PSA: Citi ThankYou Rewards Portal to shut down by February 2024

Citi is shutting down its ThankYou Rewards Portal in favour of app-based redemptions, but we could be losing a lot of functionality in the process.

If you currently use the Citi ThankYou Rewards Portal to transfer points, check points expiry or track points breakdowns, here’s something to take note of. 

Citi will be progressively shutting down the portal from early 2024, directing customers to the Citi mobile app instead. And assuming Citi doesn’t add additional functionality to the app, we’re going to be losing some valuable features in the process…

Citi ThankYou Rewards Portal to be sunset by February 2024

Citi ThankYou Rewards

Per a notification on the Citi ThankYou Rewards Portal, Citi cardholders will no longer be able to redeem rewards, view rewards redemption history or check expiry information with effect from:

  • 21 January 2024
  • 25 February 2024
    • Citi ULTIMA Card
    • Citi Prestige Card
    • Citi Platinum Card
    • Citi Clear Platinum Card
    • Citi Gold Card
    • Citi Classic Card
    • Citi Clear Classic Card
    • Citi Clear Card
    • Citi Business Card
    • Citi Corporate Card

All rewards redemptions must be done via the Citi mobile app going forward.

You can find a summary of your rewards points for each of your Citi cards (remember, Citi points don’t pool) on the home page after logging in. You can then select which airline or hotel programme you wish to transfer points to.

Citi points transfer via app
Citi points transfer via app
Citi points transfer via app

The transfer process is pretty straightforward, and in fact some of you might have been doing this already (especially in light of the recent 2FA issues with the Citi ThankYou Rewards portal).

Frequent Flyer Programme
Conversion Ratio
(Citi: Partner)
Citi Miles TY Points
1:1 2.5:1
asia miles logo 1:1 2.5:1
british airways logo 1:1 2.5:1
etihad guest logo 1:1 2.5:1
evaair logo 1:1 2.5:1
flyingblue logo 1:1 2.5:1
ihg logo 1:1 2.5:1
enrich logo 1:1 2.5:1
qantas logo 1:1 2.5:1
qatar logo 1:1 2.5:1
thai airways logo 1:1 2.5:1
turkish airlines logo 1:1 2.5:1
All conversions in blocks of 10,000 partner miles/points

What’s missing?

Unfortunately, the Citi mobile app is far from a perfect substitute for the Citi ThankYou Rewards Portal.

First of all, unlike the portal, the mobile app does not provide any information on points expiry.

Expiry of Citi Rewards points as shown on ThankYou rewards portal

Citi tells customers that they can check the expiry of points on their e-statements, but can they really? From what I can see on mine, Citi only shows you how many points have expired, not how many are expiring.

It could be the case that Citi will only show a notification if you have points expiring in the next X months, so if someone sees this on their statement do give a shout out.

Second, unlike the portal, the mobile app does not provide any information on points breakdowns. On the portal, you’re able to see a daily breakdown of how many base and bonus points are earned (not quite transaction level sadly, so you may need to do some further calculations).

This can be useful for Citi Rewards Cardholders to find out whether their transactions were indeed processed online (and therefore eligible to earn 4 mpd). If they spot that bonus points have not been issued, they can begin the process of filing an appeal or request for investigation.

Assuming Citi doesn’t add these features to its mobile app, then we’re going to face a significant loss of functionality soon.


Citi will be retiring its ThankYou Rewards Portal from early 2024, and directing all points redemptions to the Citi mobile app. 

That wouldn’t be a problem if not for the fact the mobile app lacks basic functionality like checking the expiry dates of points, as well as points breakdowns. 

Hopefully Citi will get this added to the mobile app, but I’m not holding my breath.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Why do banks keep shooting themselves in the foot? Citibank has been especially guilty as it scales down its operations – I took out most my investments when the RM told me that I was not valuable enough as a client. After that, they gave me an intern as an RM. Anyway, if one is only interested in Krisflyer and Asia Miles, there are other cards that offer the same if not better earn rate.


consider a RM that only takes $5000 a month but need to in charge of $300,000 your money.


consider an accountant who sees millions but only takes home $5,000. the point is?


the point is that their connection with you is only get more commissions that they sold to you, not to help you get profit.


Couldn’t agree more. Most of the RMs I have encountered are only interested in flipping my portfolio. When they realize they can’t extract anything from you, they start ignoring you. I have only had one RM who truly helped out when there was an issue, but she quit after a year due to toxic bosses who only care about sales targets.

Ben Jamin

These RMs only want to sell you stuff so they can make commissions. If you don’t buy and line their pockets then you are a bad customer. I don’t get any value at all from RMs. I pay for financial advice that actually has some value – not these dubious relationships.


Citibank has no expiry anyway…


I have just downloaded my statement (first one since the portal ceased for my card) and the template for the points section is still the same. Shows points expired but not points expiring status.


It’s very annoying not being able to see transactions. There’s a point dispute now because I don’t see points being credited when it should but the phone officers say it has been credited