Earn 9 mpd (or more) on Esso petrol with Kris+

From 1 March to 31 May 2024, earn an extra 3 mpd at Esso with Kris+, with up to 6 mpd from credit cards and extra miles from Esso Smiles.

While Esso was a launch partner of Kris+ back in 2018 (when the platform was called KrisPay),  it’s only been possible to burn KrisFlyer miles at Esso for the past six years. 

That finally changed last month when Kris+ started awarding miles at a rate of 1 KrisPay mile per S$2 spent. An extra 0.5 mpd didn’t sound like it’d set the world on fire, but it was still extra miles you wouldn’t have otherwise earned. 

In any case, Kris+ has now upsized the Esso earn rate to 3 mpd till 31 May 2024, making it a much more attractive proposition.

S$5 for new Kris+ Users
Get S$5 (in the form of 750 KrisPay miles) when you sign-up with code W644363 and make your first transaction

Earn 3 mpd at Esso with Kris+

From 1 March to 31 May 2024, Kris+ is offering 3 KrisPay miles per S$1 spent at Esso, as well as a 12% upfront discount for members of the free-to-join Esso Smiles programme.

As a reminder, Kris+ can only be used to pay for petrol purchases, so items from the mini-mart will need to be paid for separately.

The miles earned from Kris+ are on top of your credit card miles, so you can earn an extra 3-6 mpd.

⛽ Best Cards for Kris+ Petrol Spend
CardEarn RateRemarks
UOB Lady’s Card6 mpd*Max. S$1K per c. month, must choose Transport as bonus category
UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card6 mpd*Max. S$3K per c. month, must choose Transport as bonus category
Amaze + Citi Rewards Mastercard4 mpdMax. S$1K per s. month
DBS WWMC4 mpdMax. S$1.5K per c. month
Maybank World Mastercard4 mpd 
KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card3 mpd 
C. Month= Calendar Month, S. Month= Statement Month
*Ends 31 Mar 24, after which 4 mpd

A brief reminder that the table above refers to the best credit cards to use for petrol on Kris+. 

For example, paying in-store with a DBS Woman’s World Card would only earn you 0.4 mpd, but when paying with Kris+, you earn 4 mpd because the online spending category is triggered. 

Likewise, paying in-store with a KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card would earn you 1.2 mpd, because petrol is not one of the bonus categories. But when paying with Kris+, you earn 3 mpd because the Kris+ bonus is triggered.

Extra dipping from Esso Smiles

Don’t forget that there’s a triple dip opportunity here, because Esso Smiles points can be converted into KrisFlyer miles. 

Every 1 litre of Esso petrol gives you 1 Smiles point, and Smiles points can be converted to KrisFlyer miles at the following rates.

Flexi150 points = 100 miles
Auto100 points = 100 miles

However, since 1 Smiles point can be worth up to 4 cents of petrol, the opportunity cost of redeeming miles is very high. You might be better off passing on this and using your Smiles points for petrol instead.

SmilesRedeem for petrolRedeem for miles
180 pointsS$5180 miles
(2.78 cents)
300 pointsS$10300 miles
(3.33 cents)
750 pointsS$30750 miles
(4 cents)
*Conversions must be in blocks of 100 points, so these exact amounts would not be possible

The exception is if you pump Synergy Supreme+, because in that case you earn both Smiles points and KrisFlyer miles. 

So a driver pumping Synergy Supreme+ could earn:

  • 0.5 mpd from Kris+
  • 3-6 mpd from credit cards
  • 2 miles per litre of Synergy Supreme+ (assuming he converts Esso Smiles points into miles)

Since miles are awarded based on litres pumped, and not money spent, it’s hard to equate this in terms of mpd, but you’ll certainly earn more than 9 mpd if you go down this route. 

Is it worth it?

The 12% discount that is offered to Kris+ users is smaller than the 14% that Citi, DBS and OCBC cardholders can expect to receive, but you’ll more than earn it back through the extra miles. 

Pay withEsso SmilesAdditional Discount
(+8% for Insignia and Vantage)

As a reminder, even if you pay on Kris+ with a Citi, DBS or OCBC card, you won’t be entitled to the bank discount. You’ll receive a 12% discount when using Kris+, end of story.

To illustrate, with Citi, DBS and OCBC cards paying in-store at Esso, the best you’d be earning on petrol is 1.6 mpd. With Kris+, you can earn up to 9 mpd. Therefore, your choice is between

  • Kris+: Up to 9 mpd and 12% discount
  • Citi, DBS and OCBC cards: Up to 1.6 mpd and 14-18% discount

Unless your value per mile is extremely low, Kris+ is certainly the better deal.

What card should you use for petrol?

Esso is just one of several petrol chains, of course, and if you’re pumping elsewhere, here’s my guide to navigating the tradeoff between miles and discounts. 

2024 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Petrol


Kris+ users can now earn miles at Esso, and till 31 May 2024, the usual 0.5 mpd earn rate has been upsized to 3 mpd. 

This is a great little deal, considering the opportunity to stack up to 6 mpd from your credit card and extra miles from the Esso Smiles programme. Make hay these months while you can.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Would the UOB Visa Signature also work with Kris+ for petrol at Esso?


Avoid using Amaze in Kris+ or any ewallets. You get slapped with a fee. I am reducing the use of Amaze right now, very bad experience.


I tried using Kris+ and was told by the cashier that all my Smiles discounts would be void. 🤷


I got the same response by the cashiers. I’m using DBS esso card, and wanted to double dip on kris+ but because of the cashiers keep saying kris+ no discount, until now have not really used Kris+ in esso. just keep using the esso mastercard only


I reread the article and it states that we only earn 12% Kris+ discount including the extra miles. Credit card discount does not come into effect.


What about Amex? 15% upfront and 7.1% statement credit thereafter?


For esso?


How about using Kris+ with UOB Visa Signature? If able to hit the min spend of $1k for petrol and contactless, should be able to earn 4mpd (card earn rate) + 3 mpd (Kris+) right?


Would it work if i use citi cashback card on kris+ to get 3mpd, 12% upfront from kris+, and 8% cashback from the card?



Would this work with the UOB Preferred Platinium Visa Card too?

I.e. get 4mpd+3mpd



Would it then still make sense to use the DBS Esso cc paid with the Kris+ app? There’s an ongoing promo as well for esso DBS sign-up



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