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UOB Payment Facility promotion: Buy miles from 1.7-1.9 cents each

Buy miles from 1.7-1.9 cents each with a UOB credit card via the UOB Payment Facility. Cheaper options exist, though.

Buy miles from 1.35 cents each with UOB PRVI Pay and SingLife

Got a UOB PRVI Pay offer in the mail? Take the 12-month payment plan and you could be buying miles at a very low price indeed.

UOB cuts PRVI Pay cost to 1.9 cents till end of 2019

UOB has cut the cost of PRVI Pay to 1.9 cents per mile, on par with other "no-questions-asked" facilities on the market.

UOB keeping PRVI Pay fee at 2% until end of 2019

UOB is keeping the cost of PRVI Pay at 2 cents per mile until the end of 2019, after supposedly hiking the fee in March this year.

UOB PRVI Pay cuts fee to 2% until 30 September 2019

Use your UOB PRVI Miles card to purchase as many miles as you want (subject to your credit limit) for 2 cents each until 30 Sept 2019.

Targeted: UOB PRVI Pay cuts cost of miles to 1.8 cents each

The cost of miles in Singapore keeps falling as UOB cuts the "no questions asked" price to 1.8 cents.

UOB increases cost of PRVI Pay facility to 2.1 cents per mile

PRVI Pay still allows you to buy all the miles your credit limit allows... but it'll cost you more.

Schrodinger’s miles: PRVI Miles Payment facility not dead

No change to how the UOB PRVI Miles Payment Facility will award miles.


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