KrisFlyer Spree 7th Birthday: Earn 70% bonus miles (up to 5 mpd)

Shop online with KrisFlyer Spree and earn an additional 5 mpd (plus Elite miles and PPS Value), on top of your credit card miles.

To mark the 7th birthday of KrisFlyer Spree, SIA’s online shopping platform is running a 7-week long promotion with 70% bonus miles at selected merchants. 

KrisFlyer Spree 7th Birthday

A total of 21 Singapore merchants are participating in this offer, with earn rates of up to ~5 mpd. This stacks with the miles you earn from your credit card, presenting an opportunity to earn up to 9 mpd total. 

❓ What is KrisFlyer Spree?

KrisFlyer Spree is basically ShopBack, but with miles instead of cashback.

KrisFlyer members who click through KrisFlyer Spree links and shop on selected e-commerce sites will earn KrisFlyer miles. You browse and pay as per normal; KrisFlyer Spree tracks your purchases and awards miles accordingly. Miles earned via KrisFlyer Spree are on top of what you earn from your credit card.

Is it better value to use ShopBack or KrisFlyer Spree? It all boils down to how much you value a mile. I use 1.8 cents each as my benchmark, although yours may be different.

KrisFlyer Spree 7th Birthday Offers

Here’s the full list of 21 Singapore merchants participating in the 70% bonus miles offer. If you’re based outside of Singapore, there’s a handful of international and country-specific sites participating too, which can be found here. 

MerchantMiles per US$10MPD (S$)
Apple Singapore5 100.37
Canon Singapore7 201.49
FarEastFlora.com19 322.38
Guardian 11 302.23
Harman Kardon Singapore9 191.41
HP Singapore38 654.84
iHerb13 302.23
JBL Singapore9 191.41
Lululemon Singapore38 654.84
Microsoft Singapore7 191.41
Zalora Singapore15 302.23
Montblanc Singapore30 654.84
Roses Only26 654.84
Under Armour Singapore26 463.42
Enfagrow Singapore23 463.42
Mytheresa30 533.94
MYPROTEIN23 402.98
Sephora Singapore15 261.93
Temple Cellars19 322.38
YOOX Singapore11 231.71
LOOKFANTASTIC Singapore26 463.42
Yes, I’m aware that many of these bonuses aren’t actually 70%, but that’s how KrisFlyer Spree is advertising this. On the plus side, it’s usually more than 70%!

The offer period varies depending on merchant. For example, Apple Singapore’s upsized rate is valid till 6 July 2021, but Canon Singapore’s is valid till 6 August 2021. Click on the merchant you’re interested in, and you’ll see the full details listed.

If you’re a first-time KrisFlyer Spree user, you’ll earn 10% bonus miles on your first online transaction, so make sure it’s a good one. 

The crediting time for KrisFlyer Spree miles will vary depending on merchant, and it’s hard to pin down an exact timeline. Some transactions may post within a month, others may take up to 3-6 months. It’s best not to think of KrisFlyer Spree as a way of earning quick miles. 

Earn elite miles and PPS Value

Campaign Landing Page

Singapore Airlines is running a year-long campaign that allows KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club members to earn status credits on the ground, in order to qualify or requalify for status. 

KrisFlyer Spree transactions will earn elite miles or PPS Value as follows:

 KrisFlyer PPS Club 
Earn with non-air partners
(min. 500 miles)
1 Elite mile per 5 KrisFlyer miles earned1 PPS Value per 10 KrisFlyer miles earned

The catch is that you need to accrue at least 500 miles in a single transaction in order to earn any status credits.

Do note that KrisFlyer Spree does not award miles on shipping costs or taxes (although you’ll obviously earn miles on those with your credit card), so you’ll need to exclude those from your calculations.

What card should I use for KrisFlyer Spree?

Remember: you don’t pay via KrisFlyer Spree; it’s merely a portal through which you access the merchant’s website.

The best card therefore depends on the underlying merchant, and the following cards should do the trick:

CardEarn RateRemarks

Citi Rewards

4.0 mpdS$1,000 per statement month, excludes travel

DBS Woman’s World Card

4.0 mpdS$2,000 per calendar month

OCBC Titanium Rewards

4.0 mpdS$12,000 per membership year


If you’re planning to buy something online, it’s always wise to compare Shopback and KrisFlyer Spree to see which one offers the better rebate.

70% bonus miles may not be as lucrative as the double miles promotion KrisFlyer Spree ran for its 6th birthday, but you could potentially get some good value nonetheless. 

You’ll need to be patient though- rebates sites are generally at the mercy of merchants to confirm transactions and pay out commissions. Your miles should almost certainly show up by February next year (and hence be eligible for status credits, assuming the 500 mile minimum is met), but you know, stuff happens. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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