Miles vs Cashback: Choose your side and earn up to 34,000 bonus miles plus gifts

From now till 4 June 2024, apply for miles cards and enjoy an extra bonus of up to 34,000 Max Miles in SingSaver's Miles vs Cashback showdown.

Back in 2019, The MileLion and friends banded together to take down the nefarious Budget Babe and her dark forces in SingSaver’s Miles vs Cashback showdown. 

But had you stayed for the post-credits scene, you’d know that the fight wasn’t over yet- I mean, how else would we make sequels otherwise?

And so it’s come to pass that five years later, a new Avengers-level threat has emerged, and once again the battle lines have been drawn. For the next few weeks, Team Miles (captained by yours truly) will do battle with Team Cashback (captained by Naomi Neo, no really) in a contest that is perhaps the best preview of the November 2024 election: you just hope both teams have fun and the world doesn’t end in the process.

I’ll be honest with you. My 2024 bingo card did not have “face-off with Naomi Neo” on it, but who am I to argue with the fates?

How it works

⚡ Miles v Cashback 2: Electric Boogaloo ⚡
✈️ Team Miles 💩 Team Cashback
*In case you haven’t caught up on the TV series, at some point in the last five years Budget Babe had a redemption arc wherein she realises the error of her ways and renounces her life of evil. 11/10 would recommend.

From 8 May to 4 June 2024, Team Miles and Team Cashback will go head to head in a two-round contest, where the winning team for each round is the one with the highest number of applications. 

  • Round 1: 8-21 May 2024
  • Round 2: 22 May to 4 June 2024

Every application will count as one point, whether submitted by a new-to-bank or existing customer. 

New-to-bank customers will be eligible for regular & team gifts and the lucky draw, while existing customers will only be eligible for the lucky draw. 

Regular & team gifts

New-to-bank applicants will be eligible for SingSaver’s regular gifts, including Apple iPads, Dyson Supersonic hairdryers, and eCapitaVouchers. 

On top of this, new-to-bank applicants will receive an additional team gift ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 Max Miles per card if Team Miles racks up a higher score than Team Cashback in Round 1 (Round 2’s team gift has yet to be announced).

Card Sign-Up Gifts
(Pick One)
Citi PremierMiles Card

  • Apple iPad 9th Gen 10.2″ WiFi 64GB
  • Dyson Supersonic
  • S$350 eCapitaVoucher
  • S$300 cash

If Team Miles wins…
+10,000 Max Miles

HSBC Revolution

  • Dyson AM07 Tower Fan
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10
  • S$250 eCapitaVoucher
  • 15,000 Max Miles

If Team Miles wins…
+10,000 Max Miles

SCB Journey Card

  • Sony SRS-XB100 and up to 45,000 bonus miles*
  • Apple AirTag and up to 45,000 bonus miles*
  • S$50 cash and up to 45,000 bonus miles*

If Team Miles wins…
+8,000 Max Miles

*First year fee must be paid. If you want a first year fee waiver (same SingSaver gifts, but only 25,000 miles*), apply via this link instead

Citi Rewards

  • Dyson Supersonic
  • Apple iPad 9th Gen 10.2″ WiFi 64GB
  • Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy
  • S$400 eCapitaVoucher
  • S$300 cash

If Team Miles wins…
+8,000 Max Miles

HSBC TravelOne Card

  • Dyson AM07 Tower Fan
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10
  • S$250 eCapitaVoucher
  • 15,000 Max Miles

If Team Miles wins…
+3,000 Max Miles

Maybank Horizon Visa Signature

  • Samsonite ENOW Spinner 69/25 EXP*
  • Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) with Lightning Charging Case*
  • 10,000 miles*
  • S$200 cashback*

If Team Miles wins…
+3,000 Max Miles

UOB Lady’s Card

If Team Miles wins…
+3,000 Max Miles


*Fulfilled by bank. All other gifts are fulfilled by SingSaver

Do note that the regular gifts shown are accurate as of 9 March 2024, and may subsequently change as the promo period progresses (team gifts are fixed). Clicking on the links will send you to the landing page with the most current offers. 

Here’s a reminder of the definition of new-to-bank for each of the respective banks.

Card Definition
Citi Cards Does not hold an existing Citi principal credit card currently, or in the past 12 months prior to approval for new card
HSBC Cards Does not hold an existing HSBC principal credit card* currently, or in the past 12 months prior to application
Maybank Cards Does not hold an existing Maybank principal credit card or CreditAble account currently, or in the past 9 months prior to application
StanChart Cards Does not hold an existing SCB principal credit card currently, or in the past 12 months prior to application
UOB Cards Does not hold an existing UOB principal credit card currently, or in the past 6 months prior to application
*HSBC TravelOne Card or HSBC Visa Infinite cardholders will still be considered new-to-bank when applying for a HSBC Revolution. Explanation here.

A minimum spend requirement also applies to all cards, as stated below.

Card Min. Spend
Citi PremierMiles & Citi Rewards S$500 within 30 days of approval
HSBC Revolution & HSBC TravelOne S$500 by the end of the month after approval
Maybank Horizon S$1,300 within the first two months of card approval
StanChart Journey For SingSaver gift: No min. spend
For bank gift (25,000/45,000 miles): S$3,000 within 60 days of approval
UOB Lady’s Card S$1,000 per month for two consecutive months from card approval

The team prize is only awarded to new-to-bank customers, and the maximum team prize you could win is 34,000 Max Miles, broken down into:

  • Citi PremierMiles (10,000 Max Miles)
  • HSBC Revolution (10,000 Max Miles)
  • StanChart Journey Card (8,000 Max Miles)
  • Maybank Horizon Visa Signature (3,000 Max Miles)
  • UOB Lady’s Card (3,000 Max Miles)
💡 Technically 37,000 Max Miles

Since applying for the HSBC TravelOne Card does not disqualify you for the HSBC Revolution Card’s welcome offer (and vice versa), you could actually get up to 37,000 Max miles total.

That said, I’m not so hot about the SingSaver gifts for the TravelOne, since it comes at the expense of the 20,000 miles welcome offer that HSBC is running. Unless you really value the Dyson tower fan or Xiaomi robot vacuum, it might be better to go direct with HSBC.

Lucky draw

All applications for participating cards, whether from new-to-bank or existing customers, will be eligible for a lucky draw with the following grand prize:

  • Round 1 (8-21 May 2024): 320,000 Max Miles
  • Round 2 (22 May to 4 June 2024): TBD

Here’s how you earn chances:

  • 1x chance for each application for a participating product (from either team)
  • Bonus 1x chance for each application for a participating product (for the winning team)
  • Bonus 10x chances for completing the following:
    • Follow @singsaver_sg
    • Post a story using SingSaver’s IG game and tag @singsaver_sg
    • DM @singsaver_Sg your application number

Application steps

  1. From 8 May 2024 (5 p.m) to 4 June 2024 (11.59 p.m), apply for a participating product via any of the links in this article
  2. Follow the link in the email sent to you and submit your Rewards Redemption Form within 14 days of application
  3. Complete the specific requirements for the type of product applied for
  4. You will be automatically entered into the draw if you apply for an eligible product

Lucky draw winners will be announced on SingSaver’s contest winners page by 12 November 2024.

Which team should I pick?

You really have to ask?

Well, let me put it this way: here’s a comparison of the team gifts for Team Miles and Team Cashback

  Best Offer for Team Miles Best Offer for Team Cashback
AMEX Cards N/A S$80 voucher
Citi Cards 10,000 Max Miles S$100 voucher
HSBC Cards 10,000 Max Miles N/A
Maybank Cards 3,000 Max Miles S$30 voucher
StanChart Cards 8,000 Max Miles S$100 voucher
UOB Cards 3,000 Max Miles S$30 voucher
Vouchers include eCapitaVoucher, Food Panda, Sephora, Grab Food and Grab ride

The trade-off is 1 Max Mile for 1 cent (with the exception of StanChart cards), so unless you value a Max Mile at less than 1 cent, Team Miles is the one to join. 

But there’s no reason to value a Max Mile at less than 1 cent anyway, because Max Miles can be redeemed for gift cards with Amazon, Best Denki, Deliveroo, Grab, Lazada, TADA, TANGS and many other merchants at a rate of 100 Max Miles= S$1

See what I’m getting at here? I’m not advocating for you to redeem Max Miles for gift cards, because you can get much higher value redeeming them for airline or hotel points, but even if you decide to, you won’t be any worse off than if you chose Team Cashback. 

👍 1,000 Max Miles joining bonus
Sign up for a HeyMax account and get up to 1,000 Max Miles as a welcome bonus
1,000 bonus Max Miles

Max Miles can be transferred to more than 20 airline and hotel loyalty programmes at a 1:1 ratio, without any fees. 

✈️ HeyMax Transfer Partners
  • Air Canada Aeroplan
  • Airasia Rewards
  • Alaska Mileage Plan
  • American Airlines AAdvantage
  • Avianca LifeMiles
  • British Airways Executive Club
  • Club Vistara
  • Emirates Skywards
  • Etihad Guest
  • Flying Blue
  • Frontier Miles
  • Hainan Fortune Wings Club
  • IHG One Rewards
  • JAL Mileage Bank
  • Marriott Bonvoy
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer
  • Qatar Privilege Club
  • Radisson Rewards
  • THAI Royal Orchid Plus
  • Turkish Miles&Smiles
  • United MileagePlus
  • Velocity Frequent Flyer
  • World of Hyatt
  • Wyndham Rewards

My personal preference is to cash out Max Miles for World of Hyatt points, which would cost me upwards of 1.8 US cents (2.4 SG cents) otherwise. You can stay at the Hyatt Place Bangkok Sukhumvit, Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur or the Caption by Hyatt Namba Osaka from the equivalent of just 3,500 Max Miles.

Alternatively, consider the following redemption opportunities:

  • Singapore to Koh Samui on Bangkok Airways, redeemed via Qatar Privilege Club: 6,000 Max Miles
  • Singapore to Bangkok or Phuket on SIA, redeemed via Air Canada Aeroplan: 8,000 Max Miles
  • Singapore to Tokyo on Japan Airlines, redeemed via JAL Mileage Bank: 12,000 Max Miles

I’ve written a detailed guide covering your Max Miles redemption options, which you can find below.

What’s the best use of Max Miles?

Can I join both teams?

I already know what you’re thinking, kiasu Singaporean.

“Can I sign up for both miles and cashback cards so that I win something regardless of the outcome?”

You most certainly can, Quisling, but remember: you only count as new-to-bank for the first card you apply for, and the winning team gifts are only for new-to-bank customers.

Here’s an example:

  • Vidkun applies for 1x Citi Cash Back Card and 1x Citi PremierMiles Card
  • Citi Cash Back Card is approved first, Citi PremierMiles Card is approved second
  • Team Miles wins the contest (obviously)
  • Vidkun will only receive the regular gift for new-to-bank customers for the Citi Cash Back Card, because he counts as an existing customer for the purposes of the Citi PremierMiles Card application
  • If Vidkun’s Citi PremierMiles Card has been approved first, he would receive the regular gift for new-to-bank-customers for the Citi PremierMiles Card and the team gift of 10,000 Max Miles following Team Miles’ win

So if you’re applying for two cards from the same bank, the order of approval will determine which team you’re rooting for.


The Miles vs Cashback showdown is back again, with up to 34,000 bonus miles on offer if when Team Miles emerges victorious. There’s also a lucky draw with a further 320,000 miles up for grabs, so be sure to submit your applications and fill out those rewards redemption forms. 

May the best team win!

Miles, obviously.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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thomas the tank

Wasn’t Sethisfy supposed to be a miles advocate? Guess they needed to balance the playing field a bit…


I’m a Team Value advocate 😉


Hi, I don’t suppose if I apply for the Citi premier miles with Singsaver for the sign up gift I can double dip to receive 30K+ miles with $800 spend over 2 months?