AMEX Krisflyer cobrand cards offering up to 5.3 mpd on Android, Samsung and Apple Pay

Capped at $300 spend per registered card, promotion valid till 31 March 2018.

[Edit: An earlier version of this post referred to the promotion as targeted because a lot of people were reporting unsuccessful sign ups. It has since been clarified that there was a website glitch preventing people from registering successfully. This appears to have been resolved. Thanks Gideon]

If you hold an AMEX Krisflyer cobrand card you might be interested to know that there’s a new promotion that gets you an additional 4 mpd on mobile payments (Android, Samsung and Apple Pay) up to a limit of $300 spending per card.

You can register for the offer here. Registration is limited to the first 30,000 cards (one person can register multiple cards) and the promotion is valid till 31 March 2018.

The 4 bonus mpd is in addition to the base earning rate that your card has. So, in other words, here’s what you earn for the first $300 of spending per card:

The maximum bonus you can earn per card is 1,200 miles (i.e. $300 * 4 mpd). This bonus is on top of the base miles earned. If you hold multiple cobrand cards, you can register all of them and enjoy the $300 cap on a per card basis.

If you already own a cobrand card, this is certainly something you should register for. However, if you don’t currently own one, I’d encourage you not to sign up just for the purpose of taking advantage of this promotion. Remember that AMEX has historically offered up to 10,000 miles as a joining gift for its cobrand cards, and you’d be much better waiting for a similar offer to come around.

(HT: Jason)

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Strange I tried to register for my blue KF card but it says ‘Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, this Card is not eligible for this promotion. Please visit for other great offers.’
Not sure if i’m a new cardholder, gotten the card 1-2 months ago.



I just registered and have managed to get through. My card is also 1-2 months old. Maybe, give Amex a call?


Having the same issue when trying to register. Have called up customer support but they weren’t able to sort it out on the spot either…will get a call-back and will update if things are resolved.


The offer is open to individuals aged 18 years or older who hold personal basic American Express Singapore Airlines Credit Card issued in Singapore by American Express International Inc.(“Eligible Cards”).


I also received this “‘Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, this Card is not eligible for this promotion. Please visit for other great offers.’” . Probably because i dont get this email offer ?


I also received this “‘Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, this Card is not eligible for this promotion. Please visit for other great offers.’”


Successfully registered my blue KF card. Need to click the link in the email received from AMEX.


Am I the only one who finds this so-called promotion insulting? Ok it isn’t as bad as some local banks’ hoops but let’s put it into context. The maximum amount of bonus miles I will get out of this is less than 10 percent of an economy return to Jakarta. Sure, it is still free miles, but to me it is like queueing up two hours in the sun for a free 50 cent palm oil ice cream. Much rather earn those miles spending 300 bucks on online payment pizza for the next pool party…


well said, but there will still be people willing to queue for free ice cream.


Tried to signed up with my KF ascend, only to received the same error message (“Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, this Card is not eligible for this promotion…”)

Called AMEX customer service, only to received that this is only applicable to KF blue card. Anyone can confirm this?


I tried for my main and sup card. Main card can be registered. Sup card got the ineligible message.


Got the ascend card, and couldnt enrol 1 minute ago.


Had the same registration problem previously. But just tried again today and it works now. Have used my ascend card. So maybe they have fixed their technical issue 🙂


Verified. Had the not eligible error before but now I’ve just been able to register my Blue Krisflyer


it’s targeted, isn’t it? that should explain why some don’t get it.


It’s not targeted (promo was on the website but cannot find it anymore) but there was a technical glitch. I got a call yesterday from AmEx saying that the issue is resolved. I was able to sign up.


Boo.. I too received this sad message: ‘Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, this Card is not eligible for this promotion. Please visit for other great offers.’
Calling AMEX now…


It’s not a targeted offer since it’s clearly shown on the website under promotions. I got a callback from AmEx and the CSO mentioned that it is a technical issue on their side. He is now helping me get me registered and will call me back once it’s done. Seems that the best approach (if worth the measly max 1200 KF) is to call AmEx.


Glad to be targeted for this promo!


You will need to receive the email from Amex then register via the given link.


I noticed a sneaky exclusion in the t&c’s..:

“..transactions where you do not spend directly with the merchant (for example, if you buy the merchant’s goods through a third party department store (for example, Takashimaya) or book tickets from travel agents”


Anyone knows where can I use the Amex contactless payment?

I found that there are not many merchants have AMEX contactless terminal .

I made my mistake last night when I had the dinner at Chinatown Point. I asked cashier whether they accept Amex, they told me yes. Then I passed my krisflyer card to the cashier. I only realised that the cashier is using the chip entry instead of contactless method.

I spent 50 dollar . I only earned 55 miles instead of 200 Miles…


Just used it (Amex contactless) at Macs.


Ntuc la…


If you have samsung pay, just need a merchant that takes amex (via Samsung Pay MST). If not, look for contactless terminal, check if merchant takes amex, tap, done.


The promo details explicitly said only mobile payments is awarded with bonus miles. So even if you tap the card directly you wont get it. 😉


Used my Apple Wallet that was registered with the Amex KF card at Cold Storage. Cold Storage is a place I don’t like spending too much because it doesn’t award UNI$, but this Amex promo will be good for the next $300 spending.


Does anyone know if you can use the uob privi amex card at smart$ merchants to earn uni$? Or it will still earn smart$ ?


I’m wondering if i could combine 2 separate Amex offer and enjoy as one? Can’t find any restrictions on this in their TnC.

There a separate ongoing promo for using Amex cards at SPC. Additional 7.1% rebate for registered AMEX cards.



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