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Malaysia scraps all COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated travellers from 1 May

From 1 May, fully vaccinated travellers will not require any COVID testing regardless of origin, as Malaysia loosens COVID-19 restrictions.

Malaysia-Singapore land travel: SG Arrival Card scrapped for Singapore Residents and LTP Holders

From 15 April, Singapore Residents and LTP Holders can skip the SG Arrival Card when entering from the land border with Malaysia.

Complete Guide: Singapore – Malaysia land travel from 1 April

Planning to cross the causeway? Here's all you need to know about the Singapore-Malaysia land border reopening, from 1 April 2022.

Malaysia scraps travel insurance requirement for travellers from Singapore

From 1 April, fully vaccinated travellers from Singapore will not need to purchase travel insurance when entering Malaysia by air or land.

Complete Guide: Singapore – Malaysia quarantine-free air travel from 1 April

Singapore-Malaysia air travel will be simplified from 1 April, as the two countries reopen borders. Here's the procedure and special testing concessions.

Singapore-Malaysia land border to reopen without testing or quarantine, for all modes of travel

From 1 April, fully vaccinated travellers can take any mode of transport across the Singapore-Malaysia causeway, with no testing or quarantine.

Malaysia reopening borders on 1 April: Details and implications for VTL

From 1 April, Malaysia will reopen its borders to the world. Here's the details, and what it means for the VTL with Singapore.

Malaysia VTL: Daily post-arrival ART requirement scrapped from 3 March

From 3 March, Malaysia will scrap its daily COVID-19 ART regime for VTL (Air) and VTL (Land) arrivals, reducing the number of tests by 5.


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