New AMEX Offer: S$105 credit for Conrad Singapore Orchard

Register your AMEX card and enjoy a S$105 credit on a minimum spend of S$350 at the Conrad Singapore Orchard by 31 May 2024.

American Express has launched a new AMEX Offer for the Conrad Singapore Orchard, which offers registered cardholders a S$105 statement credit with a minimum spend of S$350 made by 31 May 2024. 

Registration is required, and can be done via the AMEX Offers portal. 

What are AMEX Offers?

AMEX Offers are opportunities to earn bonus miles/points, or statement credits. These can be found in the “Offers” section of the AMEX app or web portal. 

Registration is required, and some offers may be targeted. These are not applicable to DBS/Citi/UOB AMEX cardholders. 

Get S$105 back on S$350 Conrad Singapore Orchard spend

Here’s the key details of this AMEX Offer:

  • Cardholders must spend at least S$350 in one or more transactions to trigger the credit
  • All spend must be made in-person
  • Payments must be made by 31 May 2024
  • Registration is capped at 12,000 cards
  • The offer can only be used once per registered card
  • Excludes payments made for events, weddings and spas (not that the Conrad Singapore Orchard has a spa, but anyway…)

The offer is valid for hotel stays at the Conrad Singapore Orchard, as well as F&B at Basilico, Dolcetto, and Tea Lounge.

A registration cap of 12,000 cards applies, though you can register on multiple cards if you happen to be targeted, and enjoy the offer once per card.

Statement credits should appear on your billing statement within 15 days from qualifying spend, but are usually much faster.

Stack with Dine Like a Member

Dine Like A Member

Hilton has renewed its popular Dine Like a Member discount that offers 10% off F&B to Base and Silver members, and 25% off F&B to Gold or Diamond members. 

The discount is valid at Basilico, Dolcetto and Tea Lounge (among others), so you can stack it with the AMEX offer like so:

  • If I spend S$390 on F&B, a 25% Dine Like a member discount reduces the payable amount to S$292.50
  • A S$292.50 F&B bill becomes S$350.70 after adding 10% service charge and 9% GST
  • This is sufficient to trigger the S$105 credit, which means I’ll pay S$245.70 overall- an overall discount of 48%!

Remember: all that matters is the nett amount charged to your registered AMEX card, after GST and service charge, is more than S$350. 


American Express cardholders can now register to receive a one-time S$105 statement credit with a minimum spend of S$350 at the Conrad Singapore Orchard.

I just did some checking, and a buffet dinner at Basilico costs S$98++. Factor in a 25% discount for Gold and Diamond members, and a four-person party would cost S$352 in total- just enough to trigger the credit!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Does this stack with the $200 local dining credit for Basilico? (using your eg of 4 pax at Basilico weekend dinner, $352 seems sufficient to trigger both the $105 credit and the $200 credit…)

SQ Flyer

I can’t remember whether Park 90 uses a different POS system. Time to find out!

P90 Drinker

Please share if Park 90 clock under Tea Lounge for the spend!


Does it apply to all F&B outlets at Conrad like Summer Palace?


Would wine and drinks also count towards the 350 min spend?



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