Targeted: UOB PRVI Pay cuts cost of miles to 1.8 cents each

The cost of miles in Singapore keeps falling as UOB cuts the "no questions asked" price to 1.8 cents.

I’ve been meaning to write an updated post on my valuation of a mile, but it seems like every time I’m about to publish it, something new pops up. Whether it’s Citi launching Payall, SCB copying with EasyBill, UOB slashing the cost of miles on Visa Infinite cards, or CardUp reducing rental payment fees (with RentHero due to follow suit shortly), the cost of buying miles in Singapore keeps falling.

And it’s about to get even cheaper…

UOB cuts PRVI Pay cost to 1.8% for selected PRVI Miles cardholders

UOB PRVI Miles cardholders have access to a facility called UOB PRVI Pay, which basically lets them buy as many miles as they want* for a small admin fee, no questions asked.
*(technically it’s still subject to your credit limit, but there’s nothing stopping you from paying off your bill immediately and buying more)

Here’s a reminder of how PRVI Pay works:

When PRVI Pay first launched in July 2017, miles cost 2 cents each. In March 2019, UOB increased the cost to 2.1 cents. But in recent days, selected PRVI Miles cardholders have been receiving mails from UOB inviting them to use PRVI Pay for just 1.8 cents per mile.

Photo credit: Eustace from Telegram

That’s a 15% discount off the usual price, and certainly worth considering if you have travel plans in the near future. If you were targeted, you’ll need to submit your form by 31 July 2019. The full T&C of this promotion can be found here.

Remember that you technically earn UNI$, not miles, so you have the option to choose either KrisFlyer or Asia Miles.

How does this compare to other methods of buying miles?

It says something about the rate at which miles buying opportunities are proliferating in Singapore that this table gets longer all the time, but here goes…

MethodIncome RequiredCPM
DBS Insignia + RentHero$500K1.07
SCB Visa Infinite Tax Payment$150K1.14-1.6
HSBC Visa Infinite Tax Payment$120K1.2-1.5
HSBC Premier MC Tax PaymentAUM: $200K1.25
Citi ULTIMA + PayAll$500K1.25
HSBC Visa Infinite Welcome Gift$120K 1.39-1.86
SCB Visa Infinite + EasyBill$150K1.43-2.0
DBS Altitude + RentHero$30K1.43
Citi Prestige + PayAll$120K1.54
UOB PRVI Miles + CardUp (GET225)$30K1.57
Citi PremierMiles + PayAll$30K1.67
HSBC Visa Plat/Revolution Tax Payment $30K1.75
DBS Altitude/Citibank PremierMiles + CardUp (GET225)$30K1.83
OCBC VOYAGE Tax Payment$120K1.9
UOB Reserve VI Payment FacilityInvitation1.9
OCBC VOYAGE Payment Facility $120K1.9-1.95
Citibank PremierMiles, DBS Altitude, KrisFlyer UOB Card, OCBC 90N Annual Fee$30K1.93
UOB PRVI Pay Facility $30K2.0
UOB VI Metal Payment Facility $150K2.0
OCBC VOYAGE Annual Fee- Option 2$120K2.14
Citi Prestige Annual Fee$120K2.14
DBS Altitude Tax Payment $30K2.5
OCBC VOYAGE Annual Fee- Option 1$120K3.25


If you have specific bills to make like rent or income tax, you’ll want to consider options like:

all of which let you buy miles below 1.8 cents. However, if don’t have access to these options, or simply want to buy more miles than your NOA/rental bill will allow, then this is as cheap as it gets for someone at the $30K income level.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Happy Camper

UOB Reserve current Payment Facility promo is 1.7% AND it counts to $250,000 p.a. spend for 100,000 miles bonus..

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this would work out to 0.85 cpm..? 🤑

Happy Camper

“Absolutely”? No.. but that’s what RM said.. 😇


I am interested in this but was not targeted as I am a new cardholder for UOB PRVI (less than 1 month). I called the UOB hotline requesting to be eligible for this rate and the CSO informed me that I will receive a callback. Still waiting for the call. Anyone else had any luck in securing this promotion rate if you were not initially targeted?


Update – UOB did callback and granted the 1.8% rate on “goodwill” basis. They have emailed me the form for the promotion. Lesson learnt – It doesn’t hurt to ask 🙂


Does 1.8% fr UOB seem like the best deal now? my citi payall is 2% and dbs altitude is also 2% right?