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DBS announces points conversion, mapping for ANZ credit cards

ANZ Travel Visa Signatures map onto DBS Altitude.

ANZ points to be converted to DBS points

And thus ends ANZ's personal banking operations in Singapore.

Support The Milelion when you sign up for credit cards

And it doesn't cost you anything.

ANZ (sort of) brings back limo service on its Travel card

The future of ANZ's retail banking operations in Singapore is still up in the air after their recent sale to DBS. Currently, it is still unclear what DBS will do. Will they leave everything intact and operate ANZ as a separate unit? Will they absorb ANZ entirely? And what...

What does ANZ’s exit from retail banking mean for its credit cards?

It just came out in the news today that DBS is intending to acquire ANZ's wealth and retail banking assets in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Indonesia. ANZ intends to focus more on institutional banking within Asia going forward.If ANZ does exit the retail banking space, it does raise...

Can you register for ANZ’s new 5.6 miles per $1 promotion?

I read over on The Shutterwhale that there is an ongoing promotion for the ANZ Travel Visa Signature card offering up to 5.6 miles per $1 until 30 Sept.To summarize the promotion Register via SMS by sending MORE to 77288 Spend a minimum of $500 from now till 30...

Which credit card has the best airport limo option?

Banks know that holders of miles earning or other premium credit cards value the option of complimentary airport transfers.The majority of these cards will offer you airport dropoff, not pickup I wondered for the longest time why they didn't let you choose between one or the other before realising...


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