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GIRO Income tax: Can you make ad-hoc payments without double deductions?

GIRO saves your cash flow, but earning miles on ad-hoc payments is hard to resist. The good news is you can do both!

CardUp offering 1.99% fee for income tax payments via Mastercard

From now till 31 August, pay income tax via CardUp with a Mastercard with a 1.99% fee, or from 1.39 cents per mile.

CardUp offering 1.75% fee on income tax payments till August 2023

Use MLTAX23 to pay income tax via CardUp with a 1.75% fee, valid for one-off payments or an entire series of recurring payments.

2023 Edition: Earning credit card miles on IRAS income tax

2023 income tax season is here! Here's the cheapest way of earning miles on this year's taxes, plus the various offers you can leverage.

CardUp offering 1.75% fee for IRAS income tax payments

From now till 19 April 2023, pay income taxes via CardUp and a Visa card with a 1.75% fee, buying miles from 1.07 cents each.

HSBC ends income tax payment facility for credit cards

HSBC cardholders will no longer be able to earn miles from paying income taxes, with Income Tax Payment Programme nerfed.

2022 Edition: Earning miles when paying IRAS income tax with a credit card

Received your NOA? Here's how many miles you can earn from paying IRAS income tax in 2022, plus the applicable fees.

CardUp income tax promo: 1.75% fee for Visa payments

Use the code MLTAX22 to enjoy a 1.75% fee on income tax payments with CardUp and buy miles from 1.07 cents each.


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