#ownthefuture: Get up to S$365 of Bitcoin with a new American Express card (existing customers welcome)


Seedly x SingSaver's new #ownthefuture campaign is offering Bitcoin as a sign-up bonus, and it's open to new and existing customers.

We’ve seen all kinds of credit card sign-up gifts over the years: cash, luggage, shopping vouchers, earphones.  But here’s something I daresay we’ve never seen before.

In a new campaign called #ownthefuture, SingSaver is partnering with American Express to offer up to S$365 bitcoin (BTC) for new card sign-ups, available to both new and existing cardholders. 

Seedly x SingSaver #ownthefuture

Apply Here

From 13 September to 10 October 2021, new and existing AMEX customers will receive S$265 and S$50 worth of BTC respectively when they sign up for any of the cards below. 

The first 2,000 successful applicants who apply during this period will receive an additional  reward of S$100 (new) or S$50 (existing) BTC, on top of the existing reward. Do note this cap is shared among all cards, and both new & existing customers. 

Each successful applicant is entitled to a maximum of one reward, regardless of how many cards he/she is approved for via this promotion. In other words, a new cardholder can earn a maximum of S$265 BTC (+S$100 BTC if in first 2,000), while an existing cardholder can earn a maximum of S$50 BTC (+S$50 BTC if in first 2,000). 

₿ SingSaver #ownthefuture Campaign
AMEX True Cashback CardS$265 BTC
(+S$100 BTC for first 2K)
S$50 BTC
(+S$50 BTC for first 2K)
AMEX KrisFlyer Credit CardS$265 BTC
(+S$100 BTC for first 2K)
S$50 BTC
(+S$50 BTC for first 2K)
AMEX KrisFlyer AscendS$265 BTC
(+S$100 BTC for first 2K)
S$50 BTC
(+S$50 BTC for first 2K)
AMEX CapitaCardS$265 BTC
(+S$100 BTC for first 2K)
S$50 BTC
(+S$50 BTC for first 2K)
AMEX Platinum Credit CardS$265 BTC
(+S$100 BTC for first 2K)
S$50 BTC
(+S$50 BTC for first 2K)
New customers= Do not hold any American Express principal credit cards now, or in the past 12 months (Corporate/business cards, or cards issued by Citi/DBS/UOB do not count)

Existing customers=Hold an American Express principal credit card now, or cancelled one in the past 12 months. Must not have applied for the same credit card within the last 12 months

Approval must be received by 15 November 2021. Do note that applicants will not be entitled to the other offers listed on the American Express website for the relevant American Express Credit Cards.

Application Steps

  1. Apply through any of the links in this article
  2. You will be directed to a Seedly x SingSaver landing page. Enter your email address and click “confirm” (reminder: use the same email address throughout the application process)
  3. Complete your application and take a screenshot of the Application Reference Number (for AMEX, it’s in the format 2021xxxxxxxxxxSGD)
  4. Fill in the SingSaver rewards form that will be sent to your email. It’s vital you fill in the form– no form, no reward. 

Qualifying Spend

All approved applicants must meet the following minimum spend requirement:

CardMin. Spend
AMEX True Cashback CardS$500 within 30 days of approval
AMEX KrisFlyer Credit CardS$500 within 30 days of approval
AMEX KrisFlyer AscendNone.
Must pay first year fee of S$337.50
AMEX CapitaCardS$500 within 30 days of approval
AMEX Platinum Credit CardNone.
Must pay first year fee of S$321

With regards to the minimum spend, AMEX has a list of excluded spending categories here. The key ones to note are: 

  • GrabPay top-ups (not excluded for AMEX True Cashback card)
  • Insurance
  • SPC transactions
  • Utilities

For the avoidance of doubt, hospital transactions, donations, and anything else not explicitly stated in the exclusion list will count as eligible spend. 

Gift Fulfillment

All gifts will be fulfilled within 16 weeks of meeting the qualifying criteria. You’ll receive further communication from SingSaver regarding how to receive your BTC. 

If you have any questions about the campaign, do direct them to SingSaver. I’m unable to field questions in the comments because of the particular nature of this campaign. 

Seedly and SingSaver will never ask you for your wallet address nor conduct airdrops. Do reach out to [email protected] for any questions on the campaign

Terms and Conditions

The full T&C of this campaign can be found here.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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What about existing signup bonuses?

By the time they distribute the BTC it’s probably worthless


that might be the case if you got X bitcoin. but you’re getting $X in bitcoin. if the price goes down, you get more. if the price goes up, you get less.


“at or around” 🙂

The value of Bitcoin for these campaigns will be equivalent to the stated amount in Singapore dollars, at the then-effective exchange rate of Singapore dollars at [or around] the point of disbursement of Bitcoin to the Gemini account. Neither SingSaver or Seedly accepts any responsibility for change in value between now and the ultimate Bitcoin disbursement date


“at or around” just means you shouldn’t complain if you get stiffed a few cents because of currency movements. for you to say it will be “worthless” is a bit of a stretch.


either that or they would be filthy rich.
Looks like Amex just wrote a call option on themselves


they will only give the equivalent amt at point of disbursement …


Has anybody receive the credits in Gemini wallet after confirmation from Singsaver it will be credited. Thanks



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