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Changi Airport hiking airport charges from 1 November

From 1 November, expect to pay ~S$7 more for flights departing from Changi Airport, as COVID-delayed fee hikes come into effect.

Get ready: What to expect at the reopened Changi Terminal 4

Changi Airport Terminal 4 will reopen on 13 September after a two-year hiatus. Here's what passengers can look forward to.

Full details: Changi Airport Terminal 4 reopening on 13 September

Changi Airport will resume four terminal operations from 13 September with T4's reopening, and there's a spicy showdown with Jetstar looming.

Changi Airport to reopen Terminal 4; resume Terminal 2 departures

Exciting times for Changi Airport, with the full set of terminals due to reopen by September, and T2 departures to resume shortly after.

PSA: Singapore Airlines flights now use Changi Terminals 1, 2 and 3

Singapore Airlines flights will depart and arrive at all three Changi terminals for the first time, though you'll want to keep your T2 visits brief!

Confirmed: Changi Terminal 2 reopening on 29 May

Changi Terminal 2 will end its two-year shutdown on 29 May, when it reopens for selected peak-hour arrivals of airlines operating in Terminal 3.

Singapore to reopen Changi Airport Terminal 2 in 2022

Changi Airport Terminal 2 will reopen its doors this year, as air travel picks up again. Solari Boards, anyone?

Singapore scraps COVID-19 test requirement for transit passengers through Changi Airport

From 22 February, no more COVID-19 testing and no more Transit Holding Area for transit passengers through Changi Airport.


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