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DBS Altitude Visa 8,000 mile sign up bonus


Although it’s nowhere as good as the old spend $800 get 12,000 miles offer, this revised sign up promotion for the DBS Altitude Visa sure beats the previous iteration (which only gave 5,000 miles with $800 spending and required you to be among the first 500 applicants each month (I’d like to humbly point out in that article I said you should wait for a better sign up offer to come out around the Christmas period. Called it!))

If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a DBS Altitude Visa sign up, now is as good a time as any. The T&Cs state that you need to

  • Sign up online and get approved between 1 Jan and 31 March (this is an important point- there are some people who filled out a form online, then got contacted by DBS customer service via the phone to finish their registration, then reported not receiving the bonus because they were counted as phone sign-ups rather than online. So use your ibanking with DBS to sign up if you already have it, and if you don’t, be sure to clarify with the person on the phone this still counts as an online registration!)
  • Spend a minimum of $500 per month for the 2 months from the date of card approval (you can’t spend $800 in one month and $200 in another, for example, each month must be min of $500)

EDIT: now $1,000 per month for 2 months

If you fulfill the criteria above, you get 4,000 DBS points or 8,000 miles. If it’s been more than 6 months since you cancelled your DBS Altitude Visa, you are eligible to take part in this promotion.

Sign up here

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Dear people
I got a question here. I already own the above card and am earning KF points through it. If my wife were to apply for another card under her own DBS account, can she specify to use my KF number so that the KF points she earns with her card will go to me?

unfortunately… no. iirc krisflyer will call you and ask why the credit card name and kf account name don’t match.. so no go there, mate!m, unfortunately.

Thanks Dex!
I thought so too. The banks won’t be so dumb. 😉

Sadly they changed this to min $1000 spent in each of the first 2 months

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under the current promo T&C (ending June 2016), it states that:
2. To qualify for this Promotion (“Qualified Cardmembers”), customers must:
a) be new to DBS/POSB Credit Cards;

Does this mean that if i already have an existing DBS credit card holder (e.g. if i have the DBS Women’s World card), I cannot qualify for the bonus miles?

Has anyone tried and tested this?

you can qualify. i have tried.