Malaysia scraps all COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated travellers from 1 May

From 1 May, fully vaccinated travellers will not require any COVID testing regardless of origin, as Malaysia loosens COVID-19 restrictions.

One month after reopening its borders to the world, Malaysia will be scrapping all COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated travellers, effective 1 May 2022. 

This eliminates the need for a pre-departure PCR test and on-arrival supervised ART, which travellers from countries other than Singapore had to do. It also removes the need for Singapore travellers to take a pre-departure ART, a special concession carved out in recognition of the importance of cross-border travel. 

Malaysia will also be scrapping its outdoor mask requirement and ending check-ins via the MySejahtera app, mirroring measures taken in Singapore. 

✔️ Quarantine-Free Travel to Malaysia
(From 1 May 2022)
*Children aged 17 and under are exempt
MST Checklist

Malaysia scraps all COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated travellers

Regulations for Fully Vaccinated Travellers
 Until 30 AprFrom 1 May
From SGFrom ROWAll
Pre-Departure Test*PCR or sup. ART within 2 daysPCR within 2 days^N/A
On-Arrival Test*N/ASup. ART within 24hN/A
Travel InsuranceN/AUS$20KN/A
*Travellers aged 6 and below exempt
^Travellers who have recovered from COVID-19 within 6-60 days before departure may take a supervised ART instead, with adequate documentation

From 1 May 2022, Malaysia will no longer require fully vaccinated travellers (and unvaccinated children aged 12 and below) to take a pre-departure or on-arrival COVID-19 test.

However, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals aged 13 and above must continue to take a pre-departure PCR test within two days of departure, as well as a supervised ART within 24 hours of arrival. Those aged 18 and above will also serve a five day quarantine. 

In addition, Malaysia will scrap the requirement for travellers to purchase travel insurance with at least US$20,000 coverage for COVID-19 medical treatment. 

The only requirement will be to download the MySejahtera app (Android | iOS) and:

  • create an account (when registering, enter the Malaysia address you’ll be staying at)
  • complete the digital pre-departure form (aka Travellers Card) via the “Traveller” icon on MySejahtera

❓ Already Verified?
If you have previously verified your digital vaccination on the MySejahtera app (e.g. when you travelled on the VTL), you do not need to do it again

Impact for travellers from Singapore

While these are welcome changes, the impact will be less pronounced for travellers from Singapore, who already enjoyed special concessions such as the waiver of the on-arrival test and travel insurance requirement, as well as being able to take a pre-departure ART instead of a PCR test. 

Even so, the elimination of pre-departure testing scratches one more thing off the to-do list, and will save the average traveller around S$20 (the cost of an ART kit + tele-supervised swab).

It means that travel between Singapore and Malaysia will be entirely test-free, regardless of mode (it was previously test-free only for land travel). 

It also solves an annoying issue that many Singaporeans were facing with MySejahtera, which demanded an insurance certificate be submitted even though there was no such requirement for travellers from Singapore (some resorted to submitting a blank PDF, or getting it manually verified via the help desk).

Malaysia relaxing COVID-19 restrictions

Malaysia will relax other COVID-19 restrictions from 1 May 2022, as summarised below.

It’s pretty much similar to what Singapore has done: no more outdoor masking or physical distancing, and the scrapping of check-ins. 

In case you’re wondering about masking per se, here’s some more detailed guidelines.

Returning to Singapore from Malaysia

✔️ Quarantine-Free Travel to Singapore
#Children aged 12 and under exempt
ICA Checklist

Travel to Singapore has already reverted to pretty much pre-COVID days, with the scrapping of pre-departure testing and travel insurance requirements for fully vaccinated individuals.

Travellers will simply need to complete the SG Arrival Card and install TraceTogether (check-ins have ended, but it may still be required to show proof of vaccination status for dining-in). 


Malaysia will be loosening its COVID-19 restrictions from 1 May 2022, with all testing removed for fully vaccinated travellers. While Singaporeans already enjoyed special concessions on testing, they still benefit from the removal of the need to do a pre-departure ART (as well as enjoying mask-free air outside!).

This also harmonises the regulations between land travel and air travel (the only difference is that Singapore residents and LTP holders do not need to complete an SG Arrival Card when entering from the land border), which should hopefully remove some confusion. 

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James Quek

MySJ app is still quite troublesome, hopefully can be scrapped soon.


Very happy this afternoon as flying to KL on 1 May morning. First thing – cancel my Tele-ART :))



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