Hilton Points Unlimited Promo: Earn 2,500 bonus points per stay


Register now for Hilton's first promotion of 2022, which gives 2,500 bonus points on all stays from 1 Jan to 1 May 2022.

Hilton Honors has just announced the details of its next global promotion, which starts as soon as the current Power Up Your Points offer ends on 31 December 2021.

From 1 January to 1 May 2022,  registered members will earn 2,500 points after each stay, regardless of duration. This is arguably a weaker offer than Power Up Your Points, unless perhaps you’re making a lot of cheap, single night stays. 

Hilton Points Unlimited

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Under the Points Unlimited promotion, registered Hilton Honors members will earn 2,500 bonus points after every stay, with no minimum stay requirement. 

  • Registration is required, and must be done prior to starting your first eligible stay (it’s fine if you booked your stays prior to registration)
  • All stays must be from 1 January to 1 May 2022, with check-outs by 1 May 2022
  • There is no cap on the maximum bonus points you can earn
  • Bonus points will also be granted to award stays
  • All bonus points will post within 6-8 weeks 

Hilton points are worth about 0.5 US cents each, so 2,500 bonus points is like earning US$12.50 per stay. 

FAQs for this promotion can be found here, and T&Cs at the bottom of this page.

How does this promotion compare to the previous one?

Hilton Power Up Your Points

For perspective, Hilton’s current Power Up Your Points promotion offers registered Hilton Honors members 2X Hilton points (the 3X you see in the banner above is for those with Hilton Honors credit cards, which isn’t relevant to us in Singapore), with no minimum stay required.

Here’s how many points members can expect to earn. 

Points per US$1
 Base*Promo (2X/3X)EliteTotal
*Stays at Tru and Home2 properties earn 5 base points per US$1, but I doubt any Singapore-based Hilton member is going to stay at one of these anytime soon

While Power Up Your Points gives nothing to award nights (since your rate is basically 0), it’s arguably more generous than Points Unlimited.

Points Unlimited gives the same bonus regardless of the rate paid, or number of nights stayed. Therefore the key to maxing it out is to make short, cheap stays. That might be an option for someone travelling around Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia, but might be tougher for someone going to Europe or the USA.


Hilton’s Points Unlimited promotion for 2022 offers 2,500 bonus points per stay, with no minimum stay required and no cap on the maximum bonus. 

If you only ever do award stays, you’ll find this preferable to the Power Up Your Points, but otherwise, it’s probably a weaker offer. 

Regardless, all Hilton members should take a minute to register, just in case.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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