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Singapore Airlines' travel insurance is now provided by Allianz, and it's every bit an improvement over the previous AIG policy.

Singapore Airlines passengers have the option to purchase an exclusive travel insurance policy that provides coverage for overseas medical expenses (including COVID-19), accidents and travel inconveniences. 

This was previously called Travel Insurance by Travel Guard (underwritten by AIG). Singapore Airlines has now replaced this with a new policy called Travel Protect by Singapore Airlines (underwritten by Allianz).

Singapore Airlines Travel Insurance
Previous AIG PolicyNew Allianz Policy

Coverage is available to Singapore Airlines passengers who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore, or Singapore Pass Holders and/or Work Permit Holders and their dependents residing in Singapore. Journeys must commence in Singapore.

🌎 Starting elsewhere?
If you’re a Singapore Airlines passenger whose trip is commencing elsewhere, you may still be eligible to purchase insurance. Refer to this page for details. 

I’ve gone through the new Allianz policy, and the good news is it’s a significant improvement from the previous AIG one- not only does it offer more coverage, it’s also cheaper to boot. 

Allianz Travel Coverage

Travel Protect by Singapore Airlines (which for convenience I’ll just refer to as the “Allianz policy” from hereon) provides up to S$1 million of overseas medical coverage and S$500,000 of emergency medical evacuation coverage (both including COVID-19). 

The policy is available regardless of whether you bought your ticket with cash or redeemed miles. Coverage can be added either at the time of booking your itinerary, or subsequently via the Manage Booking function. 

Add-on screen during booking

If you don’t see the option to add insurance, you’ll need to contact customer service at [email protected] or call +65 6245 4059 (Mon-Fri 0930 to 1730 SGT). 

Under the Allianz policy wording, you’ll notice two columns: Comprehensive, and KrisFlyer Comprehensive. 

Simply put, if you’re a KrisFlyer member (of any tier) during the period of insurance, you’ll enjoy KrisFlyer Comprehensive coverage. This provides additional coverage for medical expenses, rental car excess, loss of personal documents and more, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t qualify for this. 

Comparison: Allianz vs AIG

Here’s a summary of how the new Allianz policy measures up to the previous AIG policy. Do note the following:

  • I’ve used Allianz KrisFlyer Comprehensive as the basis of comparison since it costs nothing to join KrisFlyer
  • AIG’s values have a range because coverage depends on where you’re travelling to. AIG splits the world into three zones: ASEAN, Asia and International. ASEAN has the lowest coverage, while International has the highest
  • AIG also has some supplementary coverage for KrisFlyer members, so I’ve included it where relevant
(KrisFlyer Comp.)
Overseas Medical Exp.S$1MS$250K-1M
COVID-19 Medical Exp.S$350K
COVID-19 Emergency Medical Evac.S$500K
Emergency Medical Evac.S$300K-500K
SG Medical Exp.S$10KS$10K-15K
Overseas Hospital IncomeS$200/day
Max. 50 days
Max. 50-150 days
Quarantine Allow.N/A
(claim under trip interruption)
Max. 14 days
Accidental DeathS$100KS$150K
Permanent DisablementS$200KS$150K-250K
Trip CancellationS$10KS$5K-7K
Trip InterruptionS$10KS$5K-7K
Personal BaggageS$5KS$3K-4K
Travel DelayReimburse: S$400/24h
(S$1.5K cap)
Allowance: S$50/3h
(S$1-1.2K cap)
Baggage DelayS$1,400S$200/6h
(S$1-1.2K cap)
Travel DocumentsS$650S$1K-2K
Personal MoneyS$650
Personal LiabilityS$1MS$1M
Rental Car ExcessS$750S$250-600
(KrisFlyer Comp.)
17 days UK S$124S$194
12 days ItalyS$96 S$149

There’s a lot of information in the table above, but what should immediately jump out is that Allianz not only offers more coverage in most areas, it’s also cheaper than AIG (unfortunately I don’t have historical AIG quotes for travel within Asia/ASEAN, so I can’t make that comparison).

Let’s look at some of the finer details below. 

COVID-19 medical expenses & emergency medical evacuation

AIG’s policy covers up to S$350,000 of COVID-19 medical expenses, but Allianz covers up to S$1 million. 

😷 Countries With Mandatory COVID-19 Travel Insurance Requirement
  • Fiji: Policy must cover COVID-19 medical treatment, no minimum specified
  • Indonesia: US$100,000 (~S$136,000)*
  • Malaysia: RM100,000 (~S$32,000)
  • South Korea: KRW30 million (~S$35,000)
  • Thailand: US$50,000 (~S$68,000)

Amount refers to minimum coverage for COVID-19 related medical expenses

*For foreigners travelling for tourism purposes to Bali, Batam and Tanjung Pinang

More importantly, under the AIG policy both COVID-19 medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation share the same cap (i.e. the maximum you can claim for COVID-19 medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation is S$350,000).

With Allianz, there is a separate cap for COVID-19 emergency medical evacuation of S$500,000. 

Chances are, if your situation is bad enough to warrant medical evacuation to Singapore, you’ve already racked up a sizeable overseas medical bill. You’ll want to ensure there’s enough left over to cover the repatriation. 

Quarantine allowance

If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 overseas and are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic, most countries won’t admit you to hospital. Instead, you’ll be issued with a quarantine order, which you’ll serve out in a hotel. 

AIG provides a quarantine allowance that varies depending on country (max. 14 consecutive days):

  • ASEAN: S$50 per day
  • Asia: S$100 per day
  • International: S$200 per day

Allianz doesn’t mention a quarantine allowance, but you can make a claim under the trip interruption section for:

Additional accommodation and transportation expenses if the interruption causes you to stay at your destination (or the location of the interruption) longer than originally planned. There is a per policy maximum of $150 per day for 14 days

Such coverage applies when :

You or a travelling companion is quarantined during your trip due to having been exposed to:
a. A contagious disease other than an epidemic or pandemic; or
b. An epidemic or pandemic (such as COVID-19), but only when the following conditions are met:
i. The quarantine is specific to you or a travelling companion, meaning that you or a travelling companion must be specifically and individually designated by name in an order or directive to be placed in quarantine due to an epidemic or pandemic; and
ii. The quarantine does not apply generally or broadly (a) to some segment or all of a population, geographical area, building, or vessel (including without limitation shelter-in-place, stay-at-home, safer-at-home, or other similar restriction), or (b) based on to, from, or through where the person is travelling. This condition (ii) applies even if the quarantine order or directive specifically designates you or a travelling companion by name to be quarantined.

tl;dr: if you get a quarantine order due to COVID-19, you can claim up to S$150 per day for 14 days. 

AIG would be more generous for travel outside of Asia and ASEAN, but otherwise Allianz is the superior option.

One-way trips

Given award space constraints, it’s not uncommon for miles collectors to book separate one-way tickets, even if their intention is to fly a round-trip.

While both policies cover one-way trips, AIG was much stricter in its wording. Cover for a one-way trip was limited to certain sections of the policy, commenced 3 hours before leaving Singapore, and ceased at the earlier of:

  • the expiry of the period specified in the insurance; or
  • your arrival at your first overseas destination

That made it highly impractical on its own. Most customers ended up having to write in to AIG and present 2x one-way tickets, in order to get quoted insurance on a round-trip basis. 

Allianz is much kinder with its treatment of one-way trips.

If your policy was purchased with a one-way booking, your coverage end date will be the  scheduled return date for your trip, as shown on your travel documents (not exceeding 30 days from the departure date shown on your travel documents). Additionally, your policy will end on the earliest of:

1.  At 23:59 on the day you cancel your policy; or
2. At 23:59 on the day you file a trip cancellation claim with us;
3. At 23:59 on the day you end your trip, if you end your trip early;
4. At 23:59 on the day you arrive at a medical facility for further care if you end your trip due to a medical reason; or
5. At 23:59 on the 180th day of the trip

Trip cancellation

In terms of trip cancellation, AIG covers a pre-departure COVID-19 diagnosis, plus the usual reasons like death or serious sickness, witness summons, and natural disasters affecting your destination. 

However, Allianz provides a much wider range of covered reasons (16 in total), including a COVID-19 diagnosis, a traffic accident on departure date, getting laid off from work, securing a new job, or having your travel documents stolen. 

However, note that neither policy covers trip cancellation resulting from border closures or additional quarantine requirements (so they wouldn’t cover the current situation with Italy, for example).

Coverage of airline miles

Not all travel insurance policies cover the loss of miles and points

Speaking of trip cancellation, AIG’s policy explicitly states that it will not cover the loss of air miles used to pay for the trip. 

We will not pay for any loss of expenses:

8) being compensation for any air miles or holiday points You used to pay for the Trip in part or in full.

On the other hand, Allianz’s policy is silent about this subject; the only line I can find that refers to air miles is this:

For loyalty program redeposit fee claims, we will need:

  • A proof of payment of the redeposit fee

I take it to mean they will cover such claims, insofar as they relate to the redeposit of airline miles. 

Here’s the thing though. There are only two scenarios where you could lose your KrisFlyer miles due to a cancelled trip:

  1. You booked a Spontaneous Escapes award, which is strictly non-refundable
  2. Your airline miles have already expired at the time of refund (remember: miles validity is different from ticket validity; if this concept confuses you, read this article)

(1) isn’t an issue right now, because Singapore Airlines has suspended Spontaneous Escapes. With regards to (2), Singapore Airlines has granted extensions to all KrisFlyer miles so the earliest any will expire is April 2022. 

In all other situations, you can pay a penalty fee to recover the miles used for your booking, as shown below. 

Redeposit feeUS$75US$50
No show fee
  • Economy: US$100
  • Premium Economy: US$200
  • Business: US$300
  • First: US$300

Even if you miss your flight (i.e. no show), the miles are still recoverable. For example, if you made a Business Saver reservation and missed your flight, you’d pay a US$300 no show fee, plus a US$75 fee to change your dates. 

Therefore it might not be all that important for travel insurance to cover miles at this juncture, since there’s no Spontaneous Escapes nor expiry. 


Unless I’m missing something, Singapore Airlines’ new Allianz travel insurance policy looks to be every bit an improvement over the previous AIG one. Travellers enjoy more generous coverage for a lower fee, and this will more than satisfy the requirements for countries with mandatory COVID-19 travel insurance requirements (e.g. South Korea, Thailand).

Anything else you spotted in the policies worth flagging?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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The definition of quarantine in this Allianz policy is so much more reasonable than some other insurers like Chubb. Allianz covers hotel. Chubb covers only government-appointed facilities which is useless in most of the destinations.


This Allianz insurance is new, so its actuarial computations are updated with the most recent data and environment (including where to quarantine). Others were launched earlier using older sets of assumptions and data. They can’t just change coverage anyhow. It’s unfortunate but there is a certain due process.


Hopefully they can change soon. I really liked using Chubb before the pandemic.


Hi Aaron. Thanks for following up on this! Do you know where I can find this in Chubb’s website or somewhere? I can’t find it in the policy wording, at least for the one with DBS. If I buy their insurance and make the claim, I can’t say “Aaron Wong from Milelion told me this”…=)



James Quek

Possible to overcome the IT constraint of Thailand Pass for this insurance?


Thanks Aaron. Good news for travellers!

Gaby Wijnen

So I guess the SIA complimentary travel insurance for PPS members has also been shifted from AIG to Allianz and will their policy conditions for this complimentary insurance be the same as mentioned above?


There is complimentary travel insurance for PPS? Oddly enough Google doesn’t seem to know that

Gaby Wijnen

I was initially not aware either, until SIA Netherlands informed me of that fact. I broke my wrist in 2019 while overseas. AIG complimentary travel insurance which is only applicable to PPS members if you fly on SIA covered all expenses incl quite a generous sum after my return to Singapore.


Hi Gaby, are you able to provide any link/reference to this policy which covers PPS members for any trips done on SIA flights?

Gaby Wijnen

It’s on the SIA PPS portal. It mentions coverage for Overseas Medical and Travel accident insurance. ” provided by AIG. You are covered for accidents and medical emergencies that happen whenever you are in another country”. Then it mentions worldwide emergency assistance underwritten by AXA assistance. Unfortunately can’t attach screenshots.

Gaby Wijnen

I just found out that this complimentary AIG travel insurance is only extended to Solitaire members and it is still underwritten by AIG.

K Debay

The other noteworthy difference is Allianz treats all Epidemics and Pandemics the same (not just covid 19) so whether you are infected with Covid, Ebola or a new Epidemic you receive the same coverage. Most insurers have only extended specific to Covid


I’m personally glad that SQ ditched AIG. Previously I had two one-way trips, called up AIG, they said I had to call SQ to “link” the two bookings first, then call AIG back to get their policy because it has to be tagged to only ONE booking reference. I said no, AIG should have a process to cater to two one-ways and not trouble the passenger to make multiple calls between AIG and SQ. Only then they said they can raise internally for an “exception approval” process. Plus their premium was 3X higher than the other insurer I eventually went… Read more »


One think to point out is SIA-Allianz quarantine allowance (under Trip Interruption) terms are more favourable to the traveler as it provides $150 allowance per day up to 14 days. Whereas the public highest tier platinum policy only provides $500 per day up to 5 days. This is a downer for anyone purchasing the public policy, unless you are certain you can be discharged within 5 days; but there is supposedly the 14 day ICA health declaration issue to contend with (but that’s another matter altogether). Allianz public policy wording Additional accommodation and transportation expenses if the interruption causes you… Read more »


hey thanks bent, this is useful info! I did not know I could claim the remaining 9 days accomodation under Travel Delay of $1500,SJ albeit very low coverage under the public Allianz policy.


I wonder if Allianz covers Flights in between the journey that are purchased separately (eg. Domestic flights / intra schengen flights). AIG does not cover that and it makes it difficult to justify if we arrange a big trip and it is impossible to combine the flight itinerary with SIA / * Alliance.


In today’s context, this does not seem to cover accommodation for a case where you cannot return to SG due to testing positive, and where the foreign country does not require you to go into isolation/quarantine.

robs it should cover under either of the following scenarios: Covered reasons: 1. You or a travelling companion becomes ill or injured, or develops a medical condition disabling enough to make you interrupt your trip (including being diagnosed with an epidemic or pandemic disease such as COVID-19). The following conditions apply: a. A doctor must either examine or consult with you or the travelling companion before you make a decision to interrupt the trip. b. You must not have travelled against your home country’s government advice or against local authority advice at your trip destination. 13. A travel carrier denies… Read more »

Jonathan Lim

Hi Aaron, I spoke to Allianz CSO and found a slight error regarding the article’s paragraph on Allianz’s coverage for one way ticket coverage. The policy will only cover 30 days from the departure date (of the first ticket), not up to 180 days. So for example, if my one way ticket to USA is on 1 March, the coverage ends on 1 April. This applies even if my holiday is longer than 30 days or if my hospitalization or quarantine stay is beyond 1 April. This is a significant risk that travellers must be aware of when purchasing via… Read more »

Jonathan Lim

Thank you Aaron for adding the whole excerpt!

From the way I interpret it, the 30 days limit is an additional limitation for one way ticket trips on top of point 1 to 5. So for my earlier example of 1st March, if I have another one way ticket back to Singapore on 15 April, my trip portion for April 2nd onward would not be covered by the allianz policy bought via sq booking website.


I read elsewhere that Bali does not require mandatory travel insurance – can you clarify or correct that please?



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