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Where can vaccinated Singaporeans travel without quarantine?

From 1 April, Singapore reopens its borders to the world. Here's the places you can visit without quarantine, and some handy resources.

The SHN alternative: 14 days in Germany (or any other VTL country)

Singapore's updated border measures present fully-vaccinated travellers with an SHN alternative: 14 days of unrestricted living in Germany.

Singapore border updates: Max. SHN cut to 10 days; travel history period shortened, USA & UK upgraded and more

Major updates to Singapore's border measures are coming from 7 Oct: shorter SHNs, shorter travel history periods and more Cat II/III countries.

5 things to know about Singapore’s new border restriction categories

Singapore is introducing four border restriction categories from 21 August 2021. Here's how it affects you.

Analysis: Singapore to ease SHN for eight countries including Canada, South Korea and Switzerland

Fully-vaccinated travellers from 8 countries can soon serve their SHN at home- not the full lifting we were hoping for, but a good start.

Singapore cuts SHN duration to 14 days for travellers from higher-risk areas

From 24 June 2021, the SHN duration will be reduced from 21 to 14 days, which will likely see more hotels reopening for staycations as well.

Which hotels have reverted to SHN-only facilities?

Due to a 50% increase in demand for SHN capacity, some hotels have temporarily stopped taking staycation guests. Here's the ones we know of.

Updated: Need a place to serve your SHN? These hotels are offering deep discount rates

Those who need to serve their SHNs at a hotel can get rooms starting from just S$90 nett per night, with meal plans and discounted laundry also available.


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