DBS Altitude Visa sign up bonus cut to 5,000 miles, has other conditions too…

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Well, in a classic case of why we can’t have nice things, the DBS Altitude Visa’s sign up bonus has been cut to 5,000 miles with $800 spend within 30 days of signing up, provided you’re among the first 500 applicants each month.

I always hate these limited availability promotions- you have no way of knowing ex-ante if you’re among the first 500 applicants and that puts you in a pickle debating whether or not to put $800 on the card. I am hoping that you will be able to call customer service and confirm that you are on the special list before making that spend.

And this promotion, when compared to the previous iteration, is decidedly anemic. Previously, all you had to do was sign up and spend $800 within 30 days and you’d get 12,000 miles. None of this first 500 applicants each month crap.

But anyway, if you didn’t pull the trigger then this is better than nothing. Should you wait for a better sign up offer? Possibly. Given how DBS has fallen behind UOB in the miles card war, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a new offer just around the Christmas shopping period.

I’m also hearing strong rumours that OCBC will relaunch its Titanium card (or launch a new card) with a stronger miles earning ratio, although given OCBC’s history dabbling with miles cards, I’m not holding my breath.

These 2 reasons make me believe that if you can wait a bit more, a better offer may come around soon

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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[…] get 12,000 miles offer, this revised sign up promotion for the DBS Altitude Visa sure beats the previous iteration (which only gave 5,000 miles with $800 spending and required you to be among the first 500 […]



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