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StanChart Visa Infinite offering S$300 cashback on tax payment facility

Till 30 June 2024, earn a 100% rebate of the admin fee for StanChart's Income Tax Payment Facility, capped at S$300- but only if you're in the first 50 per month!

CardUp offering 1.75% fee for income tax payments with Visa, buy miles from 1.07 cents

Use MLTAX24 to pay income tax via CardUp and Visa with a 1.75% fee, valid for one-off or recurring payments scheduled by 31 August 2024.

CardUp offering 1.75% fee for Visa and Mastercard income tax payments

Pay your income tax with CardUp and enjoy a discounted admin fee of 1.75% for payments scheduled by 26 December 2021.

2020 Edition: How to earn miles when paying Singapore income tax

The bad news: your taxes are due. The good news: this could be a great chance to buy some miles.

SCB launches EasyBill for tax, rental, education and insurance: buy miles from 1.43 cents

SCB introduces its response to Citi PayAll- pay a 2% fee and earn up to 1.4 mpd on the SCB Visa Infinite.

Extended till 30 Jun: CardUp 1.99% income tax payment promotion; buy miles from 1.22 cents

Milelion readers can enjoy a discounted rate of 1.99% on their tax payments up till 30 June.

OCBC VOYAGE launches payment facility: buy VOYAGE miles from 1.9 cents each

The new "pay anything" facility allows you to buy VOYAGE miles from 1.9 to 1.95 cents each, subject to a minimum request of 10,000 miles.

2019 Edition: How do I pay my taxes with a credit card?

Want to earn miles on your taxes? Here are your options.