Mileslife launches in Singapore, offers up to 9 mpd on dining for limited time

Earn bonus miles on all your restaurant dining.

[the following is not a sponsored post, however I earn a miles referral bonus for every person who signs up using my link]

The demise of the dining card has caused much despair among food-loving miles chasers in Singapore. The HSBC Advance (as we know it) will cease to be from 31st May and the UOB PP Amex continues to play a game of cat and mouse with most applicants, as does the Citi Clear Platinum.

Fortunately, there’s a solution at hand. A few months ago I attended a beta testing event for Mileslife and met its founder, Troy (one of the original members of BoardingArea).

Troy told me more about Mileslife, a payment platform that lets you earn additional miles on top of your credit card, all for no additional cost. Read on for a special sign up offer for Milelion readers.

How does it work?

How it works is simple-  you dine at a Mileslife-eligible restaurant and when the time comes to pay, tell them you want to pay through the Mileslife app. You’ll then earn miles not just from your credit card, but the Mileslife platform too. There’s no additional cost for paying through the Mileslife app.

So in the example above, if I use my DBS Altitude credit card and spend S$40 in total, I will earn S$40 *3 miles= 120 miles from the Mileslife app + S$40* 1.2 miles= 48 miles from my DBS Altitude card for a total of 168 miles (from now till 20th June you earn 3X the miles from Mileslife, so you’ll get 40*9 + 48= 408 miles total- see below). 

Who can I transfer my miles to?

Although Mileslife lets you earn your garden variety SQ miles, what’s interesting to me is that you can start building a base with other loyalty programs. There are a total of 12 different loyalty programs you can choose to earn with.

That’s a very extensive list, and mileage crediting takes place within 3-5 business days. No conversion fee applies.

Here’s how it looks like in your Krisflyer account (I got 5,000 miles for being part of the beta testing event that happened back in April)

Mileslife Launch Offers

As part of the Singapore launch, Mileslife is running a series of bonus miles promotions that I’d like to share with you-

Sign up bonus for Milelion readers

The regular signup bonus for Mileslife is 1,000 miles after a spend of S$39. However, if you use the referral code MILELION, you’ll earn 50% more miles, or 1,500 miles after a S$39 spend.

If you sign up using this link, you won’t need to enter any code– the bonus will be automatically credited to your account!

Triple miles on all restaurants till 20 June

From now till 20th June, Mileslife is offering a dining promotion where restaurants award 3X the regular miles. You can see the base earning rates in the spreadsheet below. So if a restaurant here says S$1= 3 miles, it gets S$1=9 miles from now till 20th June.

EDIT: There are some delays in the rollout, so you should refer to the Mileslife app for the latest list of available restaurants before deciding where to dine. Have removed the list temporarily to avoid confusion

100 miles for linking your FFP account

This one is easy- simply link your FFP account to Mileslife and you get 100 bonus miles. Remember that Mileslife automatically credits your miles to your FFP, so no conversion fees apply.

Things to note

I’ve been told by Mileslife that payments through the app will be coded as online transactions for professional services. This means you will not earn any 10X bonuses with cards like the DBS Woman’s World card. You should therefore use your general spending card with Mileslife, and not count on earning 10X online spending bonuses, at least not just yet. 

I’ve also been told that although the app prices in SGD, the backend sees this as a foreign transaction, so you may incur foreign transaction fees and/or DCC fees, depending on your bank. Fortunately this is only temporary- Mileslife is working to get processed as a local merchant, and when that’s done the problem should go away.

Finally, if you use Mileslife to pay, you will not be able to use the restaurant’s own loyalty program. This is mainly a Crystal Jade issue- if you use Mileslife, you can’t earn Crystal Jadeite points. 

All things considered though, I think this is a great opportunity for those of you who don’t have a dining card to earn closer to the 4 mpd mark on dining. Even if you have a dining card, there’s the potential to earn beyond 4 mpd with the promotions that Mileslife runs. I would imagine that as the restaurant list expands and new partners are signed up, you’ll be seeing some restaurants offering limited time promotions to drive business.

Mileslife will eventually expand in Singapore to offer miles on spa trips, theme park tickets and other recreational activities.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Signed up! Thanks for the lobang!




It might be a good thing to count as a foreign transaction (and if there are no DCC charges) as the miles earned may be higher than local transactions.


Does it means that if we use a good overseas spending 4 mpd card (UOB Visa Signature), we could get 9 + 4 mpd?






So citi pm best bid? 1.2 miles /$


so its yes or no?


No DCC, just Foriegn


Thanks, just signed up using your, link.


Signed up using the link, thanks!

Just a quick question, do we top up credits prior to paying bills or it will charge exact amount to the card upon bill payments?


I also don’t see Crystal Jade or some of the other restaurants in your above spreadsheet in the app.


it is alive now


Charge exact amount to your credit card, no top up


Can we change ffp after we set up the account? Or we can only have 1 ffp..and switching ffp = setting up another acct?


you can change anytime you want. Everything is for consumers hah


I wonder what’s in it for the company and the participating restaurants. There’s no additional cost for the consumers (ie. us) but someone’s gotta pay for the miles in the end.


Increased patronage… Miles chaser may now choose to go crystal Jade over paradise group for eg.


I can’t enter an Amex CC. Is this limited to Visa/MC?


Hi, JK,

for now yes, soon, we take JCB too


This means you will not earn any 10X bonuses with cards like the DBS Woman’s World card.

Why can’t it get 10X miles? If it’s online transaction is should be 10X.

No exclusion for professional services for Wwmc right?


Oh yes..U are right !

Exclude professional services in tncs



Hopefully the cross border fee 0.8% or 1% surcharge sometimes and the coding for online transactions can be changed soon!


I am working on it.


On the credit card statement we will see it as a miles life charge?


Hi, Jason, so does your FFP account


Hi, Jason, yes, it will show mileslife charge on CC and in your FFP statement


Thanks for lobang… signed up with your link


Meh. Though the app was proudly advertised at the front counter, Goldleaf Taiwan restaurant had not started using the app when I paid for lunch 15mins ago. Plenty of apologetic looks. Not sure when they will or whether they were even trained. For a limited launch, this does not augur well. Caveat emptor.


Hi, Jian,

The place was trained, but due to other reason, they did not live on Mileslife App, which is different than the list I gave to Aaron. Please drop a email at, I will sort it out for you

Thank you


Thanks Troy, will do.


hi, you state that “Mileslife automatically credits your miles to your FFP, so no conversion fees apply”

so the expiry of the miles will follow the FFP account?


regular FFP expiration just like earned from conbrand credit card


3 miles ones are all at Sentosa 🙁
Anyone tried CJ already and which outlet?


Also one in Vivo city and marina bay. cJ is 2, means 6 now

[…] Mileslife has launched in Singapore with strong points earning. It’s cool to see them grow beyond the Chinese market, since they were founded by a former BoardingArea blogger and probably the best person I’ve ever known as redeeming SkyMiles. […]


Hi Aaron

UOb PRVI miles not entitled to reward points via mileslife? Any idea?


Thanks dude. I’m a huge fan of yours… just gave u a few hundred miles for ur effort 😉

Jonathan Lim

Hi Troy,

Any plans to integrate Apple Pay functionality into the Payments section of the app so users dont need to provide their card details?


working on it one by one.

Selena Ho

Hi! How do i get the voucher for the 3x miles for singapore pre-launch? Or is it automatically given when i use the app? Thanks!


Trying at Crystal Jade Ngee Ann City Level 4 and staff does not seem to be sure of the app usage.


Just an update, things work out fine at Crystal Jade Ngee Ann City. I happened to double-pay the amount but someone from MileLife called back and sorted things out.


Hi Troy… how Long will it take for the miles credited to mileslife to be credited to our FF account? is it automatic?


Automatically, between 3-5 business days


Can I check for hotel offers are the price listed in SGD or US$?


us, will change to SgD soon


Signed up using the link. Thanks.
Can’t find CJ @ Holland V though


Just a PSA, went to Le Garden Seafood restaurant at Chinatown earlier today for lunch, hoping to take advantage of the $1=3 miles rate offered by the restaurant (+ the 3X miles pre launch). Spent $233 for 4 pax. Turned out that not only did the staff not allow us to use the app for payment (citing that there were issues with the network), they did not even allow me to use my Citi Premiermiles Visa card! (same reason given.. issues with network) Ended up paying with NETS… 233*9 + 233*1.2 = 2376 miles down the drain just like that…… Read more »


I was there for lunch today too and faced the same issue. The staff said they would try to credit the miles to me later. They took down by phone number and said they would update me. I’m skeptical about whether I’ll actually receive the miles. Kind of disappointed that my first time trying this app was a failure.


Thanks for pointing this out sk+jun. I will reach out to Troy and see if there’s anything he can do


Shot me an email, I will credit miles. It happens when new platform releases. Sorry


Hi jun,

Same as SK, sent me an email


dropped you an e-mail! Thanks for looking into this, much appreciated


@Jun @Sk they just called us that they are indeed having network issue. What Jun mentioned is right, not just mileslife, any payment using network is not working today. We will credit the miles manually


Thanks Troy! Just saw the miles in my account today!


good marketing on Mileslife but more important is the product and ease of use. will try out at Le Garden Marina Square outlet tomorrow. Cheers.


Had a nice dinner at Le Garden Marina Square and spent about $230. The Mileslife miles were credited via the app and the transaction verified ok by the merchant. 3x for the pre-launch promotion is really substantial, and. It forgetting the bonus 1500 miles upon signup. In all took in more than 3600 miles, excluding the ones from the credit card. Thanks!


Thanks! Join as well!


Trying to add a card nw. In the wallet, what is meant by card nickname? Thanks


Mileslife informed it refers to Name written on your Card.


How do you pay via the app? Do you have to go to the cashier?

Jonathan Lim

Hi Troy, I tried the app at crystal jade plaza singapura today, the entire transaction took too long and caused annoyance to the queue behind me. It’s mostly due to the process of having me (not the staff) key in the eligible and non eligible amount and then show it once to the staff. Then she had to log into mileslife on their end to see the transaction and then insist on matching the transaction number on both devices. To speed the process up, I suggest having a QR code for client app to read and auto fill in transaction… Read more »


bonus miles should be in the account together with base. As for user flow, we will shorten the process in the future, which user can scan QR, Also, the app is too new for merchant too, they have alert and all, should not taking that long, they are just still working on getting use to it.


Hi Troy

I signed up last Thursday. Already 6 business days and miles still not yet transferred from the mileslife account to krisflyer account. Is this normal?


I signed up too! The list of restaurants/offering is a tad short though, hope to see new add-ons soon!




Has anyone sign up and bind ur FFP but the 100 miles did not get credited?


did you provide correct number? There are people with incorrect number and get rejected


If you add the FFP number for the free 100 miles, you are no longer entitled to the sign up bonus (through milelion) of 1500 miles upon $39 spend?


You are entitle both


What happens if I paid to the wrong CJ? Is there anyway of getting the erroneous payment void?


we will refund


We will refund the wrong one


Hi Troy, have the MCC for mileslife changed?

Thank you.


Tried it out yesterday at serenity @ vivocity. I was prepared for some hiccups when settling the bill, but it was surprisingly smooth. The cashier was aware of mileslife, and on my side it was as simple as entering the bill total and my credit card details. Took about a minute for the transaction to be registered on the restaurant’s side. The number of miles was instantly computed on the app, and when I checked the next day miles were already credited to my FFP account. Talk about efficient! Now all they have to do is expand the number of… Read more »


hi, when will the backend start billing in SGD so we wont incur foreign transaction fees and/or DCC fees?


I had linked my krisflyer number into Mileslife, but I cannot figure out how to get these points in the MILES app itself when I booked my flight on SQ online immediately. Can you help ?


Remember to pay with DBS card if have, got +50% bonus airmiles promo till the end of this year 🙂

New signups get free 1000 miles also using this promo code: FIRST1000