Earn 100 KrisFlyer miles per restaurant reservation with Makan+

Singapore Airlines has launched Makan+, offering 100 KrisFlyer miles per fulfilled restaurant reservation.

Singapore Airlines has launched a new restaurant reservations platform called Makan+ (in public beta now), available through the Kris+ app.

Makan+ offers 100 KrisPay miles (which can be converted to 100 KrisFlyer miles) for every reservation made and fulfilled through the platform. 

I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if we eventually see upsized offers for unpopular timeslots or restaurants. 

Makan+: How it works

Makan+ is located at the top of the Kris+ app homepage. Tap on the icon, agree to the T&Cs, and you’ll be directed to the Makan+ interface.

I can see a substantial number of restaurants available (since it’s powered by Chope, I’d assume that most if not all of Chope’s inventory should be available via Makan+), with filters allowing you to search by location or type of cuisine.

Once you’ve selected a restaurant, enter your details and special requests (if any) to complete the process. You’ll receive both an in-app and email confirmation.

In terms of rewards, here’s the key points to note:

  1. Each completed booking via Makan+ will earn 100 KrisPay miles, with no monthly cap
  2. Miles earned through Makan+ will be credited to your Kris+ app on the 15th day of the month following the reservation (for example, a booking made for 26 September will receive miles by 15 October)
  3. You can convert KrisPay miles earned via Makan+ to KrisFlyer miles at a 1:1 ratio, but this must be done within seven days of crediting
  4. You can make and earn miles on reservations for yourself, or anyone you please

I want to place particular emphasis on point (3). You basically have until the 22nd day of the month following the reservation to convert your Makan+ miles, otherwise they get stuck in Kris+ with a six-month expiry and a miserable valuation (how does 0.67 cents per mile sound?).

Makan+: Other things to note

Earn miles for reservations at Lime, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering

Here’s a few other things to note about the Makan+ platform:

  • You cannot make changes to the date or time of a booking; you’ll need to cancel the entire reservation and make a new one
  • You can make as many bookings as you like, but just like Chope, multiple bookings made at the same time slot will not be accepted
  • Cancelled bookings and walk-ins at a time slot other than the one you’ve booked will not earn miles
  • Once your first Makan+ miles reward has been successfully credited to your Kris+ account, the linked KrisFlyer number will be stored in Makan+ and cannot be changed

How does Makan+ compare to alternatives?

Is it worth using Makan+ over other reservations platforms like Chope or Quandoo?

Well, Chope gives you 100C$ per fulfilled reservation. However, the ChopePerks rewards programme is now next to useless, following two major nerfs in 2019 and 2020. 

Chope devalues ChopePerks without notice; delays resumption of Chope$ redemptions

Moreover, the current ChopePerks rewards catalogue is a complete joke, offering the types of coupons you could get for free elsewhere. 

It’s academic now, but once upon a time, Chope used to offer 1,000 KrisFlyer miles for 1,200C$. This means that 100C$ was worth 83 KrisFlyer miles, making Makan+’s rate slightly more generous. 

Quandoo offers 100 points per fulfilled reservation, which is worth S$1.50 in cashback (a minimum of 1,000 points is required for a cash out, which can be made to a local bank account). 

That could be more generous than Makan+, although it depends on what you do with the miles you earn:

  • If you keep the 100 miles in Kris+, they’re worth S$0.67, and Quandoo is better
  • If you transfer the 100 miles to KrisFlyer, they’re worth S$1.80, and Makan+ is better

I’ve assumed a value of 1.8 cents per mile, but others may adopt a lower valuation. So it really boils down to the individual. 


Earn miles for reservations at Dian Xiao Er outlets

Makan+ offers KrisFlyer members the opportunity to earn 100 miles per fulfilled reservation, which could be a useful way of topping up a small amount to your KrisFlyer account with no transfer fees.

And of course, should the restaurant also happen to be a Kris+ partner, you could earn up to 9 mpd by paying through the Kris+ app, plus up to 4 mpd with the right credit card.

I’d be especially interested to see if Makan+ eventually starts offering upsized rewards for certain timeslots or restaurants, similar to what platforms like Eatigo do to goose demand. 

Would you switch from Chope/Quandoo to Makan+?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Tried to book 2 restaurants but disappointed that they are not in Makan+…. Tunglok Peking Duck and Tong Le Private dining….i used Chope to make those reservations….


Jumbo Seafood also cant …….


Typo in the last sentence. You’ve used “goose” instead of boost


Oh nice, didn’t know. Thanks for the quick lesson!


Seems like krispay/ Makan+ has updated the policy such that miles must be transferred to KF 7 days from earn date. This means we will need to periodically check the app to see when the miles have been credited. Huge inconvenience. I just missed the deadline of recently credited miles in late June.