Act quickly- free Leaders Club Hotel Membership

Free hotel elite status...if you act quickly

Edit: Link is dead. Hope everyone acted quickly!

Diners Club is offering a complimentary year of Leaders Club base tier membership to anyone who clicks on this link. Technically, you’re supposed to enter your email ID and see if you’re eligible, but from what I read anyone can take advantage of this offer.

I entered my email and saw this

It was then a simple matter of filling out a form and before long I was good to go.

The status I got was valid till Feb 2018

The Leaders Club is not a chain as such, but rather the loyalty program of a group of independent hotels called the Leading Hotels of the World. To give you an idea of what type of hotels fall under this category, here’s two from Singapore

The price range suggests I’m probably not going to be staying at these any time in the future. That said, the base level of Leaders Club usually costs US$150 and includes benefits such as

  • One free night with every five stays
  • Complimentary Continental Breakfast for two each day of your stay
  • One category room upgrade, where available
  • Complimentary Internet access
  • Late Check-Out and Early Check-In on availability
  • A welcome gift when you stay
  • Sixt Platinum Status

Obviously, none of these are life changing benefits, but when you consider the fact that you’re basically getting mid-tier hotel elite status benefits for free, why not?

Once you’re a member you can access the member’s area where you’ll see special offers including this one with Sixt. You can get Sixt Platinum status for free, which entitles you to up to 15% discounts on car rentals, access to the VIP lane and an upgrade to the next highest car category.

I’m already a Sixt Platinum member through a status match, and have found it pretty useful in getting upgrades. I’ve rented with Sixt twice, in London and Koh Samui. In London the regular compact I booked was upgraded to a Volvo XC60 with GPS and all the bells and whistles, and in Koh Samui I was upgraded to a Camry.

The other exciting thing about free rental car status is you can try status matching it to Avis or Hertz, giving you a wider range of options when you book a car.

It’s quite likely the link will get taken down once the full force of the interwebs finds out about it, so sign up while you can.

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Done! Thanks!


There’s a USD150 credit for Luggage Free services. Anyone tried it before?


Tried to get a quote for a shipment on the website. But there is no option to mention that you are using the credit


Might be good when we travel and need some “excess baggage” for all that shopping hehe


The link has already been taken down.


If you stay for 4 consecutive nights it is considered only one stay? If that is the case isn’t it a bit hard to Hit 5 stays given you cannot use a singapore hotel for this (at least not cheaply anyway)


Managed to get it yesterday upon reading Milelion, thanks Aaron!


Got it, thanks!


Thanks Aaron…I got it.

Louis Tan

Got an email today – seems they’re retroactively killing memberships for those who’ve signed up using that link.

Can’t say I’m particularly upset – it didn’t seem like something I’d use anyway, based on the portfolio available. Plus it was contributing significantly to the amount of email adverts received…


Easy come, easy go…

“It has come to our attention that you recently obtained a membership in our Leaders Club program through an offer that was intended for a special population. As you were not a legitimate recipient of this offer and accessed it through unintended means, your Leaders Club membership has been terminated as of 01 March 2017.”


I do feel like I have been told off by teacher.

I didn’t have any plans to use it, but a more enlightened comms plan would have apologised to me, the customer, for wasting my time and perhaps extended membership for a short trial.



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