Update on US SIM card availability

Hello everyone!

Thanks to some intrepid travellers (who braved getting pulled aside for additional screening for carrying copious amounts of prepaid SIMs through security) we are now back in stock of US sim cards.

Please refer to the updated article here for more details, especially on the new Lyca Mobile SIMs. All SIM requests should go through the Google Forms link here.

Remember that you can get free UK sim cards here, and free French sim cards here.

For those of you who have reached out to me already, please resubmit your requests through the Google Forms link, it makes things so much neater for me. Many thanks!


Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Why and how do u have so many cards to giveaway ? ? Not complaining. Just curious !


Welcome back!


I use StarHub Happy Roam (through their prepaid SIM). Basically roam in SG, AUS, US, UK, HK, Malaysia, Indo, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, China for the costs of local SG prepaid data rates.
Prepaid data rates are 1GB for $5 (3d) or $7 (7d), or 30 days with 1.2GB ($10), 2.4GB ($15).

Obviously has a specific use – i.e. only provides roaming mobile data at 3G rates. Local SIMs will provide faster speeds and local calls/texts but from what I remember from living there a few years back US SIM rates were not cheap by Asian standards.


Hi Aaron,

I picked up a number of LycaMobile and H2O SIM Cards too. (I think about 5 to 10 each, need to check again). Any way I can help? Or do you have way more than enough at the moment?


Hi Aaron,

Sure, drop me an address and I’ll mail it over to you.



Hi Aaron,

I haven’t received any address/email from you, do drop me a note :)!




I’ve filled up the form but did not hear from you yet.



hello, is this Lyca mobile card the same as the one Changi Recommends is selling? They are selling with a bundle at $34 / $49 each.
Also the details page link (https://milelion.com/other-useful-stuff/free-us-sim-cards/) got a 404 message.