Can you register for ANZ’s new 5.6 miles per $1 promotion?

I read over on The Shutterwhale that there is an ongoing promotion for the ANZ Travel Visa Signature card offering up to 5.6 miles per $1 until 30 Sept.

To summarize the promotion

  • Register via SMS by sending MORE to 77288
  • Spend a minimum of $500 from now till 30 Sept
  • Get a bonus of 2.8 miles per $1 on your spending, yielding an equivalent of (2.8+1.4)=4.2 miles per $1 on local spending and (2.8+2.8)=5.6 miles per $1 on spending in AUD/NZD

The maximum bonus miles that can be earned is 4,100. This means the promotion is maxed out at $1,464 of spend, which could yield 6,150 miles if you spend locally, and 8,200 miles if you spend in AUD/NZD.

Now here’s the thing. I didn’t get the original SMS to sign up for this promotion. Yet, just for the heck of it I followed the instructions and registered, and got this confirmation-


Does that mean it will work? Some people on HWZ seem to suggest yes.


I’m a bit less optimistic because of the T&C which can be found here.

In any case, I called up ANZ to check if they could see my registration but they can’t see from their side who has successfully registered and who hasn’t. Even assuming my registration went through successfully, Clause 4 implies that they can retroactively go through accounts after the promotion and weed out those who weren’t targeted.

Because I opt out of marketing communications by default, I’m not even sure if I was targeted or not. So here’s my take- the ANZ Travel Card is a good general spending card at 1.4 miles per $1. The idea of being able to earn 4.2 miles per $1 for my first $1,464 of spend is good enough that I’m perfectly fine diverting my general spend to this card for the next month. Even if I don’t get anything in the end, I’ll still earn 1.4 miles for that spend which is what I’d have earned if I put it on PRVI. I’m definitely not going to divert online/other specialised spend away from their pre-defined cards,

Remember that ANZ has a minimum miles cashout of 5,000 miles for SQ. Factor this into your equation if you don’t want to end up with orphan miles.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Just called ANZ and had a fight with the CSO. I am excluded from this promotion, reason unknown. Requested to be part of it, CANNOT. I am feeling pissed…


Hello Aaron, the sms works. However, I won’t be taking advantage of this promo as the CSO said she confirmed and checked with my IC number that I am not included in the invited list. So, not taking risk. Thanks anyway for the heads up.


I received the SMS and successfully registered the activity.. just spend 990 on air tickets for 3 ppl, I am now waiting for the miles credited to my account. 🙂


Hello Jasper, are you an active ANZ user? Majority of my expenditure is on ANZ Travel card and I never receive any promotional SMS for additional miles…wondering what their target audience is


After pestering anz for the past 3 days, they have decided to do a one time exception to include me for this promotion. So YEAH. However, I will receive the bonus points within 3 months after the promotion ends, well I won’t complaint since they said they need to manually input the bonus points into my account 🙂


Just got off a call with an ANZ CS manager, and I am completely pissed with their service. Not only they excluded me from the promotion, they also would not tell me how to become a targeted customer for promotions. They obviously only target non-users and completely ignore loyal customers (the majority of my expenditures is on ANZ card as I have a lot of transactions in AUD). I think the only way to show my anger is to permanently ditch the card.