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What is your best option for data roaming?

Examining the offers that Singtel, Starhub and M1 have for data roaming.

Update on US SIM card availability

Hello everyone!Thanks to some intrepid travellers (who braved getting pulled aside for additional screening for carrying copious amounts of prepaid SIMs through security) we are now back in stock of US sim cards.Please refer to the updated article here for more details, especially on the new Lyca Mobile SIMs. All...

If you must roam, get some miles out of it

So first and foremost, unless your company is paying for it, there's no reason why you should ever use roaming. Until we have an EU type agreement which abolishes the ridiculous fees we now pay on roaming, you're much better off finding a wifi hotspot or getting a local...

Get a French sim card delivered to you in Singapore, for free

We needed sim cards for France, but from reading online it appeared that most outlets at the airport would charge you 5 euros just for a 0 balance sim card. Which is ridiculous.Fortunately, I found Lebara, which offers a very reasonably package of 14.99 Euros for 10 hours of...

Get UK sim cards mailed to you for free

EDIT (20/6/16): Multiple other options exist to get Giffgaff SIMs for free apart from the one I mentioned in this article https://www.facebook.com/Giffgaff-in-Singapore-570433863009162/ http://sgfree-giffgaff.blogspot.sg/ [email protected] [email protected] problem with sim cards is that the time you need them the most is the time you can't get them yet. Like when you first...

Get cheap calling and data when travelling the USA

The Idea For trips to the US, Simple Mobile and H20 wireless offer you the best value unlimited everything (even international calling) plans for US$40-50 Buy the sim cards from Amazon for about 1 cent apiece and have them shipped to your hotel Buy the top ups from CallingMart, register...


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