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Extended till 26 October: CardUp 1.75% tax payment promo, all Visa/Mastercards eligible

Pay income taxes with a 1.75% admin fee until 26 October, using any Singapore-issued Mastercard or Visa.

CardUp extends discounted 2.25% fee till end 2020; buy miles from 1.38 cents each

Pay bills with a 2.25% admin fee until the end of 2020 and buy miles from 1.38 cents apiece.

CardUp extends 1.9% fee on rental payments till December 2020

Pay rental with just a 1.9% admin fee with CardUp and buy miles from 1.17 cents each.

Bank of China backtracks on CardUp rewards exclusion

CardUp transactions will continue to earn rewards points on BOC credit cards, even from 15 June 2020.

Which cards still earn miles with RentHero?

DBS and Maybank will soon be the only two banks awarding points on RentHero. What next?

CardUp offering 1.75% income tax payment promotion; buy miles from 1.07 cents

Milelion readers can enjoy a discounted CardUp fee of 1.75% for taxes, when scheduled by 26 October.

CardUp 1.89% income tax payment promotion now live: Buy miles from 1.16 cents

Pay income tax with CardUp and enjoy a discounted fee of 1.89/1.99% till 23 June 2020.

CardUp cuts processing fee to 2.25%; buy miles from 1.38 cents each

Pay a discounted fee of 2.25% on all CardUp payments until 30 June 2020 with Visa and Mastercard.


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