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Singapore to reopen Changi Airport Terminal 2 in 2022

Changi Airport Terminal 2 will reopen its doors this year, as air travel picks up again. Solari Boards, anyone?

Singapore scraps COVID-19 test requirement for transit passengers through Changi Airport

From 22 February, no more COVID-19 testing and no more Transit Holding Area for transit passengers through Changi Airport.

Germany VTL: Arrivals process at Singapore Changi Airport

Here's what VTL passengers can expect on arrival at Changi- more steps than before, but a small price to pay for quarantine-free travel.

My experience flying out of Changi Airport during COVID-19

If the last time you flew out of Changi was pre-COVID, you might be in for a bit of a shock the next time you set foot airside...

Update: Changi Airport terminals and Jewel to be closed to public till 13 June

To contain the Changi Airport COVID-19 cluster, the terminals and Jewel will be closed to non-travellers till 13 June 2021.

The Green Market (TGM) reopens at Changi Airport Terminal 1 public area

The good news: Pseudo-lounge TGM has reopened in Terminal 1's public area. The bad news: It's unlikely to rejoin any lounge membership program.

Transit approval granted for SIA Group passengers from Istanbul, Milan, Nanjing and more

SIA Group passengers from 28 different cities can now transit through Changi Airport en route to other destinations in the network.

Hotel Review: YOTELAIR Changi Airport Staycation

The YOTELAir Changi is a popular haunt for transit passengers, but can it also be a good staycation option?


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