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SingSaver Best Deal Guarantee: Highest offers and lowest premiums, or extra rewards

From now till 7 January 2024, SingSaver is promising the best deals for credit cards and insurance premiums- or rewarding you with at least 2X the difference, capped at S$300.

2023 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Insurance Premiums

It gets harder and harder every year to earn credit card rewards on insurance premiums. Here's the handful of options remaining.

How to generate a travel insurance certificate for the AMEX Platinum Charge

Planning to use your AMEX Platinum Charge's complimentary travel insurance? Here's how to get proof of coverage.

Which travel insurance policies covers miles and points bookings?

Most travel insurance policies explicitly exclude bookings made with frequent flyer miles and points, but there are a few exceptions.

Review: New Singapore Airlines x Allianz travel insurance policy

Singapore Airlines' travel insurance is now provided by Allianz, and it's every bit an improvement over the previous AIG policy.

Shangri-La launches complimentary “StaySurance” staycation insurance

From now till end 2021, Shangri-La is offering all Singapore guests up to US$50,000 of complimentary coverage for staycation-related mishaps.

HSBC offering up to S$50 cash rebate on recurring payments (including insurance)

Register now and earn up to S$50 cash rebates on recurring payments, including insurance and charitable donations.

Limited time: Earn up to SS$490 cashback with the OCBC 365 Card (including insurance premiums)

Earning credit card rewards for insurance is almost impossible- but for a limited time, the OCBC 365 is offering just that and more.


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