot
Windows 10 laptops have a mobile hotspot feature that lets you share your Wi-Fi connection across multiple devices. You could try that if you have both a laptop and a cell phone. Of course, if your partner wants to tap the connection then he/she will need to stay within range all the time

Last I heard, Royal Caribbean was testing a chat feature for its app that lets you message each other for US$1.99 per day. This could be a more economical alternative if all you need is to keep in touch with your partner, but I don’t know if it’s launched on Quantum yet. 


Flowrider and iFly
FlowRider and iFly

Onboard activities can be classified into two types: paid, and free. The following paid activities can be reserved ahead of boarding.

RipCord by iFLYS$54.40S$54.40
North Star ExperienceS$27.20S$27.20
Sushi Making ClassS$47.59S$47.59
Cupcake Decoration ClassS$47.59S$47.59

It really boils down to what you’re interested in, but for what it’s worth I only booked iFly. North Star (an observation capsule that lifts you 300 feet above sea level) might make sense if you’re sailing somewhere interesting, but I doubt the Strait of Malacca would have anything worth seeing. 

iFly and North Star reservations opened 12 days before departure, so don’t panic if you don’t see them listed yet. Reservations for both can be cancelled, but you must give at least 12 hours notice (or else there’s a US$25 no show fee). 

Free activities run throughout the day, and bookings are generally not required. These include:

  • Art auctions (they serve free champagne)
  • Arts & crafts classes
  • Bumper cars (bookings required and can be done on board)
  • Dance classes
  • FlowRider (but private sessions are chargeable)
  • Movies
  • Rock wall climbing
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Trivia quizzes

It seems like laser tag and escape room games have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, a shame because those seem like really fun activities. 


All entertainment must currently be booked on board, and takes place across three main venues: Royal Theater, Two70, and Music Hall. 

Here’s the schedule from a December sailing. The timings and shows are subject to change, but this should at least help you plan your mealtimes. 

While reservations are required for all shows, it’s free seating once the doors open. 

  • For guests in Star and Sky Class suites, as well as Pinnacle Club members, doors open 30 mins prior to showtime
  • For all other guests, doors open 20 mins prior to showtime

Odds and Ends

All charges onboard the ship are billed in USD. That creates some confusing listings in the Cruise Planner, such as pre-purchasing arcade credits.

You’re paying S$108.80 for US$100 of credits; although they really should make it more clear. 

Unlike hotel staycations, there’s no need to book the swimming pool ahead of time. You do, however, need to reserve the gym. Counterintuitively, you won’t find it under “spa & fitness”; navigate to the “onboard activities” tab instead.

Your friend the Cruise Compass

A Cruise Compass is a schedule of what’s happening on each day of the sailing- activities, shows and special events. As per my understanding, physical Cruise Compasses are no longer left in staterooms every night, but you can still request them from guest services. Do it; it makes planning that much easier. 

Here’s a copy of my Cruise Compass from a March 2021 sailing. 

Concierge Service

If you booked a Star or Sky Class suite, you’ll have access to a concierge who can help you book dining reservations, onboard activities and spa services in advance. The concierge should reach out ~5 days before departure to introduce him/herself (I got my mail late at night on 23 January for a 28 January departure). 

Here’s the key points:

As we expect our specialty dining restaurants to be busy, we encourage you to confirm your dining reservations, onboard activities, and Vitality Spa services now, if you’ve not already. You may do so by visiting Cruise Planner. Please let me know if I can assist with your preferred reservation pre-cruise by replying to this email.

My desk is in the Concierge Lounge, located on Deck 12 aft. I will be at the desk from 7:30 am until 11:00 am, and from 4:30 pm until 8:00 pm.  To encourage physical distancing, I am also reachable via my phone by dialing 29015 from your Suite or any house phone.

As a Sky Suite guest, you have access to additional amenities and services, not available to other guests onboard:

  • The Concierge Lounge is located on Deck 12 aft. accessible from the starboard side corridor with your SeaPass card during the opening hours from 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm (Day 1 – Singapore) and 7:30 am – 8:00 pm (At Sea).  My desk hours are daily from 7:30 am to 11:00 am and from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm. To encourage physical distancing, I am also reachable my phone by dialing 29015 from your Suite or any house phone.
  • Make sure to pack a smart casual outfit, as that’s our dress code in the lounge. No swimwear, bathrobes, or pool attire is allowed, and footwear is always required. We kindly encourage all guests to follow the evening dress code, as reflected in the Compass.
  • In the Lounge, Continental Breakfast is served between 7:30 am and 10:00 pm.  coffee and tea are available throughout the day; and hors d’oeuvres, petit fours and complimentary wine, spirits, beer and soft drinks are available every evening between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm.
  • Guests under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • As a Sky guest, you may enjoy the exclusive suites-only restaurant, Coastal Kitchen during the opening hours: Breakfast 8:00 am – 10:00 am; Lunch: 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm; Dinner 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Please note reservations are required for all meals by dial 7000 from any house phone.
  • Your suite is supplied with luxurious bath amenities, comfortable bathrobes for your use onboard, and equipped with a luxurious pillow-top mattress, all for your comfort and enjoyment.
  • Sky guests have access to complimentary Voom Surf and Stream, the Fastest Internet at Sea, for one device per person for the entire cruise.  Detailed instructions on how to connect your device will be in your suite upon arrival  Please let me know if I may offer any assistance in loading your devices.
  • Enjoy the exclusive Suite Sun Deck, on Deck 15 aft; lounge chairs are available to suite guests on a first come, first served basis.
  • Sky guests receive priority seating in our theaters, accessible with your SeaPass card, 45 minutes prior to curtain. Please note reservation is required and can be done also through the Royal App.
  • Priority Departure. Please ask me for more details once onboard.

It’s unclear from the mail whether they’re able to reserve shows in advance, or specialty dining for those with the UDP, but I’ll find out and update this section. 


While that sounds like a lot to mull over, the main decisions you’ll need to make are:

  • Am I happy with the free food, or do I want more options?
  • Am I happy to pay a la carte prices for drinks, or will I drink enough that a package makes sense (remember- you need to buy it for the whole duration of the cruise) 
  • Am I happy to disconnect, or do I need internet?

I’ve written so much and haven’t even gotten to the all-important preboarding COVID-19 testing- look out for that in the next post!

Any other tips for pre-cruise planning?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Great post. For Grand Suites and above, the concierge can reserve all Coastal Kitchen meals (B/L/D) and shows (1-2 days before).

Last edited 3 years ago by Lionel

Can you get the concierge’s help to reserve all this before boarding day (eg by email?) or do you have to still wait till you get on board and then contact the concierge for help to reserve ?


The concierge will help you to book all dining and shows before everyone else as they can only do it after they complete the muster drill. You should request for his help when you get the email and also ask him to contact you when the show schedule is out.

But in terms of actual seating its first come first serve unless you are in Star class.

Apart from these 2 benefots its the same as everyone else – via the app on board.


I’m currently on the 21 Jan sailing and it’s quite empty, so most of the shows can be reserved easily as long as you get onboard and book for all 3/4 night at the same time. Also, it can all be booked via the app so no need to go to the concierge or guest services. Restaurants are mostly empty as well except izumi which is constantly full for lunch. I had dinner at the coastal kitchen on night 2-4 and it’s pretty decent but quite crowded so reserve early with the host at the entrance of the kitchen. Jamie’s… Read more »


When can i book the shows and bumper car? Immediately on board or 6pm?

David Seetoh

Just came back from the 21 jan cruise and I would suggest the following – take the 3 nights plus lunch dining package, food will be a main activity for 4 days – First thing you get on board is to book all your restaurants at the times you want. Also book your shows at the times you want but I guess you have reserved seats due to atas suite status – Must try ( Chops Grille, Jamie and Wonderland) . Izumi is a real disappointment. Just try once for lunch. – Chops menu to try besides steak, lobster and… Read more »


Wait really? You mean me and my wife can go skinny dipping and it’s allowed in this adult’s pool?

But wouldn’t there be many perverts around?


Out of morbid curiosity, and of a deep desire to know about all things Milelion so that we may be better fans – when you were picking between cruise ships, what made you decide on the Royal Caribbean (Quantum) as opposed to the ship on the opposing dock (Genting Dream)? Was there anything in particular on Quantum that made you go, “if I’m gonna catch the Covids it’ll be worth it on THIS boat!”


Just came back from 18 – 22 Feb sailing, was told 1,300+ pax onboard, 2,100 pax on CNY weekend. Booked Balcony stateroom with no add-on packages. –      For non-foodies, the complimentary dinning is good enough. We forgot the feeling of hungriness during the entire sailing. –      VOOM WIFI prices shown in the article are actually after 40% discount (I had the impression that the above is regular price and waited for the flash discount but realised it is not and flash discount didn’t happen in the end). Paid 2 devices for 4 days for USD160 onboard. –      Chat feature is available at USD1.99… Read more »


Hi Aaron, what is this Cafe select card? Does it mean that only americano/black coffee is free, even at Coastal Kitchen and Concierge Club?

Zhi Jun

Hi, when can you start purchasing UDP? I have booked a cruise for May 2021 but UDP is not an option. Thank you

Zhi Jun

Yes, I am only able to see the 3 night package. Thank you for replying. Will the UDP still be available on board?


The price indicated for beverage in your table is also after discount right? I’m booked for an upcoming trip but the price indicated when i logged in says 40% and then the reflected prices as above.

Julian Lim

Hi may i ask if the wifi charges shown on your blog are before or after sales discount? Usually how much discount are given? Thanks!

Julian Lim

thanks alot!


Do you think the price of the beverage package will go down once it increases? When I first booked, the Deluxe package was $54.40. Thought it will maintain at the same price. But when I went into the Cruise Planner yesterday, it was $73.44. 🙁
Would like to wait for it to drop again.

Tom Lim

Thanks for the comprehensive guide Aaron! We used many of the information within for our own cruise preparations as well! Here’s what we did on the <a href=””>Quantum of the Seas Cruise to Nowhere</a>!

Happy Cruising Everyone!

Tom & Kate,


2 bear bear , you also have very good writeups and videos! Tq

Zhi Jun

Hi, if we only buy UDP and not beverage package, what drinks (non-alcoholic) will be served to us when we eat at specialty restaurants? And are they complimentary or we have to pay? Thanks.

Zhi Jun

Thanks for the prompt reply! Btw, I still can’t see UDP on my cruise planner. Has been camping for it everyday. 36 more days to sailing~


This is by far the BEST writeup, i really wish the online you tubers (terrible videos) or bloggers could have been this detailed. One thing to point out is that prices change from cruise to cruise per person. My option for the dining and drinking packages were double what they were previously. S

Ronald Tan

Can i buy 1 devices Wi-Fi packages but share between 3 devices? (My phone, my ipad & my wife phone)
This that possible?

Ronald Tan

Is there any free drink near the poolside or where can we get free drinks?
Can i wear short in the pool?


Were you able to get reserve seats for the shows via the concierge, prior to boarding?


Keen to know this as well

Jun Liang

I received the email from Royal on the discounted packages earlier on. It states 30% discount for deluxe beverage. When i clicked on the email, it redirects to their website and the price shown is $63.92 per day. Is this price before or after 30% discount? I recall seeing the price to be around $70-75 previously. the discount amount doesn’t sum up correctly


Hey Aaron currently my account is showing 30% discount off drink packages. Did you have to hold out long before 40% came along?

Jason Tan

Do the Duty free stores on board sell alcohol? and if so, are we able to bring it back to our rooms? Thanks


Hi Aaron, do they stop serving alcohol at 10:30pm?

Last edited 3 years ago by Ttk

Btw I think some of the packages have a limited quota to be sold, eg. unlimited dining package (added to my cart for few days after I booked the cruise, and then gone), and unlimited 3-4 day fitness package (now I have to purchase the 5-7 day package which doesn’t make sense given I’m going on a 3N cruise only). Not sure if you or anyone’s had the same experience, Aaron?


Hi Aaron. Can one access the Cruise Planner & browse packages from the app on the phone? I have a reservation but can’t seem to find these packages in the app (been searching round & round for it) although I am able to access all of them from my laptop. Thanks.


I see, ok. Thanks! Btw, the UDP today is at $114, a pretty good deal!


hi, this post is really useful! I have an upcoming trip in Aug, wondering if I gotta book all the meals before boarding? From cruise planner, i can book dinner for all the days under My Time Dining, but i don’t see the options for lunch or breakfast. Do I need to book for lunch and breakfast, or i can just drop by the restaurant? Thank you!


Also, saw from your post that the selection for MTD will be American Icon Grill or Silk, how do we know where we should head to? It will show in the app?


ahh, i see, thanks so much!


Is Cruise ID same as Booking ID


Great article as usual Aaron! Anyway, just booked a cruise for an October sailing, just a balcony stateroom. Found this option to purchase ‘The Key’ program for the cruise. Basically a cut-down suite perk. Special times for certain attractions, priority boarding, with included voom package, and the all important ability to book stuff 72 hours before the sailing. Anyone heard or tried this? Is it worth it? It’s about $150 per person and has to be purchased for everyone sharing the room. So…. with my kids.. that’s about a $600 extra. Any tips or experience with this would help heaps!… Read more »

Kel N

Is there any difference in price when purchasing just one speciality restaurant (eg. Chops) prior to cruise, or to top up during meal time?


Any idea if dining packages have discount as well?


Hey, Aaron, thanks for the great article. Since you are going again next year, if Mr. Francisco is your Suite Concierge, please help me say one of your reader said Hi to him and thanks him for his service, he’s really professional and helped me booked stuff and answered my question


TQ for a really detailed and informative article!



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