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What’s Inside: 2022/23 AMEX Platinum Charge membership pack

Here's what to look out for in your latest AMEX Platinum Charge welcome or renewal pack, including which vouchers to keep and throw.

AMEX Platinum Charge offering 110,000 MR points sign-up bonus

From now till 31 January 2023, get 110,000 MR points with a new AMEX Platinum Charge, plus S$2,000 in statement credits.

AMEX Platinum Charge adds S$1,200 dining, lifestyle and travel credits

Major changes are coming for the AMEX Platinum Charge in 2023, as its S$800 travel credit gets replaced by S$1,200 of assorted statement credits.

Nerfed: No more free AMEX Platinum Reserve for new Platinum Charge members

AMEX has ended its "one annual fee" policy, which means Platinum Charge members will need to pay $535 for the Platinum Reserve going forward.

American Express Platinum Charge: 2022 Year in Review

With travel restrictions lifted and things getting back to normal, how much value did I get out of my AMEX Platinum Charge over the past year?

AMEX Platinum Charge launches 175,000 MR points sign-up offer

From now till 31 October, apply for an AMEX Platinum Charge and get a 100,000 MR welcome gift, plus a 75,000 MR points sign-up bonus.

Extended: AMEX Platinum Charge 180,000 MR points sign-up offer

From now till 28 August, apply for an AMEX Platinum Charge and get 65,000 MR points as a welcome gift, plus a 115,000 MR points sign-up bonus.

How to generate a travel insurance certificate for the AMEX Platinum Charge

Planning to use your AMEX Platinum Charge's complimentary travel insurance? Here's how to get proof of coverage.


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