Bussin’: KrisFlyer Gen Z KrisFam 100,000 miles giveaway

KrisFlyer's new 100,000 miles Gen Z giveaway, translated for people who actually speak English.

What up MileLion Fam!

TML here, and I may be born in the 1980s (big yikes), but I can slap as hard as any Gen Z homie fr. So when that chad KrisFlyer.Official dropped the beat on their 100,000 miles giveaway, I was like YASSSS that’s slay periodt!!! 

NGL there’s some smol but important deets, so check them out on the dl:

Now, if none of the above made the slightest lick of sense to you, or if you feel the sudden need to purge your corneas with Dettol, you’re in luck.

I happen to be proficient in Gen Z lingo, and as part of my enduring service to the miles community, have taken the liberty of translating all of this. 

KrisFlyer 100,000 miles giveaway

Contest Details

KrisFlyer’s Manifest the Lucky Gen Z Syndrome KrisFam Giveaway (which, for the sake of general sanity, I’m just going to refer to as “the 100,000 miles giveaway”) runs from now till 23 October 2023.

This contest is open to all KrisFlyer members who are Singapore residents. To participate:

  1. Follow @krisflyer.official on Instagram
  2. Make at least three Kris+ transactions
  3. Post a reel on Instagram or video on TikTok featuring the usage of Kris+ and the aforementioned Kris+ transactions, with the hashtags #KrisFam2023 and #MilesBetterwithKF

Participants may submit as many reels or videos as they wish. 

The three most creative entries, as determined by the fuddy-duddies at Singapore Airlines, will receive 20X the KrisFlyer miles earned on their Kris+ transaction, capped at 100,000 miles. 

Here’s an example: Zachary the Zoomer makes three Kris+ transactions, one of which is buying a S$6 coffee at a Kris+ merchant offering 3 miles per dollar.

He then flexes this purchase on Instagram like so.

⚠️ Note: Because I do not actually know how to use Instagram Reels or TikTok, the following is my best attempt at a mock-up, made in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Because of the metacognitive excellence and optically-incapacitating quality underpinning this post, Zachary wins one of the three prizes, which in this case will be 360 KrisFlyer miles (20 x 18 miles; the 100,000 miles cap proving so, so unnecessary).

He then transfers these miles to Kris+ and uses them at Camberley Pre-School to enrol himself in a basic toddler literacy course.

Everybody wins.

Winner announcement & prize crediting

Winners of the 100,000 miles giveaway will be announced on Instagram by 6 November 2023, and prizes credited within 4-6 weeks.

As with all KrisFlyer miles earned from contests, validity will be one year from the date of crediting (instead of the usual three-year period).

Terms & Conditions

The T&Cs of the 100,000 miles giveaway can be found here.

I pity the legal department that had to translate this word salad of a contest into actual, comprehensible English, and maybe it’s taken its toll on the poor folks because there’s several sus things:

  • The 23 October 2023 submission deadline, mentioned in the contest landing page, is not referenced in the T&Cs
  • Point 9 says the winners will be announced by 6 November 2023, but Point 11 says they need to return a signed letter of acceptance within 10 working days…and if the letter of acceptance is not received by 6 November 2023, the prize will be forfeited 
  • The T&Cs say that you can’t submit any content that is inaccurate, misleading, libellous, defamatory, threatening, pornographic, obscene, indecent, lewd, abusive, illegal, political, racist, religious, blasphemous or false. Then what’s the point of social media, guys?

Kris+ earn rates have been cut from October 2023

🛍️  Kris+ Earn Rate Adjustments
Earn RateTill 30 Sep 23From 1 Oct 23
 9 mpd 161154
 7 mpd 14
 6 mpd 173177
 5 mpd 101
 3 mpd 3398
 2 mpd 3
1.5 mpd11
 1 mpd 1314

While Kris+ is still a great way of earning extra miles on your daily spend, it was announced last week that the earn rates at 70 merchants would be cut from 1 October 2023 onwards. 

The main cuts are to spa and wellness merchants, the Tung Lok Group and the Paradise Group, though there’s a good number of smaller merchants affected too.

You can see the full list of changes here, but in short, out of 448 merchants:

  • 378 are unchanged
  • 8 are cutting their earn rate from 9 mpd to 6 mpd
  • 12 are cutting their earn rate from 9 mpd to 3 mpd
  • 14 are reducing their earn rate from 7 mpd to 6 mpd
  • 26 are cutting their earn rate from 6 mpd to 3 mpd
  • 10 are cutting their earn rate from 5 mpd to 3 mpd

Refer to the following post for the full details.

Kris+ cuts earn rates for 70 merchants from October 2023

Which credit cards be bussin’ for Kris+?

In-app payments in Kris+ follow the underlying merchant’s regular MCC (with some limited exceptions, like CDG taxi rides). In other words, simply use whatever credit card you’d normally use at that particular merchant.

The following options are MCC agnostic; you’ll earn 3-4 mpd on Kris+ regardless of the underlying merchant.

💳 Best Cards for Kris+ (All Categories)
CardEarn RateRemarks
4 mpdMax. S$2K per c. month
Citi Rewards + Amaze
4 mpdMax. S$1K per s. month. Do not use Citi Rewards Card alone- no bonuses
KrisFlyer UOB Card
3 mpdNo cap

However, there’s also scope to use other cards like the HSBC Revolution and UOB Lady’s Card for up to 6 mpd, depending on what type of Kris+ merchant you’re transacting with.

To learn more about this, refer to the article below.

What’s the best card to use for Kris+?


S$5 for new Kris+ Fam
NOT SUS: get 750 KrisPay miles when u yeet the code W644363 and make your first smol transaction

“Manifest the lucky gen z syndrome” is not, as some might think, a terminal illness, but rather KrisFlyer’s latest giveaway. Contestants who spend on Kris+ and post about it on Instagram or TikTok can win 20X the miles from their Kris+ transaction, capped at 100,000 miles. 

Boomer or zoomer, if you’re spending on Kris+ and have a greater flair for social media than me (which isn’t hard), you might want to consider taking part. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find something to complain about on Facebook.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Oh wow I feel so old. Why are Gen Z doing earning miles anyway


Okay, Boomer

Brian K

The contest finna cap, no cap.

Good luck explaining “no cap” to miles chasers, y’all.

big metal fan (windmill)

omg frfr slayyyyyy

Toddy at Camby

not gonna lie, the Camberley bit killed me


Maybe SQ exex should learn what cringe means


Sounds like a old person trying too hard to communicate in their percieved “new” way.



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