Act fast: 6,000 KrisFlyer miles for 3-night Dream Cruise for two

The latest KrisFlyer Experience lets you book a cruise at just 6,000 miles for two people- if you can sail at the end of January.

Update: Aaaandddd it’s gone. Let’s see if they launch additional packages, seeing as how they’re selling so well.

This won’t last long, so I’m just going to write a short post so you can get to booking.

KrisFlyer Experiences has launched a 3-nights Seacation package with Dream Cruises that’s going for just 6,000 miles per cabin (two people). You’ll need to pay port fees and gratuities of S$123 per head, but it’s still an excellent deal in my book. 

This actually launched yesterday with two possible sailing dates:

  • 31 Jan- 3 Feb
  • 7 Feb – 10 Feb

However, all the packages were fully redeemed within hours. KrisFlyer Experiences has now added additional packages for 31 Jan -3 Feb, but there’s no guarantee how long they’ll last. 

You’ll be booked into a balcony stateroom, and apart from the S$123 port charges and gratuities, everything else is included (the COVID-19 test too). 

Here’s the full details :

  • Each cabin (Balcony State Room) can house a maximum of 2 passengers
  • After completing the redemption, member must send the confirmation email received from KrisFlyer Experiences, together with the information required as detailed here to by 28 January to complete the cruise booking
  • A separate payment of SGD123 for port charges and gratuity fees per passenger must be paid to Dream Cruises separately to complete the booking

The T&C is as follows. Do note that all redemptions are non-refundable, and you can redeem multiple packages. 

  • Redemption is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The experience must be redeemed in full using KrisFlyer miles.
  • Miles redeemed are non-refundable.
  • Members can redeem multiple tickets. 6,000 KrisFlyer miles will be deducted for each redemption.
  • By redeeming this experience, member is bound by the Terms and Conditions of Genting Cruise Lines as stated here.
  • Each member will be required to take a Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Nasal Swab test prior to embarkation and after disembarkation at Marina Bay Cruise Centre.
  • Genting Dreams will contact members who have made the redemption within 3 days of the scheduled sail date to process payment of the port charges and gratuity fees, and issue the cruise booking confirmation details.
  • By participating in this KrisFlyer Experience, each Participant consents that any and all personal data he/she submits including his/her and his/her nominated companion’s names, KrisFlyer membership numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, contact numbers may be collected, used, disclosed, or otherwise processed by SIA for the purposes of administrating the KrisFlyer Experience.

From what I can see, a Balcony State room for the sailing on 31 January would cost S$378 for two passengers, so you’re getting slightly over 2 cents per mile. 


At 6,000 miles for two people, you really can’t go wrong. I’ve gone and booked myself a ticket, just so I can do a comparative review with Royal Caribbean.

Good hunting! 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Thanks Aaron, swift as usual. Though the Royal Caribbean will be on a star class suite while this on a peasantry balcony room, comparisons would be potentially skewed.


Received the EDM at 10pm last night. I recall it was fully redeemed by midnight.


6000 miles plus $246 to two, now it doesn’t sound that good. Cheap rates are wide open on Klook, the same itinerary will cost $420 for two, but if you have certain credit cards and promo code (DBS Women and Altitude) you can spend $70 (2 times $35 off) lesser and bring the total cost down to $350. Now the comparison becomes 6000 miles vs $104. Back in the days when you can fly freely you have tons of way to make the miles count, but now we are not, what’s worth is that KF miles still expire after 3… Read more »


Sorry, just found out gratuity is $21 per person per night… Alright


Is food included? Or do we have to pay =/.

Also, how much cash to bring onboard?


2 cents per mile is not a great value redemption for miles. It is popular probably because the barriers to entry is very low, only 6k miles. Would rather pay for the Suite room to get a proper cruise experience.

Last edited 3 years ago by Guest
Wee Lin

The official rate before port charges and gratuity is $129*2 so the actual value here is in the 4 cents per mile range.

Apart from that: What better redemptions have you made in the past 10 months?


official rate for 2 pax is $378, SIA is charging you 6k miles plus $ 246 ($123 port charges and gratuities per person). So the correct math should be $378 – $246 = $132. That is 6k miles for $132, which is $0.022 per mile…All the information is from the original post above…

Wee Lin

No, official rate is $129 per pax + $60 port charges + $63 gratuity.

The 6k miles only cover the first part (but for 2pax, hence 6k miles for $258).

The $123/pax apply no matter whether you book via Klook, Dream Cruise directly or SIA, meaning we can exclude them from the miles value calculation.

Last edited 3 years ago by Wee Lin

On Klook you can book the port charge, and can apply promo code which gives you at most $35 off.

Last edited 3 years ago by ZYX

It’s more than that, 378 excludes 63 gratuity let person. Under this deal, you are exchanging 6000 miles for $258. Very very good value

Guest 2

Isn’t the 378 inclusive of everything that he shows?

In any case, for the first timers among us, it is a good deal tbh..