Singapore Airlines removing Dom Perignon from First Class

Singapore Airlines will remove long-time First Class stalwart Dom Perignon come November 2022, ending the Krug/Dom dilemma.

First Class passengers on Singapore Airlines have historically had to deal with what’s undoubtedly the pinnacle of first world problems: Dom or Krug champagne?

That’s set to change from next month, however, as both View from the Wing and One Mile at a Time are reporting that Singapore Airlines will remove Dom Perignon champagne from its Suites and First Class cabins, effective 1 November 2022.

A Singapore Airlines spokesperson has provided me with the following statement:

  • With effect from 1 Nov 2022, Dom Pérignon champagne will no longer be available on board Singapore Airlines’ flights.
  • Our customers enjoy a wide range of range of world-class champagnes and fine wines on board our flights, including Krug Grande Cuvée and Taittinger Comtes de Champagne for all Suites and First Class customers.
  • SIA sources for food and beverages options from a wide variety of sources, and will continue to offer our customers in-flight dining of the highest quality.

SIA changing First Class champagnes

Taittinger Comtes De Champagne in First Class

For context, Singapore Airlines currently serves three different champagnes in its Suites and First Class cabins. 

Champagne Vivino Score
Description (Abbr.)
2008/09 Dom Perignon 4.6  Dom Pérignon is always from a single vintage and a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Dom Pérignon is now overseen by recently appointed Chef de Cave Vincent Chaperon.
Krug Grande Cuvee N.V 4.6★ This prestige cuvée is a blend of more than 120 wines from ten or more different years, The champagne is then aged for a further 6 years in the cellars prior to release. Over 20 years are needed to craft each bottle.
2008 Taittinger Comtes De Champagne 4.6  This is a brilliant champagne and a textbook example of Blanc de Blancs at its best, displaying great intensity and acid line, with complex and classic toasty notes from over 10 years of aging in bottle. Spectacular!
Vivino scores are rated out of a maximum of 5★

Dom and Krug will be familiar faces to veterans, having been stalwarts of the SIA First Class experience for decades. Taittinger is a relative newcomer to the party, introduced in October 2019 along with other soft product upgrades like Lalique amenity kits and an enhanced caviar service.

Dom Perignon 2008
Dom Perignon 2008, served during Restaurant A380

At the moment, each Suites or First Class flight is catered with two choices, usually Dom Perignon and Krug or Taittinger and Krug. Because Taittinger tends to be served on the shorter routes, and also on the ground in The Private Room, it’s sometimes seen as the “inferior” option (it also happens to be the cheapest of the three, although it cannot be said enough that price is not a reliable barometer of quality when it comes to wines).

Let’s keep in mind we’re still talking about an excellent champagne here; the 2008 Taittinger Comtes De Champagne has received rave reviews from the experts, with James Suckling awarding it 99 points (the highest it’s ever rated a Comtes de Champagne). Robert Parker waxed the following lyrical.

Taittinger’s 2008 Brut Blanc de Blancs Comtes de Champagne is being released this year, and it will be worth a special effort to track down.

I wrote in August 2019 that this is the finest Comtes de Champagne since the brilliant 2002, and this tasting confirmed that. Offering up a deep and complex bouquet of citrus oil, crisp orchard fruit, warm brioche, crushed chalk, blanched almonds and smoke, it’s full-bodied and incisive, with excellent concentration, racy acids and a long, searingly chalky finish.

While this is already immensely impressive out of the gates, this 2008 is clearly built for the long haul, and three decades’ longevity won’t be a challenge. 

Of course, this being champagne, you’ll get a myriad of opinions depending on who you ask. I posed the Dom/Taittinger question to Gary Low, Head Sommelier at Burnt Ends Restaurant, who had this to say:

Dom Perignon is a more delectable champagne, providing a more reputable champagne experience than Taittinger. An experience worth waiting for.

A better question might be how discerning your palate is at sea level, never mind 35,000 feet.


Let’s be clear: there are far more important things to worry about in the world than what a handful of people at the front of the plane are chugging. I suppose if you’re brand conscious, though, then the loss of a well-known label like Dom might take some gloss off your Instagram photo (“balling with Taittinger Comtes de Champagne” isn’t quite as catchy somehow).

By sheer coincidence, I’m flying Suites tonight, so I’ll be sure to enjoy what might be my last glass of Dom for a while!

Champagne aficionados, what’s your take?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Happy Camper

I wished they would bring back Vintage Krug.

yeah.. first world problem.. 😬


Dom is overrated, give me Taittinger anyday.


Yup, I always took the Krug and where it was once Dom or Taittinger on flights to NZ, Taittinger it is! I was the only one drinking it 🙂


This news made me clutch at my pearls. My family office manager will hear about this, mark my words .


Least important problem in the world right now I know but have they gone back to the NV Krug or are they still serving the 2004? FWIW I actually prefer the NV.


Oh my. We’re only left with 2 choices for premium champagnes? What has the world come to…. With the firm mattresses and lack of a hot towel, its like we’re being treated like cattle! I shall be taking my hard earned cash to the luxurious offerings of AirAsia instead.