Enhanced: DBS yuu Card offering up to 18% rebates on groceries, S$80/300 sign-up gift


The DBS yuu Card has been mega-buffed, with up to 18% rebates at Cold Storage, Giant and more, plus up to S$300 cashback for new cardholders.

Towards the end of 2022, DBS partnered up with Dairy Farm Group to launch the DBS yuu Card, the cobrand card for the yuu rewards club that replaced the previous TapForMore scheme. 

Unfortunately, the yuu Card had too much of everything: too much fine print, too much hassle, too much Gurmit Singh. The points accrual system was hopelessly convoluted, and some of the marketing materials flirted with false advertising (e.g. the claim of 15% rebates, which wasn’t mathematically possible).

But credit where it’s due: DBS has retooled the yuu Card, and it’s no longer a colossal dumpster fire. In fact, I’m even willing to give it The MileLion’s “no longer a colossal dumpster fire” seal of approval.

The new-and-improved DBS yuu Card now offers up to 18% rebates, with a simple minimum spend and cap. What’s more, there’s a sign-up gift of S$300 cashback for new-to-bank customers, or S$80 cashback for existing customers, with a low minimum spend of S$350.

An 18% rebate is almost too good to be true, and makes it a better choice for spending than most miles cards out there!

Sign-up offer: Up to S$300 cashback

Apply (AMEX)
Apply (Visa)

Even if you don’t care to read through this whole post, you shouldn’t miss out on the following deal, which is valid for applications between 13-26 April 2023 with approval by 10 May 2023:

TypeGiftMin. Spend
New cardholderS$300 cashbackS$350 within 30 days
Existing cardholder$80 cashback
Apply with promo code  YUUFLASH 
New DBS/POSB cardholders are defined as those who do not currently hold a principal DBS/POSB card, and have not cancelled one in the past 12 months

New DBS/POSB cardholders who spend S$350 on their DBS yuu card within 30 days of approval will receive S$300 cashback.

Existing DBS/POSB cardholders who spend S$350 on their DBS yuu card within 30 days of approval will receive S$80 cashback. 

This is an extremely generous deal, since we normally don’t see any love for existing cardholders, and because the minimum spend for other DBS offers is usually at least S$500. 

The offer is valid for both the DBS yuu American Express Card and DBS yuu Visa Card. However, you can only enjoy it once (i.e. there’s no point getting both the AMEX and Visa cards).

You must apply with the promo code  YUUFLASH  to be eligible. The promo code field can be found towards the bottom of the application page, under the “DBS Marketing & Promotions Materials” section. 

The cashback will be credited within 2-3 months of meeting the minimum spend. The T&Cs of this offer can be found here.

DBS yuu Card: Earn up to 18% rebates

Is there a case for using the DBS yuu Card beyond the sign-up bonus period? Surprisingly, yes.

For context, here’s what the DBS yuu Card previously looked like:

DBS yuu Card
 Earn RateRemarks
All merchants1 pt/S$1No min. spend or cap
yuu merchants4 pts/S$1
Selected products at yuu merchants2 pts/S$1
Min. S$80 spend in single trxn. at DFI or BTG800 pts
(Up to 10 pts/S$1)
Capped at 3x per spend period
Min. S$400 spend at DFI or BTG5,200 pts
(Up to 13 pts/S$1)
Capped at 1x per spend period
Note: 1 pt= 0.5% rebate

I don’t blame you for tuning out. The entire system was way too convoluted, with a confusing mix of bonuses for specific products, specific merchants, and specific transaction sizes. 

Now here’s the new-and-improved DBS yuu Card:

DBS yuu Card
 Earn RateRemarks
Non-yuu merchants1 pt/S$1
(0.5% rebate)
No min. spend or cap
yuu merchants
10 pts/S$1
(5% rebate)
yuu merchants
(till 30 Sep 2023)
36 pts/S$1
(18% rebate)
Min. S$600 spend per calendar month. Bonus 26 pts/S$1 capped at S$600 per calendar month
Note: 1 pt= 0.5% rebate

This is refreshingly simple. Cardholders will normally earn 10 pts per S$1 (5% rebate) at yuu merchants (see below for list), with no minimum spend or cap. 

If they spend at least S$600 in a calendar month, they will earn an extra 26 pts per S$1 (13% rebate) for a total of 36 pts per S$1 (18% rebate), capped at 15,600 pts per calendar month. This, incidentally, works out to S$600 of spending, so the minimum spend is also the cap. 

❓ Crediting timelines

Of the 36 points per S$1:

  • 10 points will be credited when the transaction posts
  • 26 points will be credited within 60 days after the end of each calendar month

To illustrate, spending S$600 at a yuu merchant like Cold Storage or Giant would get a S$108 rebate. That’s almost too good to be true- which is probably why it’s only available till 30 September 2023.

Would I take that over 4 mpd? Oh yes indeed; I’d even take it over the 5.6 mpd I could otherwise earn at Cold Storage/Giant with the UOB Lady’s Card (contrary to popular belief, you can earn bonus UNI$ at UOB$ merchants). 

I mean, as much as I enjoy my miles, your value per mile, assuming a 4 mpd card, would need to be at least 4.5 cents each to justify using it over something with 18% rebates!

What are yuu merchants?

Here’s the current list of yuu merchants:

❓ yuu Merchants
🛒 DFI Retail Group (DFI)
  • 7-Eleven
  • Cold Storage
  • CS Fresh
  • Giant
  • Guardian
🍞 BreadTalk Group (BTG)
  • BreadTalk
  • Butter Bean
  • Food Junction*
  • Food Republic*
  • Toast Box
  • Thye Moh Chan
🐘 Mandai Wildlife Group
  • Bird Paradise
  • Night Safari
  • River Wonders
  • Singapore Zoo
📱 Singtel
  • Singtel Shop
  • Singtel Exclusive Retailers
*Selected outlets only

The big ones for me are the grocery stores, because that’s a reliable S$600 right there for most people already.

Any exclusions?

Do note that in addition to DBS’s regular rewards exclusions (e.g. charitable donations, education, insurance premiums), there are further exclusions for the yuu Card specifically. 

Some examples are shown below; for the full list, refer to the T&Cs. 

🛒 DFI Retail Group (DFI)
  • Plastic bags
  • Tobacco and cigarettes
  • All services including mobile and EZ-Link reload
  • Purchase of cash-like items such as mobile sim card top-up vouchers
  • All lottery products, bill payments, top-up services and Qoo10 online shopping payment, statutory services and products
  • DFI vouchers, newspapers, magazines
  • Gift cards and vouchers purchases
  • Delivery charges
  • Purchases made at Changi Airport stores
  • Pre-mature and Stage 1 infant milk formula
🍞 BreadTalk Group (BTG)
  • Gift cards
  • Dining vouchers
  • Food delivery apps
  • BTG app & store value card
🐘 Mandai Wildlife Group
  • Animal feeding
  • Friends of Wildlife membership
  • Signature tours

While the list looks extensive, the tl;dr is that almost all your grocery purchases will qualify for 18% rebates. That’s my primary use case for the card, so that’s really all I care about. 


Apply (AMEX)
Apply (Visa)

What a turnaround this is. When I wrote my initial yuu Card review, I assumed I’d never have to bother with it again.

Now it’s forced its way back to relevance, because it’s almost impossible to say no to 18% rebates on groceries, plus a S$80/S$300 sign-up gift. The 18% rebates are valid till 30 September 2023, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

Don’t forget to link your DBS yuu Card to the yuu App (Android | iOS) once you’ve received it to start accruing points. 

Who needs 4 mpd?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hi, will paying Singtel bill online get 18% as well?


On the contrary I feel $600 per calendar spend for groceries is pretty high


You must be single.


Lol actually am married! Well maybe cos we buy meat and vegetables from the wet market instead thats why.


Can buy cold storage vouchers?


Read the article please


Yes can


Cold Storage vouchers = DFI vouchers.
Read the sections just before article ‘Conclusion’


Hello! Does the DBS-Yuu card accumulate points separately from the Passion Card linked to the Yuu app?


Hmm this makes it a great payment option for toastbox, instead of the kopi cards


How does DBS / yuu card actually know the underlying item(s) that you’ve spent on?


Anyone knows which are the Food Republic that are eligible as the article says only selected outlets



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