Taiwan ends COVID-19 testing for all international arrivals

Travellers to Taiwan will no longer be required to undergo a 7-day self-testing regime from 7 February 2023.

Travelling to Taiwan has been relatively straightforward ever since the country scrapped mandatory quarantine and reopened its borders to tourists on 13 October 2022. The visa waiver scheme has been restored for Singaporeans and nationals of more than 60 countries, vaccination certificates are no longer required, and PCR testing has given way to self-administered ARTs.

And now it’s even simpler, with COVID-19 testing scrapped altogether effective Tuesday, 7 February 2023.

Additionally, the CECC pointed out that, effective February 7, inbound travellers would be able to collect only one free at-home rapid test, instead of four. Inbound travellers will only need to take a rapid test if they develop symptoms during their seven-day period of self-initiated prevention. Those who need additional rapid tests can purchase them at pharmacies or convenience stores/retailers selling rapid tests.

-Taiwan CDC

Taiwan scraps COVID testing for arrivals

🇹🇼 Summary: Travel to Taiwan
from 7 Feb 2023
  • Visa waiver scheme fully restored for Singapore and selected other countries
    • Singaporeans can visit for 30 days
    • Visits for other countries range between 14-90 days
  • Vaccinations not required
  • Travel insurance not mandatory
  • No restrictions on mode of transport from airport to accommodation
  • No mandatory COVID-19 testing; 1x ART kit issued on arrival, use only if you develop COVID-19 symptoms within 7 days of arrival

Previously, visitors to Taiwan were required to undergo a 7-day self-testing regime using ART kits issued on arrival. Tests were to be done on the day of arrival, as well as within two days of any day you wished to exit your accommodation. This basically meant Day 0, 2, 4 and 6 tests, assuming you left home every day.

😷 COVID-19 Testing Regime
Day 0
Day 1 
Day 2✓ 
Day 3 
Day 4✓ 
Day 5 
Day 6✓ 
Day 7 
Testing is not required for travellers aged below 2

No reporting of ART results was required; the entire system worked on the honour rule. 

From 7 February 2023, arriving passengers will only be given a single ART kit, to be used if they develop symptoms within seven days of arrival (and kept as a souvenir if not!)

ART kit issued on arrival in Taiwan

Taiwan will also end the on-arrival PCR testing regime for travellers arriving on direct flights from China, as well as pre-departure testing for travellers arriving from China via Hong Kong or Macau.

What are Taiwan’s mask rules? 

Outdoor masking is no longer required in Taiwan, though indoor mask mandates remain for now

Taiwan initially retained its indoor and outdoor mask wearing mandate when it first opened, but scrapped the latter in December 2022. 

Masks are still required in indoor settings (and on public transport), and while it was expected that 2 February would see an end to this policy, the CECC later backtracked with no revised date provided.

In any case, the mask requirement does not extend to flights arriving or departing Taiwan, so you won’t need to mask on the plane if you’re flying Singapore Airlines or Scoot. However, Taiwanese carriers like China Airlines, EVA Air and STARLUX continue to impose their own mask mandates, though enforcement in my experience is hit and miss.

If by any chance you’re interested in reading about my experience travelling to Taiwan in November 2022 (when the rules were slightly different), be sure to check out the reports below.

🇹🇼 When You Wish Upon a STARLUX


Taiwan travel is now completely test free

Taiwan has ended all COVID-19 testing for international travellers, with only a single ART kit provided on arrival for use if necessary. Testing wasn’t that big a barrier in the first place, since it was all self-administered with no need to report the results, but it’s still one less thing on the checklist.

With any luck, the indoor mask mandate will soon be scrapped too, giving visitors an experience much more similar to pre-COVID times.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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