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Full details: AMEX Platinum Charge’s new S$1,204 statement credits

The AMEX Platinum Charge has launched its new dining, lifestyle, airline and entertainment credits- and if you ask me, they're a big yawn.

AMEX Platinum Charge removes published income requirement

The AMEX Platinum Charge removes its published income requirement, easing the application process for asset-rich, income-poor individuals.

Platinum Avenue by American Express: A pop-up for Platinum Charge & Centurion members

American Express' new pop-up lounge offers free refreshments and spend-and-redeem gifts, but a Platinum af'FAIR replacement it's not.

What’s Inside: 2022/23 AMEX Platinum Charge membership pack

Here's what to look out for in your latest AMEX Platinum Charge welcome or renewal pack, including which vouchers to keep and throw.

Nerfed: No more free AMEX Platinum Reserve for new Platinum Charge members

AMEX has ended its "one annual fee" policy, which means Platinum Charge members will need to pay $535 for the Platinum Reserve going forward.

American Express Platinum Charge: 2022 Year in Review

With travel restrictions lifted and things getting back to normal, how much value did I get out of my AMEX Platinum Charge over the past year?

AMEX Platinum Charge launches 175,000 MR points sign-up offer

From now till 31 October, apply for an AMEX Platinum Charge and get a 100,000 MR welcome gift, plus a 75,000 MR points sign-up bonus.

Review: American Express Platinum Credit Card

The AMEX Platinum Credit Card isn't a great choice for spending, though Love Dining and Chillax benefits can make it worth your while.


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