Mileslife offering 520 mile bonus for NDP

520 miles to celebrate the nation's 52nd birthday

To mark Singapore’s 52nd Birthday, Mileslife is offering a 520 mile bonus on your dining spend with a minimum spend of $52. This is in addition to the base miles you earn plus miles from the ongoing booster (a booster is a challenge to complete a certain series of tasks by a certain date- here’s the current one below)

No registration is required and the last day of the promotion is (of course) 9 August, so be sure to act fast if you want to get in on this.

I’m glad to see that Mileslife is progressively expanding the number of restaurants they partner with. The latest count is 60 if I’m not wrong, so here’s hoping that continues to expand.

If you’ve not already signed up for Mileslife, you can do so here and get a 1,000 mile bonus with your first spend of $39 (I earn a referral bonus too).

EDIT: Have been informed that you now need to spend a minimum of $49 to earn the first spend bonus. This applies to those who sign up post 1 Aug. If you signed up before 1 Aug, your threshold is still $39.

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Will UOB PPV net 4mpd for this app ?

I believe not, as you’re paying through the Mileslife app and not via contactless payment.

10X UNI$^ (or 4 Miles) on online shopping and entertainment.

Not sure if mileslife falls under the category

It doesn’t. Read the previous articles on Mileslife by Milelion.

Hey Aaron, know anything about the mile life banner that says 2x krisflyermiles if u use a Krisflyer branded credit card ? There’s also a notification saying up to 10/ miles a dollar spend. Not sure how u can get that even with the 1 dollar :3 miles outlets and the miles challenge accelerator.
P/s does the Michelin ramen taste that awesome?

besides dining, there are other products offers 1:5, which will be bump to 10